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Everyone who was a part of the Ron Paul Revolution should be very proud today

As a result of Edward Snowden's courageous disclosures that exposed blatant abuse of power, illegal and unconstitutional "secret" programs, the bipartisan leaders of the powerful Senate Judiciary committee are holding hearings grilling the NSA on the Constitutionality of secret programs approved by a secret court issuing secret court orders based on secret interpretations of the law. Snowden is a Ron Paul supporter and true to the character of a die hard Paulbot, he could not allow the treason to continue.

Another Ron Paul supporter who gained world wide media coverage and is taking Washington by storm is Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan. Amash put fear into Pelosi, Feinstein and the old guard on both sides of the isle when his amendment to "limit the NSA’s data collection and defund the NSA " nearly passed the house by a 205-217 vote. Aye: Democrats 111, Republicans 91. Amash is right back up and in the saddle today. Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) and fifteen other Members of Congress filed an amicus brief with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), urging the court to release its "secret" opinions interpreting Section 215 of the Patriot Act. Justin Amash:“Secret law is anathema to a free country. Congress cannot effectively legislate until it knows what the law is. The American public cannot engage in a meaningful debate about liberty and surveillance until it knows what its government is doing,” said Amash. “We call on the FISA court to release its significant Patriot Act rulings.” AHHHHH THE SPIRIT OF THE RON PAUL REVOLUTION LIVES ON!!! GIVE EM HELL JUSTIN!!!


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The tide is turning!

Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.

Thomas Jefferson

We are reaching critical mass. Their attempts at gun control have failed miserably and people are extremely weary of false flag attacks and are ready to film and online post anything suspicious the government is doing which makes future 'black ops' very difficulty to risk. All it takes is one thing to go horribly wrong and their whole house of cards falls down.

Comment boards on mainstream sites (at least in UT) are now almost 100% against the government. People are openly speaking about how 'conspiracy theories' are now realities we need to face as citizens. Even people who once thought the gov is here to protect us now think we are looking like 1984.

During the dark times after 911, the Ron Paul movement carried to torch of Liberty through ridicule, fabricated hopelessness and constructed social norms. At times, it was like we were a small voice whispering against the yelling masses. But the voice of opposition was there, standing alone as a rock in the stream of flowing narrative that we should happily slip into the realm of protective tyranny. Now their narrative is being exposed and people are turning in droves to catch a little piece of that once small flame of liberty.

When once only the strong willed (and ornery) spoke openly against the government corruption, it is now becoming more socially acceptable. Police are now being filmed for every action and departments are becoming aware of the severe public backlash for any corruption.

There was a time that I thought this country would slip into tyranny and my only solace was knowing I will fight to the end as a free man. Those times have changed, not only will we throw off the yoke of government control but America now sits before a vast Renaissance of free thinking, Hemp based and 3d printing technology and Liberty.

I will not have my time here on Earth be spent in vain- the future is ours to create and fate itself will shudder at our will!

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Thank You So Much

Thank you so much for you so very eloquent and passionate reply. Very well said. We are reaching critical mass and the American people are not only weary but sick and tired of being lied to, deceived and abused like animals. The masses are waking up and if there is another false flag attack similar to 911 they will know who did it, and I am quite sure masses of Americans will be in the streets protesting against this tyrannical govt.

However I have reason to hope that will never happen and martial law will not be imposed. The Ron Paul R3VOLution has produced a firestorm in this nation. We have educated "our" neocon hijacked Teaparty. We Paulites know a lot about subtly and we have produced a pretty educated mass movement through infiltration. Who would have thought that our original Teaparty in 2007 would have come this far? We have Ron Paul lawmakers in the Senate and House. Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. They are gaining respect and power daily and changing the entire agenda in Washington. Main stream media is paying attention. They love the drama and continually cheer on our Libertarian leaning Don Quijote Mavericks as David taking on the GOP Goliath.. Who could resist the call for limited govt, total transparency, sound money, non pre-emptive wars and liberty under the bill of rights??? After all Liberty is Popular.

Just today the Wall Street Journal published an article on Rep. Thomas Massie. It was so positive, down home and all American you would have thought his political action committee had written it. "Mr. Massie Goes To Washington." lol... With Ron Paul Legislators like Thomas Massie we do still have hope. Hope that includes the awakening of the amazing American people as is happening with the Teaparty Nation. We have come a long way. Perhaps soon we can say we educated a people who would allow no more cruel unnecessary wars and blood shed for greed, no more taxation without representation andno more Federal Reserve or income tax. We must continue to fight.. and we will win in the end. Good always wins in the end. Peace and Luv.



Hat tip and deep respect from

Hat tip and deep respect from I!


Liberty = Responsibility


Justin Amash is as close to Ron Paul as we can get. Go Justin!

