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WOW! Here's One You Won't See On The Evening News: Rev. Manning On Trayvon Martin - This Boy Was Bad News!

WOW!! Here's One You Won't See On The Evening News: Rev. Manning On Trayvon Martin - This Boy Was Bad News!


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I love the Reverend.

I love the old style preaching you get from him.
This, however, is hard stuff for a black community that is stumbling from economic shock and rising prices in groceries and fuel.
See this Country for what it is. This country is in a poor state, reeling from a culture of very bad decisions by elitist law makers who oversee a society of dumb-downed workers existing in "survivor" mode from week to week in an Orwellian drone-like anti-synergistic flow. Yeah, its bad.
Now, imagine the poorest of the poor in that society. This is the Reverend's flock. Not per se, but all around the Reverend is this "flock". The Reverend's people deal with this crime almost daily. The funeral home is not an unfamiliar place to the Reverend and his flock.
My initial feeling here, for the Reverend is, where does he get his balance? How does he find the balance to still hold his congregation together and keep them coming back after a powerful sermon such as this? The truth must be a powerful force.

The ink is black, the paper white, together we learn to read and write. Three Dog Night 1972

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Rev. James Manning

Obama: The long legged Mack Daddy


OH MY GOD! hahahaha I

OH MY GOD! hahahaha I seriously laughed almost the whole time. "you gonna push these white folk - NRA people so far..." haha a lot of what this guy says is terrible, but seriously do yourself a favor and watch this.

You laughed?

This video was uploaded in 2009. It wasn't popular to talk about Barack Obama this way in 2009.

Listen to this video (references citizen trial in 2010):


Manning went after Obama...


I would suggest that had people like Rev. Manning prevailed, probably none of the situations listed below would have happened:

The president's kill list, the NDAA, the IRS scandal, targeting tea party groups and other conservative groups, the NSA scandal, the AP and James Rosen story, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Obamacare...

Yeah..? You don't think it

Yeah..? You don't think it was at all funny? He called him a "long-legged mack-daddy" and you don't see any humor in that? Not only was this over the top and funny - I think he obviously meant it to be. I was saying his comments on the Martin case were tasteless, like questioning the sincerity of the mother's grief because there's potentially money in a civil case and THANKING Zimmerman for killing Martin as though it was his biblical duty, and comparing sending a child to live with his father because of behavioral problems to killing him was kinda stupid...Now as far as all these scandals are concerned I agree, but this guy's kind of a showman - and I'm sorry - we have more to be concerned about than our president potentially being secretly gay. Sorry for the essay...Yes - I thought the video was funny.


How dare he not make a victim out of an aggressor! This man is obviously some sort of crazy right wing loon white supremacist grand wizard in disguise!

Also, I have it on good authority from a source that I just made up that Reverend Manning practices witchcraft in his basement with a Oujia board!!!

For real though, never heard of this man, but based on this video I'm curious to what else he has to say. He's a lively speaker too, which always helps emphasize any points made.

Off to youtube I guess...

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wow. good speech. thanks for the post.

Took a stroll around his yt though.. dude's a black glenn beck. Search 'israel' or 'Islam' on his account.


One Glenn Beck is already one too many, no need for more. :c

Still, I'm gonna give the guy a chance and watch some of his stuff. Gotta confirm it for myself and all that.

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thanks for sharing

It's always nice seeing things like this to reassure me that not everyone has gone bats*** crazy and forgotten logic and reason.

Also nice to know that many black Americans realize that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the NAACP are greedy self serving attention wh**** and the NAACP is too busy being a left wing message pusher and not helping minorities as it was (as far as I know) originally intended.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

Daily Paul field trip to

Daily Paul field trip to visit and piss on Trayvon Martin's grave.

Excuse me, I meant Daily Hannity.

You're a goood Uncle Tom. Yes you are. Yes you arrrreee.

MISSING PERSONS REPORT: Dr. Carson. Last seen betraying his Uncle Tom status on Sean Hannity.

SERIOUSLY THOUGH. Daily Paul needs to get over this shit or else there is no R3volution, just a bunch of people too stubborn to admit they may have to go outside their comfort zone to be sympathetic and connect with people.

Daily Paul is playing the apathetic bystander in some of today's controversies and 'national conversations', and its kind of pathetic how you have the key to that comfort zone but won't step outside it just for a second, yet you're asking everyone else to do just that. Come on mayne!

I get it, I get it. The specifics of this case are such and such. But why is that your excuse to be apathetic past that, instead of staying active in the bigger conversation it has started, justified or not.

Know what's funny?

When someone so eager to paint others as being racist goes around calling black men 'uncle tom' for not sharing a certain opinion. It's disturbingly and disappointingly common.

Because, you know, if you belong to a certain race, then you *have* to hold certain opinions, right?

Have you ever heard the saying that goes something like "when you point a finger at someone, you're pointing three at yourself"?

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You're Entitled to your stubbornness on this issue

But I've been following a lot of your posts on it. You seem to disregard the obvious evidence.

While there's a chance that Zimmerman is ethically liable here, there's an equal chance that his story is 100% true - that Trayvon said, "You're gonna die tonight motherfucker." Like you and others repeat again and again, only two people know for sure and one is dead.

But there was a trial, and the public has also had an opportunity to review the evidence and then some. There's no crime here, none. Maybe Zimmerman is a scum, but we just don't know.

We DO know that there has been a hateful, hysterical, nonfactual real-life public lynching of George Zimmerman by the media, the left, and the Department of Justice. From blatantly defamatory tape edits at NBC, to DoJ money to rabble rouse a susceptible community already on edge enough from real racial issues.

