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EDIT: I always do a DP search prior to posting an article but didn't see anything. oh well. Here is the original post:

Long Island resident said her web search history and 'trying to learn how to cook lentils' prompted a visit from authorities.

A New York woman says her family's interest in the purchase of pressure cookers and backpacks led to a home visit by six police investigators demanding information about her job, her husband's ancestry and the preparation of quinoa.

Michele Catalano, who lives in Long Island, New York, said her web searches for pressure cookers, her husband's hunt for backpacks, and her "news junkie" son's craving for information on the Boston bombings had combined somewhere in the internet ether to create a "perfect storm of terrorism profiling".

Members of what she described as a "joint terrorism task force" descended on Catalano's home on Wednesday.


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its ok folks, its ok to make

its ok folks, its ok to make millions of mistakes or "mistakes" like these......as long as it increases the chance of possibley catching the "bad guys"

"bad guys"?

With each passing day...I'm becoming more convinced there are no "bad guys"...other than the criminals that run the US government and most other governments around the globe.

gotta have a timeless boggie

gotta have a timeless boggie man, otherwise how could govrnment keep their seat on power....coz you know....."terrorist" today......"new buzzword" tommorow

im really starting to think the "cybercrime" is a response to the growing number of people on the internet publically discussing as one their disatisfaction of their actions....they see the potential danger of not being able to carry on and "sign their own checks" if the illusion of "support" doesnt quite fit the response of the people