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Question Palestinian Authority

Many people on DP chant: GUESTION AUTHORITY, but when it comes to AUTHORITIES from the UN, or Islam, or Palestine AUTHORITY, the question ceases to exist. Suddendly so called "Freedom and Liberty lovers" side with AUTHORITY. Suddenly it's OK for an outright upfront brutal corrupt AUTHORITY to be their best buddy, someone who they willing fight for. They would rather fight for a AUTHORITY than understand what it is to fight for SOVREIGNITY.

Israel is SOVREIGN. It reminds me of Benjamin Franklins warning to American, "Its a Republic as long as you can keep it". Well, siding with Palestinian AUTHORITY is not teaching you how to keep your Republic.

Just look at Detroit. It might as well be NEO PALESTINE. Is that what you want? That's what the UN wants for you.

Wake up Daily Paulers before you become Daily Pally's

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No, and I wish it was

It's not even a state..

Palestine is a stateless refugee camp under the control of the corrupt and inept Palestinian AUTHORITY (and God Bless the Palestinians because in several movies they make very good jokes about it, but the truth is, it's NO laughing matter). Think USA government is bad? Try living under an AUTHORITY that has no respect for you, uses you and your children as pawns for their own profit. Islam AUTHORITY is a tyranny upon the people of Palestine that monitors them for drugs and sexual relationships and makes them SUFFER.. and then there is the UN AUTHORITY, which reminds me of a Monte Python King Author's Round Table.. These three tyranny's oppress, supress, murder, rob and work to keep the people of Palestine broken by NEVER agreeing to any peace deal so they can build their lives, while blaming Israel.

The truth is, because many Palestinians live so close to Israel, the SEE the freedom.. that's why you will see long lines wanting to get in.. they are FREE in Israel.. they can take off the scarf, drink a beer, smoke a joint, have sex.. LOVE THEIR LIFE (as long as they are not caught by someone working for the corrupt tyrannies).

The ONLY state, country in the WORLD that is sovreign in the UN Charter, is Israel. Israel ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to submit their right to self govern .. while there are Jews who want a global government, and these are the ones who profot by dissing Israel (Judas Zionists), the state of Israel is amazing on many levels, and I have learned A LOT about why the BILL OF RIGHTS is SO precious, WHY I want OUT OF THE UN and why I continue to FIGHT FOR LIBERTY WITH A VENGENCE.

My heart goes out to the people of Palestine.. blaming Israel is a globalist corruption and it's a shame so many fall for it who say they want LIBERTY.



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the urban dictionary

defines PALLIES as friends,sidekick.pals
and maybe in some circles, BRO-HAMS :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

good quote

It's not the Pallies, it's the Palestinian AUTHORITY I'm saying that should be questioned.

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i knew exactly what you meant

by pallies
and that is why i posted the first comment
you see,the term pallie,as you put it,has been used twice here on the DP
once by you,and once by another poster,i found it ironic that that word
got tossed around,and was supposed to mean something,other than the ones
connected or trying to connect themselves to israel
its just a bit antipallie for me to swallow,and a bit derogatory, at best

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence