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HuffPo: Ted Nugent and Rand Paul Declare: We're Anti-Racism, Pro-Civil Rights Heroes!

By: Bob CescaPolitical Writer, Host of The Bob & Chez Show

When I think of obnoxiously radical pro-gun trolls who delight in killing rare and spectacular animals for fun while routinely popping off with NRA slogans thinner than the bumpers stickers on which they're printed, the first name that comes to mind is aging rocker and Vietnam draft-dodger Ted Nugent. Of course. When I think of people who have fought against racism and in support of civil rights more than anyone else, the last person I think of is also Ted Nugent.

But Nugent doesn't see it that way. In fact, he sees it the opposite way.

Last week, Nugent declared himself to be "anti-racist." Yes, anti-racist. No only that, but he's so anti-racist that we "would be hard pressed... to find someone who has fought racism more than [he has]." He wasn't joking.

HuffingtonPost: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bob-cesca/ted-nugent-and-rand-...

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ai yi yi

Here we go again, PuffHo trying to connect Rand with 'The Nuge'.

But this whole "anti-racism" thing, I gotta laugh at it. For someone to even have to bother saying it means that the endless cries of 'racism' are being viewed as legitimate. Second, many "anti-racists" seem to go so far out of their way to combat racism, whether real or imagined, that they end up becoming the monster they originally set out to fight.

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Here We Go Again

There is no connection between Nugent and Rand Paul. Yet the MSM is trying to establish a connection in order to marginalize Rand.

Matt Shea, Washington

Matt Shea, Washington Legislator, Tells Tea Party Group To Buy Ammunition To Prepare For Economic Collapse


Is it just me...

or are liberals the only people that still believe in the left-right paradigm? Everyone outside the two parties like libertarians and greens certainly get it, and even most conservatives understand this now, which is why they've invested their interest in the Tea Party, but liberals are still stuck in this mind set. I don't get it. Can someone please explain this to me?

I would put Greens,

I would put Greens, progressives, leftists, and liberals in the same category with how the terms are currently used. Libertarians differ in economic policy. Fundamentally opposed economic ideas...I'm not saying we don't have more in common than we have to disagree over - just saying...there is a difference.


Progressivism causes brain damage.

Not quite, but almost a fair piece

Rand should work hard on the Hispanic community.

I believe that to the black community, the Democrats have become "The Obama Party". Rand will make ZERO inroads there.