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Coalition to protect Ed Snowden

Ron Paul
Rand Paul
Justin Amash
Judge Napolitano
Lon Snowden
Bruce Fein
Glenn Greenwald

The Liberty Movement... me and you.

I don't know what is going to happen next but the team that is assembling is getting larger. I said it when the Snowden story broke. By the time the US gets Snowden, politcal and popular opinion would flip and Snowden would be considered a hero.

Ed Snowden believed in Ron Paul enough to donate to him. It is absolutely obvious that Ed Snowden comes from a deeply patriotic home. Ed Snowden represents every single one of us. It could have been me, you or anyone that stood up and said this is wrong. Ed Snowden did it responsibly and I understand exactly why he had to leave the United States.

This could be of huge political advantage to our movement. If Ron or Rand stood up for Snowden and could make sure he came home safely.

If he really donated to Ron.. that would really be something big. I bet you Snowden trusts Ron Paul.

Any thoughts?

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deacon's picture

panties in a bunch?

I post what the law is supposed to be,and you attack me?
good job girl
if you stand on the const and the bill of rights,that is the law
if them fed reps stood upon them principles,we would not be in the shape we are in now,would we?
and yet they all swear an oath to uphold,then break it,every damned day
and yet your answer to me,is an attack on my character? how big of you
how noble
you must be so self important,and all knowing,that when the const is mentioned
you get all pissy with me about it(I didn't right the thing)
but our reps swore an oath to it,pledged their lives to it,then break it
and you want to call me our for pointing the facts out?
you are a broken record,your sign wave was used on another post to another poster,and again to me
run with Rand,i don't really care,he can be prez for all i care,but him nor any one else has the right to own me,nor do i have to answer to them(that was my point) you missed it
so keep on attacking me,i like it,and while you do it,you are leaving others alone :)
what stopping me from bringing them up on murder charges? how ignorant are you? they made themselves immune to any crimes,so what has stopped you from seeing their atrocities? maybe your blind trust to man?
if you put your trust in man,your trust is not on god,you trust people way too much,but the ones who you should listen to,you talk down to
oh,and i kind of thought you being a so called christian would get the
remark of everyone has role,so just how godly of a person are you then?
not very,in my eyes,you see this is taught in many,many churches
and yes i do what i do,just as you do what you do,if we all did the same things,what would get done? absolutely nothing,thats what?
so keep talking like i said anything or something to diss you
you seem to like that anyways
"what the feds done is not illegal" you take the cake,if they broke their oath to uphold the const,and they have done so,then yes,they did break the damned law
i really don't know why the comment about the older people offended you
we are almost the same age,so i wasn't calling you names,but believe what you want,i seem to be a liar,and just a trouble maker in your eyes

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Is that a question mark?

What the dickens, "know it all" begins with a question?

I have not called you a liar or even a trouble maker. I don't believe that you are either. I am not attacking you. I am attacking the concepts you are claiming as a, "know it all", you "don't need anyone telling you what to do". This is a very immature statement, and if immaturity is the level you want to debate, I went for it, but I'm not very good at it. It doesn't work for me, and personally, to me, it doesn't work for you either, meaning, I don't see it empowering you. It may feel good, and if that's all you're trying to accomplish. OK Do what you want.

Do you believe that Ron Paul, Snowden, or anyone who you esteme, does not have advisors?

Advisors are very important. You don't have to accept the advice. It's good to have advice.

I don't expect us to be clones. Nor do I believe that we should ask people to do what we refuse to do. And if we have done something, like wave signs, then what's wrong with honestly saying how that worked? How well did it work? What did we accomplish? If all we were trying to accomplish, was being part of a group that is standing for something; OK. But is that all you really wanted?

Occupy has been waving signs here for years. What have they accomplished? Anti-war, pro-peace waved signs here for years. What did they accomplish? Commraderie? OK. If that is the end game, BRAVO. If it was to change the practices on Wall Street, or end wars, then they have failed.

