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Christie rejects beer with Rand and calls him juvenile

No more mister nice guy, Rand.

Bacon King thinks he is a Sopranos character and will attack attack attack you.

King is now calling Rand a Hitler appeaser.

Call them out. Debate them at every chance. Put it out there. Have Fox News put you against these clowns, write an Op-Ed in NJ and NY papers.

When you explain your ideas you win. These bums hate you, they hate us, they hate the Constitution. Lay it all on the line before the low info voters make up their minds. We are ready to fight for you please help us help you. This is a major battle that must be won. Come to churches in NY and tell them the Syrian aid money is killing Christians. Come battle these clowns. Come to Cooper Union and tell them the spying doesn't stop terrorist. Come back to Webster Hall with liberty for all.

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Misleading title? Link?

Misleading title? Link?



Never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you. Fortune Cookie