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President Obama Channels 'Silver Circle' Villain Victor Brandt in ObamaCare Speech


In Silver Circle’s alternate universe, Federal Reserve Chairman Victor Brandt at one point attempts to convince Department of Housing Stability investigator Jay Nelson that government must limit the freedoms of citizens in order to provide safety and security. Suggesting that the ends will justify the means, Brandt tries to soften Nelson’s skepticism by asking, “Are you on the right side of history, Jay?”

This sinister moment is eerily similar in many ways to the President’s speech to Democrats. Now that many of the President’s party faithful are facing re-election challenges due to ObamaCare’s sloppy implementation, Obama is stumping hard to try and prevent legislators from de-funding and delaying the bill. In an effort to dissuade the fears of Dems who now have buyer’s remorse over ObamaCare, the President appealed also to an ends-justify-the-means argument and said, “You’re on the right side of history.”

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