Personally, as a person who spent years waving signs, I can't honestly tell you that I, or the groups I waved signs with, accomplished anything besides meeting people who were like minded. If that was my end game, GREAT! But it was not my end game. I protested war and rallied for peace because I wanted to accomplish that. Perhaps I was alone in wanting to accomplish that?

As for the crimes against the constitution, why would I wave signs if I want to accomplish ending the crimes, knowing that in decades of sign waving NOTHING I ever waved a sign for was ever accomplished?

I am grateful to Ron Paul, who many here esteem, but they didn't do what Ron Paul asked. They didn't join the GOP to take the party so we actually had some teeth to restore the constitution.

Sure, people have their reasons.. fine. What is not fine, is attacking those of us who did do what Ron Paul asked with a, "know it all", attitude.

I don't see congress immune. I see congress laughing at sign wavers because they know they don't have to listen, it really doesn't matter what the masses think. It matters what those who are willing to take seats and chairs do (what resolutions and inniatives they write and how that gets sent up and what teh vote is).

deacon. I'm not ignorant. I'm not IGNORING what is going on here or around me. I may be STUPID and the most STUPID person on DP. I may have an inability to learn despite the evidense.. but I see things very different, such as sign waving, from someone who has never waved a sign, or waved a sign a few times.

I'm not going to lie to you, and I don't expect you or anyone here to agree with me. I have 33 years as an activist and don't expect that to be of any value to know it alls, or those who really want to wave signs anyways.

What I see going on as we move away from constitutional law, is laws being determinded by prescident, layer upon layer of prescident, and why these patriot acts are so thick, masses of legal teams beauracratically buring the constitution to the breaking point. That is why I say what the fed has done is not illegal. Why do so mnay criminals walk?

Let's look at Bill Clinton. As a Naderite, which I was when Clinton was in office, we waved signs and protested his burning nuclear waste in Nevada. It was an international offence. He should ahve been impeached for that. We were censored. I had friends that were arrested 127 times for protesting, and back in those days we had a bail fund. That is now illegal due to the Patriot Acts. Nevr did these brave patriots get one day of glory for their fight. All they got was a mantion in the newspaper under, Sheriff's Report.

Along comes Monica Lewinsky, and the world was mezmerized.. Nuclear waste being burnt? So what! Can you believe that Monica, the Jew, would attack Bill Clinton and his family with these lies? And so it came to pass, that Republican who accepted the Libertarian Party nomination for president, Bob Barr, with the Starr Report, got Bill Clinton impeached for lying to a judge. Bill Clinton remained in office, shamed, and Americans were angry with the GOP for impeaching him over sex, that they didn't care about anyways.. and who knows anything about the nuclear waste that was burnt against all laws, for it spewed burnt nuclear waste over America for years, airborn.

And this is why I say what the feds are doing is not illegal. They will make it irrelevant or find a way with all that beauracracy to make it legal. At least, this has been what I have witnessed for years, as a sign waver.

I appreciate Ron Paul's invitation to the GOP. It was very difficult transition, and it is not easy, liberty committee or not. And maybe it will render to a complete waste of time and money. I don't know. But I do see Rand as hope, and I do care about Rand and his presidential campaign, and I have noted that you do NOT care.

So as for my panties being in a bunch.. it's not so easy to see so many who "know it all", wave signs and tell me they DON'T CARE about Rand. I'll end this by telling you, THANK YOU, for letting me know where you stand. Hopefully your know it all way will accomplish what my STUPID way also hopes to accomplish, restoring the republic (or maybe that's not what you want to accomplish? I don't know, and I all I get is you have your own way, hell if I get it.)

