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Unbelievable! The Cat Who Slaps Gators - Video

Watch what happens when the gators try to steal the cat's food...AWESOME

These gators are no match for the 'Alpha Cat'


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My cat tangled with a coyote and got him to move on, but she has a few scars from that episode.



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that cat wouldn't be so brave if that gator was even half way grown.

That's not what I'd call a gator, that's a lizard.

You want to see some real gators, come to FL. I'll introduce you to world famous Gator named Battleship in the ever glades.

Aww Muggsy

Be freakin' careful. As funny/bizarre as this was, i fear things will not turn out well for ole' Muggsy :(

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( Its my belief that Muggsy

( Its my belief that Muggsy will always be with us )...Until they wake up one day and he's not ! ;)

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'You'll see it when you believe it.' ~ Python ups ante to game.

http://youtu.be/dVRhRzE_AkQ Python seeks game. Time Lapse Speed x6. 4 minute nature film.

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new addition

to my 'ways i'd hate to go' list.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

This is a riot.

I watched the whole video and laughed all the way through; thanks.

Rand! Hire This Cat To Keep Neocons Away



I knew it was your post just from the headline!


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I Love Cats - They Are The Original B*tch Slappers

Nick, they actually make better watch dogs than dogs