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Blatant MSM Bias: Trayvon Martin vs. Christopher Newsom & Channon Christian

You've heard of Trayvon Martin (who hasn't?), but have you ever heard of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian? Probably not, unless you are fortunate (or should I say, "unfortunate"?) enough to live in Knoxville, Tennessee. You can thank the MSM for that, but they really don't deserve any thanks. Instead, they deserve to be chewed up, spit out, and stomped on with both feet for their blatant pro-black, anti-white bias.


"The Newsom-Christian story—an atrocity worthy of Nazis, or comparable to the cruel depredations of Japanese imperial troops—was ignored by the mainstream press. And the reason the liberal media deliberately buried this story is because the human monsters who committed this barbarous act were black, and the victims were white."


Btw, isn't it odd that the word "Christ" is in both Christopher's and Channon's names?

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I heard about it after it

I heard about it after it happened because of the few people who were trying to get attention for the story. It is one of the grossest, most vile, and horrific cases I have ever heard details of. It gives me nightmares and turns my stomach. If they have the odacity to prosecute "hate" crimes...that case should be the poster child. If they can't prosecute that as a hate crime, then I am sorry but the system is way to racist against whites to make any sort of claim about hate, racism or any such thing. What a miscarriage of justice. I hope those turds get the death penalty but are first let loose among the prison population.

Thanks for confirming my thoughts.

The ringleader did get the death penalty, but the rest just got long prison terms, two of them got life sentences. IMO, all of them (at least the men) should have gotten the death penalty.

I'd never heard of that story...

and after reading about it I'd say it might very well be the most awful story I've ever heard. Absolutely amazing that the Trayvon story is the one that everyone knows about.

I would say thanks for sharing, but honestly, I'm more than a little troubled by that story. I wouldn't go so far as to say "ignorance is bliss", but close.

I agree.

It amazes me how the MSM has such a tight control on the news that they can bury a story that is so unusual and horrific that it boggles the mind.

Well of course. The media

Well of course. The media cherry picks what it wants to report on. We have many similiar crimes happen in this country every day but you only ever see a couple on the national news. The only reason they pick one over another is because they think they can stir people up. And they are right, they can easily stir people up by simply reporting on something alot. Its actually illogical to think that those who are in charge of the news corporations are going to be completely impartial. They are human after all.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Many similar crimes happen in this country every day?

I don't think so. I rarely ever read about crimes as barbaric and gruesome as this one was, and I check both the MSM and the alternative news sites regularly. If you watch the video in the right column on the second link, you'll see one of the investigators describe this crime as "unique" for several reasons, which is noteworthy, considering that she has investigated these types of crimes for two decades.


I was just thinking about how the black community was completely behind OJ even though everyone knew he killed two white people.

It is the minorities who are the real racists in America. It's time white people wake up and call a spade a spade.

After what I have learned

After what I have learned about conventional wisdom being usually false, I am not sure that OJ really did it. Another possibility is that he hired hit men, even if when he was high on drugs. But maybe he did it for real. Who knows?


I completely agree, let's call a spade a spade.

As for OJ, he really didn't kill those people, surprisingly:


It was the lead investigators who should've looked harder into the evidence and covered all avenues for possible suspects, even if it wasn't OJ.

Can you tell us how we can

Can you tell us how we can see this documentary? I visited the site, but I see no info on how to order it.