deacon's picture

and still attacking me

what i stand on are biblical principles
and what i read told me,I am answerable to the creator
not man,you cannot serve 2 masters
the const was written to reign in the fed gov,it was written as law,and
as a checks and balances.
Nothing written within it is against the people
CONGRESS CAN CREATE NO LAWS...that go against ANY of them amendments
legally they cannot touch anything that is written in there
so,this would mean every law they created are ILLEGAL (as it goes against the written laws
this also means the fed cannot create any agency with any authority
over the people (the fed has not that authority to give it to another)
they had no right nor the authority to step on any of them amendments
such as free speech zones,no speech zones,protesting around our reps
going to war without a declaration of war from congress,using the UN to
do a run around of the const,nothing can or should have been done about the 2nd,as we have the right to own the weapons of the day,nothing about the 2nd says they can regulate that away
so just because they do does not make it right,it makes it wrong and illegal
the patriot act goes against the written laws,as does the ndaa
and every and all laws that try to bypass the laws of this nation
this is illegal
and yes you did attack me with your other comment,you claimed all us young people were just looking for another bowl(stereotyping)
and Ron Paul did say he was after the youth,for their energy,their drive,enthusiasm,and they are not stuck in their own little worlds where it is hard to change,the younger generation has not the per-conceived notions
nor are their heads filled with propaganda,their minds are not tarnished
with lies upon lies,and it will be the youth that helps bring about change
and it will not be just here,but it will be an international change
congress along with the presidents passed laws making them and their counterparts immune from prosecution,now,if they have done nothing wrong,then why pass something to grant themselves immunity for crimes they have committed??
if them vaccines are not dangerous,then why did obama sign into law,that Pharma is immune from the same thing?
if monsanto is so great,then why pass laws that protects them?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

if it suits you to belive

that I am attacking you and not your concept; Do what you want. Suit yourself. I'm not here to control you, nor an I interested in the slightest bit in controlling you. It's quite enough to control myself. I DON'T AGREE WITH YOU! If you take that as an attack, that is your choice. Your actt of defense is wasted on me. If it's for others. ENJOY!

I appreciate Ron Paul inspiring me to get in the GOP, get a committee seat, see a major parrty for what it is. I did it.

Campaign is OVER. I frankly have very little interest in what Ron Paul says anymore at thsi point. I am supporting RAND, NOT Ron.

As for Monsanto.. my county banned ALL GMO in 2004. What's stopping YOU?

deacon's picture

love the passive-aggressive

tones in all your posts :)
and i love how you do not answer,but instead talk around every subject
and comment made
like this one for example,my comment to you,the fed gov gave monsanto immunity from prosecution....and your comment...my county banned all gmo
in 2004,whats stopping you? ok? see that did not answer anything,but you did
talk around it,just like a politician (are there more than one of you,one types well,gets the point across,and another,who can't type as dyslexia has her in the grip?
yeah,do what you want,as long as you agree with Me(the granger)
everyone else is always wrong in your eyes
oh but yes,you have attacked me as well as others here,and for what?
we didn't agree with you
take this example for instance,my comment,RP got the youth involved
energized ect ect (paraphrased) your comment back to me,and you put me in the same mold as well all youth (all we are doing is looking for the next bong
so yes this is an attack,and it was against my character,spin that any way you like,you attack people here for not standing with rand,israel and a host of other things you feel is important(to you) I JUST STARTED LEARNING ABOUT ISRAEL A FEW MONTHS AGO,WHY DID rp SAY ISRAEL IS OUR FRIEND?
and now after a few short months the granger is an expert,had her blinders off,and everyone else is wrong
oh and i loved your reference to PALLIES(racist spin to anothers name,right there)
oh,and i don't agree with you,you see you try to sway others,and it is all with your opinion,and never based in any facts
if we don't do it the way the granger does it,we are wrong

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I gave you an example, "My

I gave you an example, "My county banned GMO in 04". We did it. Why don't you? Why can't YOU? What's stopping YOU? You say YOU don't need leadership. So I don't get why your county has GMO. You say you know it all. So I don't understand why you have GMO since you don't need leadership and know it all. I don't know it all. I appreciate GOOD leadership. I FOLLOW both, I don't have GMO. You do.

I don't expect you to agree with me. I don't have GMO and you do.

I don't agree with many here. I say so. What have you got to say? You don't need leadership. You know it all. You have GMO.

Maybe you like GMO? If not, what are you waiting for to end it?