Edgar Morgan

The Educated Left

The educated left are sitting up and taking notice of our bright and shinny Ron Paul Libertarian Leaders in Congress. And they like what they see..
"The House's New Ron Paul."

We shouldn't let judges/courts interpret law: Period

This is where America went wrong. How easy would be for a judge to say - lets ask Congress what they mean by this section because they're the ones who wrote it!
That Congress allows all these usurpations ticks me off.
Thank God Amash decided to run for Congress. And thank God he won!

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

YES! I'm amazed at how many

YES! I'm amazed at how many in the liberty movement don't get this.

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

Amash is awesome. I hope one

Amash is awesome. I hope one day to see a President Amash.

Anytime I see a post like this

I have to put my 2 cents in.

Justin Amash is on the Horizon :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

The title

should be changed to "Everyone who IS a part of..."

I Stand Corrected

Everyone who IS a part of the Ron Paul R3VOLution should be very proud today!! THE R3VOLUTION LIVES... Thanks to all of you. Good always wins in the end.. Much love!!!



Those letters to Iowa, Meetings, Posting flyers, phone calls, Signs are all paying off.

Once the latest bubble breaks, I hope we have the people in place to fix it the right way.

The remnant will rise.

But what if Snowden is part of the evil illuminati plan?

Sorry - wrong.

Lots of us remember 1988. Even if we were only eleven years old at the time.

Ron Paul revolutionaries - our time is come. Our day is this day. Our message is unchanged for it is the truth.

Potato pancakes my brothers...

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

Thank you - Nice to hear!

Our participation has paid some liberty dividends.

I heard today that 55% of Americans consider Snowden a patriot/whistleblower...NOT a traitor.

YET...the rotted congress and rotted White House call him a criminal-traitor!!!

AND YET - While the RAT S.O.B. McCain and Graham call Snowden a law breaker THEY VOTED TO BREAK THE LAW AND CONTINUE AID TO EGYPT AFTER THE COUP - which the LAW SAYS MUST END!!!!!!!

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE????????????????????????????????

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

To My PaulBot Inspirations:

I need to thank all of my PaulBot inspirations.

I was once at a conference and I heard Antonio Buehler say; "Yes!! I do think Highly of myself; I think very highly of myself and I believe everyone should too!"

The Power-House of the Liberty Movement lies on the individual realizing his/her own uniqueness as a blessing to the world. Every single PaulBot should ALWAYS THINK HIGHLY OF HIM/HER-SELF.


...as Kokesh likes to say; "WE are the Alphas of our own lives!"

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees


I recently heard something very interesting from Stefan Molyneux; (paraphrased) "TPTB will allow for Libertarians to reach high levels of governmental influence right before SHTF, so later on they can point to us as the ones being in power when SHTF."

This is very important to keep in mind; at least as a reminder that politics is not the only means of spreading the message of liberty.

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

I heard him say that too.

One of the only things I could imagine not disagreeing with Stefan about, but at the least wanting to discuss further.

I would agree with him on this point to the same degree I would say that an alcoholic needs to reach rock-bottom before recovery is possible. The key is defining what 'rock-bottom' is for the person...

Better rock-bottom is a single-person car wreck resulting in 8 or 10 broken ribs, rather than one that leaves an innocent victim without...

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

I'd be careful about grouping Snowden in as a Paulbot

Snowden is his own man. He did not (to my knowledge) say that he was a Ron Paul supporter even though it is clear that he did donate to Dr Paul's campaign.

Declare him a lover of freedom and liberty; let the Establishment play the name games. Our task is to unite, not to divide and conquer.

(Of course it doesn't hurt to have Bruce Fein batting for your team, albeit indirectly ;)


so the people that authorized it in the first place are the ones that are going to change it because they've repented and realized they were wrong, or was it a conspiracy to hide from the government what the government was doing? Keep doing the same thing expecting a different result, describes ALL the dogma/government worshipers to a tee.

Here Is An Excerpt From Your Link:

Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX): “Our democracy is based on informed public debate, but most in Congress are shut-out from information regarding the work of the FISA court, making it impossible for us to conduct effective oversight or take the steps needed to protect the civil liberties and constitutional rights of our constituents. We were moved to join this case urging disclosure of FISA court opinions to Congress and the public to guarantee that we can fulfill our duty to enact sound laws and defend the Constitution.”

This Democrat sounds like a Ron Paul supporter, also!

Long live the wise words of Ron Paul !


Amen to that beesting.. Dr.

