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Coalition to protect Ed Snowden

Ron Paul
Rand Paul
Justin Amash
Judge Napolitano
Lon Snowden
Bruce Fein
Glenn Greenwald

The Liberty Movement... me and you.

I don't know what is going to happen next but the team that is assembling is getting larger. I said it when the Snowden story broke. By the time the US gets Snowden, politcal and popular opinion would flip and Snowden would be considered a hero.

Ed Snowden believed in Ron Paul enough to donate to him. It is absolutely obvious that Ed Snowden comes from a deeply patriotic home. Ed Snowden represents every single one of us. It could have been me, you or anyone that stood up and said this is wrong. Ed Snowden did it responsibly and I understand exactly why he had to leave the United States.

This could be of huge political advantage to our movement. If Ron or Rand stood up for Snowden and could make sure he came home safely.

If he really donated to Ron.. that would really be something big. I bet you Snowden trusts Ron Paul.

Any thoughts?

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His dad is awesome.

The last two nights on Anderson Cooper he and Bruce Fein have been on. He is opening a big can of worms. Talking about how the NSA has all of these companies doing spying and it's a big money operation...talking about how the people on Capitol Hill are crapping in their pants and are scared. I wish they could do an hour long show. The man won't stop talking!


Where are you Aimee? Are you working on a New Song, preferably one with Mr. Snowden, his father, and now maybe Putin/Russia.
It's about time for a new, updated Liberty song...Don't you think?

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I've worn my

whistle every day since June 25th in support of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. It's a small gesture which creates many an opportunity to let folk know about what's happening to freedom in the 'free world.' My hope is that I can awaken just a few before it is too late...

Is there anything we can do?

To show Snowden or his father support?

I am in the Snowden camp for sure now. I believe Greenwald, Lon Snowden and Ed himself are telling the truth. Snowden believed in our movement enough to donate to Ron.. that really sticks with me.

If there were ever a cause for our community to rally around its this. He is going to need help.

Any dissenters? Anyone believe what he did was wrong?

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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any dissenters?

why yes there is,read below :)

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Wear a Whistle

Wear a whistle around your neck.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


gladly do it, but do you think anyone but us will know what it stands for?

If Snowden is smart

He'll hold whatever communications he possesses close to the chest, and reveal the heavy conversations and emails just before the mid-terms.

If he has awkward and embarrassing communications between lobby groups and the Congress/Senate the fur will really fly.

Especially if the lobby groups are Israeli, such as AIPAC or AJC, Egyptian, Chinese or Saudi.

There would be a mass purge of lobbyists, and our jails would get full rather quickly. It would be damn near a lynching.

whistleblower and media stories buried

There are two huge stories that are not being covered related to this. The CBS News reporter who had her computer hacked and the State Department whistleblower that disclosed the sex scandals at State and later saw her attorney's office broken into. Is it as simple as the Committee to Reelect Democrats or something even bigger, CIA? Also we don't know what story Michael Hastings was covering before he died.

Rand advised Snowden to NOT go to Russia


I don't see any collectivist group for Snowden.. just a bunch of I HATE AMERICA sympathizers looking for a (leader) in teh name of "hero".

Snowden was a dupe, is being used, and I'm glad I'm not snowden.

Ron Paul

Made it clear on Pierce Morgan that he supports Edward Snowden.

Do you stand by your claim that only people who "hate America" support Snowden.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Let me make my claim clear

I believe Snowden was duped into thinking he was doing a good thing. He was misled.. instead of going to America, Rand, now Wyden is speaking up, instead of going to an American and letting America correct America, he went to GREENWALD, and to me, If you stand by GREENWALD, you HATE America, and are falling for a global government.

Snowden, I worry about. I don't think he's FREE, I don't think he's doing well. I think he's in a very dangerous place.

As for Ron Paul.. let me make this clear as well..

Ron Paul inspired me to join the GOP, get a committee seat, become a delegate.. it has not been easy.

I THANK GOD there is Rand Paul, and I STAND WITH RAND.

I wish Ron Paul "best wishes" on his Ron Paul Institute, but I'm NOT going to be taking classes, and I'm not with his program, and haven't been with his program since he sued www.ronpaul.com, going to International court, after all his RESTORE THE REPUBLIC (he made me feel like a dupe getting into the GOP for him. And who here is in the GOP rooting for Ron?).

I don't expect many here who support Ron Paul support Rand, and I support Rand. and again, wish Ron Paul well.. I will not deny he got me into the GOP.. I don't regret that because of Rand.. but I've moved on from Ron Paul. You can have him. I'm standing with Rand. Rand suggested Snowden stay OUT of Russia... Snowden didn't. God Help Snowden.. I hope Greenwald is arrested for taking classified documents and marketing them on the Gardian for the UK (and it's quest for global government).