RP got YOUTH energized. And what good did that do? Let me guess, now people KNOW. OK. Now people KNOW. And so I then ask, what good is it to KNOW and have GMO. What good is it to KNOW, and have NSA? What good is your KNOWING doing to serve YOUR interests? What are you going to do with your KNOWING? Nothing? Have an event where you can smoke pot and cheer each other, while you still have GMO and NSA?

I'm not an expert. I['m still learning about Israel and I LOVE Israel. Shame too many HATE Israel and are falling for a NWE bigger TYRANT because they KNOW, and wait for the next event to smoke pot and cheer. Wow. Color me impressed. NOT!

My reference to Palestinians as Pallies is not racist. There are many races which are under a CORRUPT Palestinian AUTHORITY and trapped in Isalm AUTHORITY and have no way out. I'm all for a two state solution and for the Pallies to have FREEDOM. What are you for?

How many times must I suggest, DO WHAT YOU WANT. What I do works for me. I don't have any GMO, NSA is going to the state, and I'm still learning about Israel.

What are you doing besides telling me that you don't need leadership, know it all, have GMO, KNOW about NSA and that RP had a youth movement (that didn't even get in the GOP to help him win the nomination).

deacon's picture

oh poohoo

to bad to be you,so sad you have no understanding of what i typed
what does the youth have to do with RP and winning the nomination?
his delegates were stolen form him,the RNC changed the rules about
delegates,but yet,you know this fact,as you were told before
and you and your ilk signed an oath to support ROMNEY,and you ask,what did i do? well,I will tell you what i didn't do,I didn't sell out to the RNC
and you knew full well you didn't have to,you sold out,and this is why
you are mad,and cranky
I will tell you another thing i didn't do, I didn't sell out to israel before
before knowing a few facts,and this is why you attack me as well as others here
yes granger eveyone who hates israel smoke pot,and we do this just to irritate and bother you,nice adhom attack,got nothing else?when all else fails
create lies about their character,then lie some more,for good measure
RP wanted the youth...yes he did,he is a smart man,so he probably knew about
the older generation aren't capable of changing their views,nor will they step out of their comfort zones
WHILE I STILL HAVE GMO??? so do you,so what,if you don't have gmo in your county,you still eat it,and have stated that ever so proudly
you have done nothing for anyone else,and all your comments prove it
your reference to pallies was indeed a racist remark,and that is the way you meant it,you see in your eyes them pallies are useless,but them zionists
are right up there,they are the best,nothing compares to them,not even your god
you didn't even say you were for them pallies having their own state until another here mentioned it
all you have done is be a parrot,you parrot my comments to others here,and you have parroted others here,i just loved your comments about snowden,calling for him to be in jail(knowing full well,he would be a dead man,as the fed can't have him talking to others,or in solitary confinement
then your contradictory comment about your fake concern for his health
and well being,and how worried you were for weeks
but please tell me,who do you serve? i ask as you have stated how you go to church,love jesus,but then call for another's death sentence,very christian of you,BTW,i met thousands of fake christians,and they act and talk just like you,republican neocons who believe it is in jesus' best interest to kill brown people,sound familiar? it should

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Yep sound familiar

same old liberal bunk by those who don't do anything to help Pallies or brown people.

I kind of like you Granger

I kind of like you Granger but sometimes you make some comments that are really out there.


My point below, you just said it much nicer. :)

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

I agree.

The passion is there. Absolute fire. The principle is what we are defending. These comments are divisive. Ironic.. because the goal was to build a coalition or have a discussion on it. :/

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

He knew how media

would spin that. He could come out now and say that in light of everything that has unfolded, he now supports that decision to go to Russia. We need to continue to work on the Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity Conservatives to bring them around. These CNN interviews should really help. Lon Snowden is one of them. They will identify with his position.

I don't agree

He (being Rand) is working very hard to teach Americans what constitutional laws are, and he emphasizes constantly what is ILLEGAL (selling out our sovreignity for a Global government).

He (being Rand) is NOT going to "come out" and agree with Snowden's decision, because the USA has now embarked on a increasingly hostile military situation with Russia over Syria.

