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I do not vote for evil, lesser or otherwise.

Without question or hesitation I proudly wrote-in Ron Paul, and depending on the outcome for 2016 may do it again :-)

Correct, not all options are evil. Justin Amash, who is on the Horizon and may someday run, Lee, Davis and Rand are candidates who I would support.

I did mention Justin Amash, didn't I?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Same Here

Same here. Let 's vote for someone real, one way or another.

LOL The Election Is Still 3 years Away

And no one has even announced running. Lets wait a bit and see what happens. A least wait until their are candidates..

Yes, it is.

Did you notice that I said "if"?

You said "if"?

or Edmoran said "if"?

Or are you using 2 screen names to bump your own stupid thread and forgot which account you signed in under?

What better way to honour ron

What better way to honour ron paul then to show him the same thing hes shown us over the years...conviction

good for you, for so long as no other champion comes along and has the mantle thrust upon them


We should honor Ron by not voting for his son and completely ignoring his endorsement. Makes complete sense to me.

yes we shouod all ask people

yes we shouod all ask people to vote rand even if their not 100% on him, because you know thats the spirit of the message

Thanks Gomez.

Thank you.

Edgar Morgan

it is i who should be

it is i who should be thanking you silly rabbit :)

Why shoot your nuts off?

Why not go for Rand?
He may not be Ron, but at least liberty would get a foot in the door.
Half a libertarian is way, WAY better than all of Hilary.


I am thinking seriously about what you said. Hmmm. Thanks again.

Edgar Morgan

Thanks Ed

We got to give Lady Liberty every chance we can get, if we don't, she will disappear forever.

Let's See

I'm just focusing on the ones that give me no reason to doubt their sincerity. The days of voting for the lesser of two evils or voting for someone because he or she is a Republican are over for me. I want to do what you suggested, but I also want to be as sure as possible that I'm doing the right thing. Thanks.

Edgar Morgan