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who's looking for a leader?

not me
I need no one to tell me what to do,never asked for that
the revolution will be own in the hearts of the people
Ron Paul spoke of this,he never asked for the old and brain dead
but he did ask and had found the younger generation knew what he was saying
they have more open hearts,open to receive the message he freely gave
and on the same hand,i might follow him as he resonates on the same
wave length i do,this does not mean i want him as a leader
this means his message is sound to me
now,Rand might be running for prez,big deal,another leader for the followers
Rand will grab the ones who didn't listen nor hear to his dad
I will not ask another man to lead me,but i will follow ones who lead me in the direction i want to go in
i have never asked for any rep to tell me how to live,where i can go,who i can talk to,i am my own person,i follow me
now getting to snowden,he might have exposed to everyone what the fed gov has been up to,this is not hate for america,this is love,and you should see that
I really do not care if he was duped,he had a role in life,and he might have fulfilled it
everyone has their own role,it is up to them to see it through,it is not up to others to decide what that is,it is up the person to decide
you should also know that
what the feds have been up to,is illegal,and it does not matter what laws they put in place to say otherwise it is still wrong !! and illegal
most of them reps should be brought up on treason and MURDER charges
but in this world we live in now,black is white,upside is right side up
right is wrong,and wrong is right
nothing the fed can do to legislate this away will change that fact,nor will it be legal,what they have done breaks most of our own laws(ones they put in place to enslave us) and also breaks biblical law,and yet most claim to be christians!!!and the ones who don't that,claim some other religion
no where,and i mean no where is it right to kill maim,and entrap people
with laws that are not even laws
but yet,i read how snowden hates america,and the ones who stick up for him,hate america too?
really,i see no good coming from the fed gov,never has yet,and yet when one exposes their own hypocrisy,you claim he broke our laws,and he should be placed behind bars,it is not him who should be behind bars,it is the fed reps the prez and all them 3-4 lettered agencies who think a bill makes it legal for them to do whatever they want,even going so far as trampling the const,you remember that paper,right?how about the bill of rights?
these were put in place to put a check on the fed gov,not the other way around

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Not you

Suit yourself. Must be amazing to be born as a know it all.

I seek advice all the time because there are times I need someone to tell me what or how to do something.

Ron Paul certainly attracted many youth who didn't do what he asked, they were too busy looking for their next bowl to light up.

Since you already know how to restore the republic, and the old brain dead like me are keeping busy asking HOW, while we wait for you geniuses to get to work, or wiggle your noses, or do what ever it is your going to magically do to... what are you going to do. Surely it's not restore the republic or ENFORCE the constitution.. hmm I guess I'll wait for the next sign wave. That should fix it.. while the Hero Snowden sits in some Russian never never land.. yeah, you know it alls really got it together.

Rand is running for prez, and to the know it alls like you, you're damn right it's NO BIG DEAL. You got us beat. Who you running? Snowden? Poor feeble brain dead Neocon Zionsist here is clueless.

Oh that's right.. Shhhhhhhhhh it's a big youth secret.

Yeah, you never asked for anything. Never asked to be born. Never asked Santa for anything ever. Bet your parents were so happy when you were born, they had a know it all who didn't need to eat, didn't crap, didn't need clothes, and know how to do everything (and didn't do a damn thing).

Snowden didn't expose crap. After rotting in a Russian airport for a month, his adoring fans CHEER his going away, deep into Russia where they know it all.. you will KNOW where he is, how he is.. who needs NSA with the know it alls?

Everyone has their role.. another brilliant know it all statement? "What's your role? Knowing it all! Wow.

What the fed has done is not illegal. They've been spying on Americasn before even the brain dead old were born (just anyone sitting in prison for a drug sting). But since you know it all, seems you would KNOW how these things play out.

Well know it all, what's stopping YOU from bringing reps and feds up on murder charges? You know how. You don't need any advice. What are you waiting for? Some brain dead old schmuck to do it for you?

Looking forward to your SNOWDEN FOR PRESIDENT sign wave.

Thank GOD I'm not a know it all.

What makes it not illegal?

What the fed has done is not illegal. They've been spying on Americans before even the brain dead old were born

Simply because they have been doing it for a long time? Since when does that make something legal?

The constitution makes it illegal.

What they are doing is patently ILLEGAL. PERIOD. No matter how long they have been doing it. It was illegal when they started, it's illegal now.

