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Money For Ny Constitutional Canidate: I Need Suggestions - Fast!

Grassroots patriots in New York are trying to raise money for a Constitutional candidate, Steve McLaughlin (NYS Assemblyman) to run for governor. Our problem is the funds for the race.

We've set up a money bomb, but we need better response. I've already posted it here.

Please give me suggestions of other sites that we could post the link for the money bomb. Without money our candidate will not run and we will get stuck with Cuomo for another four years.


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My suggestions

Find out about local events in the area.. pancake breakfasts, pot lucks, fraternal organizations, police/fire department events.. offer your candidate to pour coffee, meet and greet people FOR FREE, and ask if the candidate can have three minutes of time. Then pass a coffee can, or have the candidate make their own pitch.

Any movies being played that resonate? Ask the theatre for permission to petition, create a petition that relates to the film and the candidate's message.. ask for donations, get emailing lists built.

Any school functions in the area?

Get your candidate to show up to the GOP committee meetings and try to get their central committee to do a reach out.

Got a county or state fair happening? Ask to see if your candiate can get "intermission time".. see if the Women's GOP has a booth, ask to put a collections can at the booth.

Have your candidate attend board of supervisor meetings, meetings for groups that resonate with the candidates stand.. tea party? AA? NAMI? there are hundreds of groups..Women League of voters, YMCA book 'em.


((( Excellent Suggestions )))

And if you can swing a few frns' make a few T-Shirts and print out 4X6 COLOR glossy cards to promote at the various events! It will appear that you are on the ball and know what you are doing :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

(((((PAF))))) TY

Personally, I think business cards work better, business card sized magnets are really popular because they are useful.. pens are great because people steal pens and you can leave them around..

At the CA GOP convention, there were TONS of posters, cards.. and no one was picking them up. Flyers were great for bulletain boards, and tee shirts are great for gifts to grassroots (especially if you can retrieve your cost.. $4.00 a a shirt tops).

But IMO, if you are going to have product, make it small and useful, rather than recycling and fire starter.

(( Granger ))

I agree with pens and magnets :-)

Business cards are small, put in a wallet and forgotten about. The larger glossy cards at least stand out and maybe put onto a kitchen counter, coffee table, or if dropped can be easily seen, another curious person would pick it up. Plus the larger size appears to be more professional. I guess it depends on the event that is taking place, business cards can and do work well too :-)

** Nail files ** are another great thing to have :-)

T-shirts are great a parades, events, so that you will not come off as a total stranger when you approach somebody to discuss yourself or your candidate :-) Of course if it is formal, that is where the button on a suit or dress will come in handy :-)

These are pretty much the norm, but some folks who have never done this before may find your ideas AND mine helpful, ((( GRANGER ))) :-)

One final thing: Not only am I more Liberty than you, but now it appears that I am more conservative than you... win or lose, what is wrong with recycling and having fire starter once the campaign is over, lol

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Nail files!!! Excellent!!!

I appreciate all you said, but honestly, I don't feel good about tossing (recycling) or burning anything from candidates I genuinely care about.

That said, I have a ton of Ron Paul campaign stuff 08 and 12.. for as much as I distributed.. it's a small amount by comparison, but still, the small box, is a box I don't need.. after all, I have my DP WALL of Fame with the best all over it.. including things for YOU ((((PAF)))))

COME ON! Not one idea?

No one has any site suggestions?

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." (Dr. Seuss)