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The Reason President Barack Obama Lies About Benghazi (Interesting thought)

"Oddly, the answer is so simple it is amazing…yet it has been overlooked by all."

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It Was Simply A BIG 'Cover Up' For 2 Main Reasons

1) The Consulate or embassy was a secret torture chamber. There was much concern that it might be discovered what was really going on there.

2) It was good cover for the shipment of weapons to the syrian rebels who work for the CIA in order to destabilize and destroy Syria and its leader Assad.

They need syria so that later they can use Syria as a launching base to attack and destroy Iran..

All part of a piece meal plan to take over all the resources (oil) of the middle east and beyond.

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i might believe

that no truth can be found in him
nor the rest for that matter
they lie because it is what they,and this is the reason
they are all hand picked,not elected,like some want to think

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


I think the truth is that Benghazi was about moving weapons from Libya to Syria and the leaders of BOTH so called parties know it and that is why Boner will not appoint a special prosecutor with subpoena power and the ability to grant immunity.

Neither party wants the truth getting out because they are all GUILTY!!!


This article

attempts to continue the myth that there is a difference between the re team and blue team. Wish it was as simple as they do want the demos and repub to put their differences aside.


Liberty = Responsibility

I think it's about Peps in general - Good Job Crackerjack

The article does say Dem & Reps after, "If the Benghazi attack was labeled as a terrorist attack, in the vein of 911, the people of the United States might come together again. They might start acting as one, and this is one thing that the administration of President Barack Obama doesn’t want."