Just open the box and see

What makes it not illegal

is the Patriot Acts layers of beaucratic prescident. Yes, simply because they (the courts) are establishing and emplying prescident rather than constitutional laws is what makes it legal.

By analogy

What you suggest would allow me to own your property in a few years.

I park my car just a few inches onto your property. Soon, I move it just a few more, then a few more. Eventually, my car is entirely on your property (or my fence, my dog house, whatever).

Now I've set precedent, and I own that part of your yard. Yea for me.

Eventually, I will serve an eviction notice to you, all perfectly legal according to your read of the laws in this particular case.

Setting precedent with an illegal act does not make the act legal eventually. The patriot act was illegal when it was signed, and is still illegal, IMO.

Just open the box and see

The courts

It's our courts.. http://www.catea.gatech.edu/grade/legal/structure.html

Patriot Act is legal becuase our courts make it so with decisions http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Justice/2010/0621/Supreme-Court...

So if you park you ar on my property with a court order, then I need to appel the court, and if I lose, then you can move your car onto my property, and I can again appeal, and if you claim my property, than I can again appeal, and if I lose my appeals, then you have gained my property because the courts are on your side. And while I wouldn't like it, anymore than anyone who had a countrywide morgage and lost their home in a foreclosure that gave countrywide a huge profit and left many people homeless.. it's our courts that ultimately need to be dealth with, but you have go be able to afford it..

The courts? The ones that are bought and paid for?

If I have enough money, I can take what I want, pure and simple. With enough money I don't have to play "precedent" games, I can just have it, now.

Deciding something based on a corrupted law still isn't legal.

it's our courts that ultimately need to be dealth with, but you have go be able to afford it..

You said it yourself, it's about money.

200 people control more than half the world's wealth. I hope one doesn't live near you, you could lose all you have, at the stroke of a "court's" pen, all above board and legal like.

Since you don't watch the MSM or television (for which I applaud you), the current T.V. show paradigm is ALL ABOUT money, and how far people will go for it. It's how they subtly adjust attitudes.

Just open the box and see

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you have no ability

to think or believe other than the way you do
the fed gov cannot create laws that go against the const
and if they do,it is illegal and has no standing
have you even read the bill of rights or the const?
if you have,then please show me where the fed gets their power and
or authority to create laws,especially ones that go against the will of the people
I am truly interested in your response

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

The "will of the people" is

The "will of the people" is no concern of our representatives. Once you elect them they have, Constitutionally, no requirement/obligaton to represent the will of the people. The only reason they might CHOOSE to give a flying flip about the will of the people would be their desire for reelection. Even then, all politicians know the people have short memories.... The "will of the people" has NEVER been relevent to our system of government, if anything the "will of the State", as well as the representation of the State, has been paramount since 1789.

The Fed gets its power, in the Constitution, to create laws in several places. In the case of "snooping" they could easily justify such in the 14th Amendment, and find authority in the same's 5th clause.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

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i know what you mean

but I don't speak of the way things are,
I speak of the way they should be,and are written to be
You brought up the 14th amendment,but was it legally
ratified? from what i have read,it was not
So if it was not ratified per the law,then it is illegalhttp://www.barefootsworld.net/14uncon.html
if it requires 2/3rds,and they didn't get that,and they didn't have full
representation from the states,then does it really have standing?

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

"... it is the Right of the

"... it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government..."

The people who accepted the voluntary US citizenship ratified the 14th Amendment, one person at a time. It did not and does not apply to those who do not accept such. Thus is the reason the Supreme court was not allowed to rule on political matters. So...

Ratified LEGALLY, no. Ratified LAWFULLY, per the Declaration of Independence, YES. This country has TWO political systems in operation.

If you are not a US citizen, and are not otherwise under the jurisdiction of the United States, then you have legal standing against having your phone conversations recorded per the 4th amendment.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

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the 14th

was put in place,from what i have read so far,to keep the gov's
from taking land,life,and property ect ect, from the newly freed slaves
so it seems it has morphed into something greater and nefarious
It has been used,and stretched to include everyone,who weren't even slaves
so it seems to me,that it was originally meant for one purpose,and then changed as time went by,and now encompasses most everyone in the US
I am not sure what you mean about it being in the dec of ind
unless you are talking about the preamble?
It seems to me that there is only one political system in place.and it is not ours,but does go against us
would you mind pointing out what you are talking about?
did enough people one by one, ratify the 14th into existence?
or were they coerced or ignorant to the meaning of the 14th?