The Zimmerman case is used, still, as a lever to try and restrict Stand Your Ground and other gun laws even though no serious person can even argue that this case had anything to do with Stand Your Ground.

The worst case scenario is that Zimmerman was a foolish, aggressive personality. Even so, there is overwhelming evidence he isn't racist, and many of the criticisms against him are fabricated. New Republic reported about his 911 call history claiming he called on a 12 year old black boy. They neglected to mention that Zimmerman was calling because it was late at night and he was worried for the boy's safety and wanted someone to come help him get home safe. THAT IS THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG.

So, no one is worshipping Zimmerman. Neither is anyone claiming that Trayvon's alleged but probable illicit behavior - including possession of stolen goods at one point, ironically the very thing that Zimmerman was worried about - was cause for Trayvon to be killed.

No one thinks Trayvon deserved to die. But we do admit that, reviewing the evidence, Trayvon's death was the result of a legitimate use of self-defense by gun, and that Trayvon was as best as we can possibly tell at fault for the aggression that called for that defensive action.

You have continued to press on this issue and it really astounds me. You are entitled to have whatever opinion you want, and that doesn't affect where you stand or where we might agree or disagree on any other issue. You're right to not want this one issue to define you or the DP.

What bugs me is your intolerance of our opinion here. We have laid it out as rationally and carefully as possible. We have used facts that appear to us to be as plain as day. I'm astounded you continue to harbor this bizarre attachment to the anti-Zimmerman hysteria.

Have you actually absorbed the information we've been presenting here? Or do you just deflect deflect deflect. "Only two people know one is dead." "What about Zimmerman's criminal record?" "Trayvon lost his right to not be stalked, Zimmerman is a fascist."

Why are so many at DP focused on this, why do we not stay neutral and treat Zimmerman like he's 'our side'? Because on libertarian issues: guns, racial equality, self-defense, opposing government psyops, and on and on - with maybe one or two small exceptions - Zimmerman's 'side' lines up with the libertarian side.

It's not that Zimmerman is some rallying cry for libertarians - far from it - it's just that YOU are the one that's not getting the picture here, which is pretty obvious to many of the rest of us.

Why is it hard for YOU to accept that maybe Zimmerman wasn't some criminal racist because he was worried about a stranger, regardless of the foolishness of his actions, that Trayvon probably attacked him (is that so hard to believe, why is it hard to believe that Trayvon had an attitude and doubled back - we don't know for sure - but it's like you refuse to believe that possibility), and that his self-defense was legitimate if unfortunate. And to accept that those who seek to take our rights away, and exploit us, are using this incident to their favor.

It's more than about dividing us, or distracting us. The whole trial is a false flag. It's meant as a message to blacks: you're under attack by whites. Trayvon is the Lusitania for racial strife and the black community.


And why do we demonize Trayvon?

Think about it like this: if you're a black teenager, your life IS under threat. You are more likely to be killed by violence than nearly any other demographic in America. By whom? BY OTHER BLACK TEENAGERS. It's a tragedy, and so we're sympathetic towards those kids that reject the thug life, even though we feel bad by those sucked into it. When black kids kill black kids, sometimes the victims are innocents who have nothing to do with drugs, theft, or violence.

The problem with Trayvon was that he was part of the culture that worships the drugs, crime, and violence. YES, we know that doesn't condemn him to death. YES, that makes Trayvon a victim in a way, whom we feel sorry for because he grew up in that culture.

But when you start pulling in racial emotions, and hype up hysteria over a public event like this one, you start playing with these perceptions. Frankly, it's guys like the real, sizzurp slurping thug loving Trayvons that victimize the false, 14 year old candy and tea consuming media Trayvons.

It's not about pissing on Trayvon's grave. It's about this spectre, this media created monster that's totally false named "Trayvon Martin" - using him as a way to make money, Al Sharpton, is as much pissing on his grave at this point as anything else - and tearing it down. It's good to shatter the public image of the innocent Trayvon, because it will cool a lot of hot heads.

My problem with you isn't that you disagree, it's that you seem to think that's an illegitimate thing to think.

But to be fair, I sort of find your side of this opinion to be fairly illegitimate. In that sense, I can't call you out that much. But, not speaking for myself, I can say that maybe you need to understand that even you disagree, the community here at DP has legitimate reasons for thinking how they do. You don't need to apply that to me, if you don't want, but I think we just disagree here.

The good news is that as libertarians, we want to leave each other alone. After the most heated debate and disagreement, we all go home... and leave each other alone... which is a good thing.

it's a current event

And as my post above yours says, it's nice knowing that there are still figures such as this reverend that haven't gone bats*** crazy. Imo it's a nice relieving feeling to know. This will likely be over shortly. So long as some crazy doesn't try and kill Zimmerman or start riots or something.

The grave comment was a bit too much.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

If I lived in N.Y. City, I would go to his church!

I think I am going to start paying my tithes to that church. That man is on fire for God. He is the only hope that the black people have to pulling themselves out of this victimhoodness. He loves his people and is telling them things that would turn around America in a week if they, the black people, would listen to him.

God bless you brother Manning, and God bless your church and all the things you are doing for your community.

My vote

for the 'Huevos Grandes Award' of the month.

Rev. Manning: Always Telling It Like It Is..

He is one of my favorite voices of reason..

bump for reason.


yes reason

It seems to be a rare sight. Almost as rare as it's brother. Logic.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.