Amen to that beesting.. Dr. Ron Paul.. "Liberty is Popular" and apparently the Democrats as well as the Republicans are finally waking up to the fact that the majority of Americans just want to be left alone and raise their children in a free nation. They are sick of partisan politics and want to be told the truth and to be represented honestly and fairly. Could it be possible that Ron Paul's message is finally sinking in?? That someday soon there will be no team blue or team red.. just team America? I have hope there are still good men and women in Washington that will stand with their constituents. This is a very good article about a new party emerging in Washington.. The Libertarian Democrat. :) http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2013/08/01/li...

I'm definately part of the Ron Paul rEVOLution

Ron Paul has been replaced by Rand Paul in the rEVOLution.

Snowden is a Liberty Movement Chump. Amash is going out of his way to dig a hole. What a shame.

Amash didn't put any fear in Feinstein or Pelousi, to think that you have NO IDEA how much power they have. Not a clue.

I am disturbed reading your comment, Granger!

Snowden a liberty chump?! Really?

Amash digging a hole? Seriously?

You and I agree on Israel's sovereignty but this kind of comment actually does make me question your logic, or your loyalty.

Please explain.

I understand you believe in taking back the GOP, and I am on board with that, don't know how you think we do that without cutting against the grain. That grain, BTW, is the problem, not our ally. But Congressman Amash is a major ally. He is propping himself (and liberty) up, not digging a hole down.

As for calling Snowden a chump? Why? I can understand if you think his revelations are actually "all part of the plan", as disclosure and normalization of the surveillance state. But how is *he* the bad guy???

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


Snowden being a LIBERTY chump? Is that how you read what I wrote? I don't see anything about Snowden being FOR Liberty besides hearsay that he contributed to Ron Paul.. the only DETAIL is hearsay that he donated $500.00. When? He bought a dinner? What?

I don't believe Snowden is a CHUMP. I think very smart people get DUPED, by people with agendas.

Amash digging a hole? Yes. NSA ends very soon. He makes a bill, some line up for it, and then turn around and sign another that is completely opposite of his bill, and it passes. That's a HOLE to me. What is that to you, if it was YOU who wrote that bill?

Amash: proping himself up.. on what? Straw arguments?

I don't see Snowden as a, "bad guy". I see Greenwald as a bad guy who duped Snowden. Now Snowden is somewhere in Russia. Who knows what will happen to him? Anyone actually care? USA isn't going to save him IF he needs help. He's NOT in a good place, especially with US/Russia tentions building in the ME.


did I mess something here.

You see Greenwald as a bad guy who duped Snowden?

Did Greenwald seek Snowden, or did Snowden go to several media sources and decided Greenwald was the journalist that he chose to break the story?

Your painting Snowden as a moron that had no idea about the impact of what he was about to expose could do. I only see Greenwald and the Guardian being very careful about what they have and how it is being released. I see him defending Snowden's integrity and patriotism on a constant daily basis.

Just what is Greenwalds agenda? He is a journalist. Who ever Snowden decided on to give this to would gain notoriety. It came with the territory. Do you ever ponder the risk that Greenwald is taking, or do you think Hastings death was a speeding accident?

I wonder why Greenwald always does interviews via satellite from Rio where he lives.

To me

The threat America has been facing is merging into a global government, with global central banking, one money, one religion, limited healthcare, limited determination over your life, and subjected to AUTHORITY AUTHORITY AUTHORITY in spades.

I grew up in the military, and since I was a child, I remember looking out to the civilian world, past the barbed wire, chained linked fence, with armed military police, to where it appeared civilans had RIGHTS. We had no rights. I grew up with a military ID. It didn't matter what race, what religion, where you came from, ALL that mattered was RANK. Being I was a dependent, I had NO RANK.

I wanted out, and it seems, civilan life has become more like the military.

The Nam war ended when I was gratuating from HS. I saw there was a divide between those who served and were promoted before the war ended, and those who had been drafted and could not get in the military unless they had some inside pull to go to into officer training, college.. there were jobs that supported a family back then, but those started vanishing as "women rights" filed women into the work force because they could not depend on the husband to support the family. It wasn't anyONE's fault. The politicians blamed each other's party, but it was like we were marching, left, right, left, right to MORE AUTHORITY. The parties a voter might think would stand for something, were the ones who wound up, betraying their voters.. The War on Drugs smashed the boomer generation, gave way too much power to corporations and removed rights for individuals based on "felon" charges (though many never hurt anyone, they lost rights).. and it never receeded, it just kept advancing, left, right, left, right..

I watched America lose very important sources of economy and security, from the loss of the Panama Canal to 911, when things began to move very guickly. Anyone who worked to get Ron Paul the GOP nominations KNOWS about censorship. NSA isn't new. We have headlines that I wonder, "Why are these headlines?" People say, "Well now we KNOW".

But what good is knowledge if there is nothing you will, or can, do about it? What good is KNOWING you are in prison when you can't get out? Or, what good is knowing you are in prison but don't know how to get out?