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

From what you've

From what you've read...certainly that was the sales pitch for the 14th amendment. but its purpose was the elimination of State's rights, the 9th and 10th Amendments. The States have only an inferior authority over US citizens residing within their state. Example: if the Federal State has provided funding for schooling within any of the several States, then those schools are partly or wholly (depending on the amount of funding provided) Federal Schools. As such, the States cannot deny entrance to US citizens into these schools on such basis as, i.e., race, religion, sex, ect. These are "protections" of US citizens and the states cannot abridge these protections FOR US CITIZENS. The US citizen is given the "privilege" of living in a drug free society, by legislation per the 5th clause. Therefore the US citizen cannot manufacture, distribute or consume illicit drugs; and the State cannot make laws to abridge these laws, FOR US CITIZENS. These are merely extension of the "original intent" of the 14th Amendment, the intent that you have read about, so far, to protect the freed slaves by giving them "privileges and immunities" of a US citizen (citizens of the 14th Amendment created STATE). The 5th clause to the 14th Amendment creates the "living constitution" we sometimes hear about, as any new legislation is in fact, by extension, a part of the 14th Amendment.

There is no number, "enough", required to ratify the amendment. The Amendment itself is the formation of a new governmental system, it is a mini constitution within the Constitution. However many ratified it, they were ratifying it ONLY for themselves. There is not a number that when reached it becomes effective on the remainder, it is ONLY effective on each individual that chooses such. They were joining this newly formed society for and only for themself. Those who did not, those who have not and those who are not US citizens are still under the original form of government. Chances are, you do not know anyone who was born in one of the several States and IS NOT a US citizen. But the Expatriation Act of 1868 still valid today, establishes the right of anyone in these states to join, or leave, the new government. It was passed the day before the 14th Amendment was announced as ratified and effective.

The old system was never abolished, it still exist. But there are VERY FEW who are not member of the "new" system created by the 14th Amendment, very few who are born here and NOT Federal Citizens. The 14th Amendment establishes "privileges and immunities" for ITS citizens, the States, per the organic Constitution, establish "privileges and immunities" for THEIR citizens. But if you are born here or naturalized, AND UNDER THE JURISDICITON OF, then you are a United States citizen, and a United States citizen in which ever state you reside, whether that be Texas, New York, California, Mexico, China, Zimbabwe... any state foreign to the United States in which you reside you are still a United States citizen.

Reading Spooner, I would guess is was ignorance of the law that led people to accept US citizenship, and ignorance of the law that maintains the same today. But it was NOT ignorance on part of the lawmakers, thus the failure to ratify it LEGALLY, and all that that entailed. The legislatures of the several states new that it meant the end of State's rights and as such they refused to ratify it by freewill choice.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

Believe what you want

I don't agree with you.

Our experiences do not match.

I'm not here to change your experience, and your words are not going to change MY EXPERIENCE.

I KNOW what I have experienced. I have NO idea what YOU experienced, but I do see YOUR OPINION. Is it based on any EXPERIENCE?

Reveal it! Or don't.

I'm not here to change your belief.

The Patriot Act has taken the Bill of Rights and buried it. That's WHY I got in the GOP, got a committee seat, and am working IN MY COUNTY to RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION.

You have a better plan? You want to tell me that only Jesus, who talks to you, is the way. GO FOR IT. BRAVO for you!! Allelujah!!!

I ADORE My Lord God and SAVIOR Jesus Christ and I am MOST GRATEFUL for his MERCY and abundant and constant blessings upon me, a sinner.

I LOVE LIFE. I LOVE people. I do my best to give to my community and share the abundance which I am so blessed and grateful.

Government exists, and I am doing my best to restore the Republic by earning an elected committee seat, showing up, voting againt non-constitutional laws, voting for constitutional laws that apply TO MY COUNTY AND STATE.

Do what you want. GOOD LUCK!

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I too,had tried that approach :)

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)


I agree with your definition of leader too. I paraphrase.

If someone is going my way, and they are in front of me, they are "leading".

Their deviation does not change my path, they simply remove themselves as "leader".

It took me most of my life to figure that one out, and what I thought were leaders, were, in fact, going completely the opposite direction.

My neck nearly broke when my head snapped back around. ;)

Just open the box and see

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for as long as i can remember

I have held that belief,to me,it was more right
than most every thing else
You cam walk beside me,and I will walk beside you,if we are heading in the same direction
I speak of this belief to others,and have instilled this into our offspring
I can show others by living what i know is right,then let them decide
for themselves
But first and foremost,i treat all like I love to be treated,I don't always get it,buts that's a whole nother story :)

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

I was born in a military hospital

They start infants on propaganda intravenously. It's a dietary staple in a military family, and it runs deep. It was hard to doubt the "official story" (of whatever). ;)

It's actually about honor, but, based upon what I know are lies, it rings hollow to my ears now.

Just open the box and see