MSM (Hannity/Limbaugh) are going to do what they are told to do.

Lon Snowden is a VERY CONCERNED FATHER and my heart goes out to him and his wife, family and friends.. I pray that they somehow find some personal peace, and that despite what has heppened, God has mercy, and graces them with blessings of comfort, and good council.

Do You Support Our American Heritage ...

... that the law and fact in such matters are for the jury to decide.

"It is natural, it is a privilege, I will go farther, it is a right, which all free men claim, that they are entitled to complain when they are hurt.  They have a right publicly to remonstrate against the abuses of power in the strongest terms, to put their neighbors upon their guard against the craft or open violence of men in authority, and to assert with courage the sense they have of the blessings of liberty, the value they put upon it, and their resolution at all hazards to preserve it as one of the greatest blessings heaven can bestow...."


See also:


It's why I got in the GOP to restore the constitution

REPUBLIC.. where America corrects America, not where America needs some global government to correct America


Now if you don't believe in America, then I guess you go to a global government and damn America?

Good grief Granger

It's getting harder and harder for me to take you seriously...

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Do what you want AngieDfromAL

I take about 3% of DP posters seriously, no reason you need to be one of them.

Don't make this about me...

You just implied that Snowden supporters hate America.

After all your advice to build coalitions, do you really think that's the way to do it? You're sounding more and more like a neocon every day.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

I didn't imply. I stated it as a fact!

Snowden supporters do hate America and why they are cheering Russia, which became increased military tension recently with America.

After all MY advice to build coalations? WHAT?

I don't give any advice to build coaltions or collectives.

I believe as individuals we do what we can taking responsibilty to restore the republic based on the laws according to each state.

I have a liberty committee. This is not a coalation. This is a political party of elected and appointed individuals who have many different interests we all don't agree, but one thing, The Cnstitution needs to be enforced and restored. No one tells me, and I don't tell anyone what to do or how to do it. We debate, we vote, not as a coalation, but as representatives of the districts who elected us.

As for the Neocon insult.. while I did not vote for Bush or support Bush's agenda AT ALL.. the political terms have changed on Wiki.. Ron Paul is a Neoliberal/conservative. Becuase I support Israel, and for that FACT only, I would now be properly defined as a Neocon.

I am a Zionist. I do not apologize for that, if anything I apologize for not understanding and respecting Israel's determination for SOVREIGNITY over global government.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt

By categorizing it as an "implication." Thanks for making yourself clear.

Now, have you forgotten how many times you've said we should work WITHIN the GOP, in order to grow the liberty movement by educating people there? If that's not building coalitions, what is? Maybe it's not the terminology you used, but it's how I understood it. If you saying that that's the best way to do things isn't "advice," then neither is Rands Iceland comment.

I'm not going into your Zionism debate. My comment had nothing to do with that... it was directed at your statement of "fact" that anyone who disagrees with your view of Snowden "HATES AMERICA."

That's a pretty ridiculous thing to say. One could (rightly) argue that they support Snowden because they want to see this country restored to what our founders envisioned, and to do so, people need to know what's happening behind the scenes. That REQUIRES people like Snowden. Our founders said it was the duty of EVERY patriot to expose those things. That's not the motives of someone who hates this country. Quite the opposite. YOUR way is not the only way of doing things. Just because someone chooses a different method, doesn't mean they have a different motive.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

You're welcome AngieDfrom AL

Thank you for trying to give me some benefit of some doubt, but it's better when the cards are laid out on the table. Truth isn't always what we want to hear, but you should KNOW my perspective of truth. Not that you have to agree. By all means don't. Do what you want.

I am working in the GOP. The GOP is NOT for everybody and I think most here, by now, KNOW, the GOP is NOT for them. They will remain marginalized, on the fringe, whining and raging about politics and every now and again some Republican or Dempocrat who needs a bump will pander to them to give themselves some noticability. I've been there for 33 years, so I don't expect those who are much younger than me to be prepared or ready to go where I have gone, in the GOP. Most of us are boomers. Ron Paul can say youth all he wants.. It's RARE in the GOP.

