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NSA's North American Union: Welcome to the Homeland, Mexico and Canada!


"But you may also be surprised to learn that our homeland now includes both Mexico and Canada, two areas that we understood to be autonomous nations that are not part of the United States. Normally, this would be written off as a design goof, as one of the NSA's (newly adept) graphics guys using a little more light blue than he ought.

This being the NSA, we're not inclined to offer that benefit of the doubt. Is this a way of blending in Canadian and Mexican terror activity disruptions (which, we'll remind you, is different from actual plots interrupted) to give a larger sense of the NSA's success at halting terrorism within our borders?

We don't and can't know, of course, since the information about almost all of these 54 events is classified. Just know that the homeland is safe — be it Tampa, Toronto, or Tijuana — and that it's all thanks to the NSA"

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NAU: Obey or Die!

HEY! Don't tread on me.

Free includes debt-free!

Actually, they've been quite public about it.

GATT which created WTO requires all member nations to uniquely id and track all residents.

SPA talks about the common border.

NAFTA contains the economic and judicial integration

The CFR documents that are public state it

Bush and Obama's meeting notes with the Mexican president and Candadian premier are all public on the net.

The "immigration reform" bill tells you exactly how e-verify and the national id database will be used to open the borders and for cross border labor mobility.

Just if you happen to talk about any of this you're labelled a kook, even though it's right there from the horse's mouth in black and white.

The cognitive dissonance people have between their perceptions and the cold hard facts from the source in black and white is evidence of a psyop.