Every presidential election has brought us less freedom and more security (enslavement).. terms have been changed.. NWO used to mean global government.. now NEO (which used to mean those for a global government has been changed.. Ron Paul is a NEOliberal and that means Austrian economics, and NEOcon means GOP "support" (I don't see it as support) for Israel.

As we have had the Patriot Acts, and massive government put on us, we have seen foreign troops now training in the USA, our wars against "Sovreign Arab based states" don't end. And America is merging under a UN Agenda (here in CA is can be passionately felt).

To achieve global government, Americans must be willing to give up on America. Hating America is a good reason to give up.

I read a lot about exposure, but very little about solutions, which Rand Paul is leading the way.. he is telling us how the government is going global by acting against the constitution.

MSM has always been a third rail of programming for the masses.

How many people here dropped facebook or were never on facebook and have posted tons of tips about the US government spying? Ebay, Google, the phone.. tapping phones is not new.. what is new is being done now without warrants (and I don't believe this is an accident.. what good is it to KNOW, you can do?).. and one thing that is not in the news is how our courts have become ALL POWERFUL AUTHORITY no one can challange unless they have some "inside".

So to me, the news Snowden released about NSA was not news. The fact Greenwald has been very outspoken about his hatred for America, why he moved to Rio, and works with global NSA (RT, Press TV, BBC.. these are all global UN sponcered propegandists.. and people here think and say.. WOW I CAN TRUST THEM and NOT USA news.) I don't trust them, anymore than I trust USA MSM.. it's ALL programming, and that programming is to prepare us for a global government.

We know, don't we?, that when the annoucement comes that the USA has merged into the UN, and the UN is THE AUTHORITY OVER ALL STATES.. the list of those who could be a threat, tea party, oath keepers, hoarders.. food weapons.. this is already out there.

In my own newspaper, people are already conceeding.. "If there is a NWO, I for one will be glad, because the world will be a wonderful place where we will all co-exist and live in peace forever! BRAVO TO THE NWO!" And shop GREEN!

So to me, I think Greenwald (with the help of UN/UK intel, found a guy like Snowden, encouraged him to, "spill the beans", Snowden delivered, he didn't have a plan.. this is obvious.. he was not well connected, but MSM has had a great time.. trying to get specific points about the case, I've spent hours googling and coming up with hundreds of millions of MSM articles (cover up), the searches are so time consuming, it becomes not worth it after hours.

Summery: this "Snowjob" was a set up to "wake Americans up" to how BAD America is, so Americans would be more willing to QUIT America. Only Rand is giving a counter argument, no one is offering solutions.

I learned as an activist, I could spend years making a case about polluted water, but if I did not have a SOLUTION, I got what the government wanted me to have, like "Signs to put on Storm Drains". Those signs were not a solution. They kept the pollution there, just warned people the water was polluted. This is much the same thing.. now you know for a fact NSA is collecting data (as they have for 50 years).. what is the solution?

Restore the Republic with Rand in the GOP, or go global as a Indy, marginalized third party?

And I quote... you... "Snowden is a liberty movement chump."

Was that a typo? I read clearly.

Snowden, if he is for real (which he most likely is), is most definitely FOR liberty, as he has put his very life on the line to expose and oppose tyranny. How can you get this one wrong? It is NOT hard to see how he is supporting liberty.

As for Amash... I will quote you again... "NSA ends very soon."

What the fudge does that mean??! The NSA is going to end??? No, it isn't. The scandal isn't either. WTF are you talking about?!

So I guess Audit the Fed was a "hole" too? It didn't even get voted on in the senate. Aren't you the one advocating fighting within the system? Then we try and come very close to passing a much needed, liberty supporting Bill, and you oppose it.

Amash is doing his best, and he came very close. We are gaining momentum on this. Congress is split right down the middle. Amash just got brownie points for leadership and that will help his future influence. The closeness of the vote should let you know we are gaining support in congress on these issues.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

No it's not a typo

Tell me, what has all this Snowden NSA done for you?

It's confirmed my suspicions...

that they are indeed tracking me (you, us).

Remember the Jesse Ventura "Conspiracy Theory" episode about FEMA camps and the 'Fusion Centers' around the country? Remember the girl in the beginning that was targeted by DHS for being an active Ron Paul supporter, and delegate in '08? That's all of us now. Especially liberty activists.

Knowing is half the battle as G.I. Joe used to say. Proper steps can be taken, and should be taken, in light of new information.

Before we suspected, with reasonable doubt. Now, we know. That's big.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

And yet, you are still here

Life goes on doesn't it? So now you have a confirmation and what are you going to do any different?

me? I will continue to stand for what I believe, and pray God's mercy be upon me, for men don't have much in the way of mercy to give.