I'm not saying WE need to be in the GOP. I'm saying that those indivuals who are SERIOUS about restoring the constitution have no choice. Join us. Join us as an individual.. there is no coalation.

We work together on campaigns.. but it's not like, all for one and one for all. It's each man for himself, himself wanting LIBERTY.

Either you are for SOVREIGNITY or GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, and the majority are for a global government.. many here do hate America and they admit it. My view of Snowden BTW, is based on decades of conspiracy theory. I don't expect people to agree with me, I hope they think a little deeper about what is actually happening.

It's not exposure, but how one exposes.. Snowden is going global, and I think he's not going to have a good life in Russia. I think he's going to regret what he did. I wish he would have gone to Rand, but really, I think it wasn't even his idea.. I think he was played, and why he's in Russia.

So who is Snowden helping America's sovreignity or UN globalization?

You "support" Israel but not

You "support" Israel but not Russia. Let me guess, you grew up during the Cold War?

Yes, I support Israel

I do not support Russia and it's UN Agenda entanglements.

I'm a boomer, grew up during the Nam war, and stand for sovreignity over global tyranny.

Israel has about as much

Israel has about as much power at the UN as Russia with the US as its Veto proxy, no? Russia may not be a class-act on the world stage or to their citizens but they're doing a lot better regarding human rights than Israel.


Israel is a pimple on the face of the planet. Israelis on the other hand, are competitive, inovative, have a passion for life, are far from lazy.. brilliant minds.. it's the people, and that's why the world is very afraid of Israel. Israel is for movers and shakers.

Russia is not doing better in human rights. Israel protects its borders while Russia goes around competing with the USA for arms sales.

I dunno..

I was very suspect of Snowden at first. I mean it. I posted a number of comments suspicious of his actions. Now that it has been a little while, Ive learned more about Snowden and his family and Greenwald has eloquently come to his defense. What he has done is very honorable.

Im not Snowden either. But if I were in his position.. everyday seeing crime being committed against all of us.. it would be hard for me not to point out the corruption.

Not only has he exposed that we are all being spied on.. he has also exposed it is not safe for a 'Whistleblower' at all. As far as I can tell, everything that has been released is completely legit. Thats what I believe the point is. National security was not compromised by his actions. America should know the information he blew the whistle on.

Rand merely pointed out not to cozy up. I agree. But I believe Snowden took as many steps as he could to protect himself from Russia and China.

Its a damn shame that an American citizen is so scared of its government that he had to leave the country in order to feel safe for exposing corruption. If Snowden had not left, would we even be having this conversation?

I dont think he is a dupe. I believe he is a patriot.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

The reason

I believe he was duped is he didn't have a plan, he has dependend on others to help him, and he didn't have that set up for himself.

How long did he sit in that airport, no shower, no clean clothes, no good food, everyone speaking FOR him, using him as a stump for their own agenda?

And what has he changed? The contract for NSA ends next month, and already, the states are taking over where NSA is to leave off.

The international community has been all over this.. and what is their goal? To get America to abandon it's idea of sovreignity.. how can you trust America now? So who do you trust? The UN?

Isn't that what people are concerned with is that the USA is going to be controlled by international powers? Well this is abetting it, and I don't believe that was Snowden's goal.

I believe he is a good guy who wanted to do the right thing and unfortunately fell in with the international community, and where is he now.. going to be hidden in Russia. It's NOT good. Who is going to save Snowden? Not some coalation by those working to restore the republic.. Snowden went to Russia, not iceland.

He didn't "advise" him. He

He didn't "advise" him. He simply stated that history would judge him differently if he went to any of our "perceived enemies" as opposed to a more neutral country like Iceland. And he is right, history will judge the two places differently. Nice distortion though.


He did not officially ADVISE him.. if I was Snowden, I would have listened to Rand, and taken it as unsolicted advice.

You realize

He was already there (in Hong Kong) and then got stopped in Moscow due to the US revoking his passport, don't you? Hard to take Rands "unsolicited advice" at that point.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie