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Pope Francis: "Who Am I To Judge Gays"?

This is why religion is just wrong! I woke up to Christianity actually by watching a two hour Jordan Maxwell video. It was amazing to me. Anyway the hypocrisy displayed by the catholic church is astounding. I just can't take it anymore! Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkuQWYlgOy4

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When I first heard the

When I first heard the liberal news stations reporting what the pope said, I thought they got a little carried away by assuming that being gay is no problem now.

The pope said "who am I to judge". Obviously God is supposed to be the one to judge, and just because the pope is not taking God's duties doesn't mean he thinks God will not most likely send a homosexual to hell.

I see the pope as taking a non-hypocritical/sinful path on judging others, not as saying gay sex orgies are no problem.

Im not saying I don't believe in god, because I do

Just don't tell me you're a Christian and then say, but I believe gays should get married. But you believe in the bible!? God says being gay is an abomination! You see, people pick and choose what parts to believe in! Lol. I personally believe In love, and honestly I can care less what the hell you are or want to call yourself! I love when girls mess around with other girls, but then say not bi-sexual, their straight! lol, oh god... The Cathlic church makes me sick to my stomach. You see this guy(the pope) on tv, washing people's feet and kissing babies. Lol. Their obviously up to something. What it is, I'm not sure.