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Everyone who was a part of the Ron Paul Revolution should be very proud today

As a result of Edward Snowden's courageous disclosures that exposed blatant abuse of power, illegal and unconstitutional "secret" programs, the bipartisan leaders of the powerful Senate Judiciary committee are holding hearings grilling the NSA on the Constitutionality of secret programs approved by a secret court issuing secret court orders based on secret interpretations of the law. Snowden is a Ron Paul supporter and true to the character of a die hard Paulbot, he could not allow the treason to continue.

Another Ron Paul supporter who gained world wide media coverage and is taking Washington by storm is Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan. Amash put fear into Pelosi, Feinstein and the old guard on both sides of the isle when his amendment to "limit the NSA’s data collection and defund the NSA " nearly passed the house by a 205-217 vote. Aye: Democrats 111, Republicans 91. Amash is right back up and in the saddle today. Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) and fifteen other Members of Congress filed an amicus brief with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), urging the court to release its "secret" opinions interpreting Section 215 of the Patriot Act. Justin Amash:“Secret law is anathema to a free country. Congress cannot effectively legislate until it knows what the law is. The American public cannot engage in a meaningful debate about liberty and surveillance until it knows what its government is doing,” said Amash. “We call on the FISA court to release its significant Patriot Act rulings.” AHHHHH THE SPIRIT OF THE RON PAUL REVOLUTION LIVES ON!!! GIVE EM HELL JUSTIN!!!


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C'mon. I never said anything about stop speaking out for truth

I continue to do that, apparently.

What I don't do anymore, is have intimate conversations on the phone, and I try to not keep my cell phone on me most of the time, when I don't need it.

I also hear getting a small 'faraday cage' or similarly functioning contraption is a good way to store your cell phone when travelling or not using, so as to make it harder to be illegally tracked.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

((( Granger )))

I think you make these posts just because you know that I will respond :-)

Don't you just love Justin?! I must admit, I have a man-crush on him :-)

2014 Liberty Candidate Thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/287246/2014-liberty-candidate-thread

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"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I worry about him

He needs more seated support and the fact his most staunch supporters are NOT republicans, not seated.. I worry about him.


I know that you

deep down.

In time. For now, he is reaching the hearts and minds of the American people. That is what it takes :-)

"It's not left versus right, it's tyranny versus Liberty" - Ben Swann


2014 Liberty Candidate Thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/287246/2014-liberty-candidate-thread

2016 Potential Presidential Candidates: http://alturl.com/mt7tq

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Are you a different

Person than she that sent me a kind thank you letter about 6 months ago. Now it seems your posts are spiteful and mean with an air of 'if you aren't with us you're against us'. I don't know where the respectful, optimist who used to post on this account went, but I prefer her.


I am a different person than 6 months ago, or six years ago, or 16 years ago... My life experiences change me as I learn.

I am very grateful for the opportunity you, and others, afforded me, as you all gave me the opportunity to go nearer the top of the mountain and have a look, to make a stand, which I did.

This opportunity you all afforded me, to have a look from a higher groud, changed me. And while many here, including you, may not appreciate that change, it does not afford me the ability remain where I was.

If not for you all, who afforded me that opportunity, I would have gone to the convention and remained on the floor, listening to those who are on the floor, with the idea that we are all on the floor for the same reason. Now I know, that would have not been correct. There are those on the floor who were put on that floor to deceive those who know nothing but sign waves in the streets and the floor. They push the floor around like pawns. Off the streets with waving signs to on the floor being pushed into tide pools, where they accomplish nothing but being entertained, or not, by DESIGN.

Too many here, insist they must remain in the streets waving signs. I KNOW, this is not going to accomplish a damn thing. It's worse than a joke. It angers (flash in the pan) me because I took this rEVOLuion to heart, and I acted on it, and I worked very hard, and the sign wavers are a manipulation, to keep people off the floor. And the floor is important, more so than waving signs, but even the floor is controlled. You all afforded me the opportunity to see this.

And I can admit, it makes me angry(flash in the pan) to KNOW, all those decades of sign waving was my good intentions being manipulated by those who had me just where they wanted me.. off the floor, and most definately not in the suites.

I had NO idea about committees before Ron Paul's invitation, and I had NO idea about the POWER CIRCLES before the past convention and the opportunity you all afforded me with your support. As far as the power circles were concerned, I could have been a "political widow" (some contributor's wife who was sent there to proxy). When I spoke to Karl Rove, I shook him up. I KNOW he thought, "How the hell did she get up here? Who let her in? Damn do we need to screen people? What the hell is going on in CA?" How did she know how to get in the POWER CIRCLE?"

I didn't know. But now I do. I saw the machine, and it's not pretty. It's doable/takable, but like Ron Paul, I can't do it alone. There is so much manipulation by friendly people chumming and complimenting others to keep people waving signs, and on the floor, it's very difficult to break the veils of illusion. It's very difficult to get individuals by their own drive, to join the GOP, or to go for a committee seat, or to go to a convention, and what's hardest of all, is to get anyone to join me in THE CIRCLE OF POWER. It's VERY expensive, so it's not something 90% of the people can afford.

I only asked for help with the meals, and this was only after a DP poster suggested I ask for support. The cost to enter the POWER CIRCLE cost me thousands of dollars personally. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go because it's too comfortable to relax in the political tide pool, resting on laurels (committee seat). But the committee seat was never my end game. RESTORING THE REPUBLIC is the end game.. and I am angry (flash in the pan/flaw in my construction, not being prepared), that we are losing that battle. It angers (lack of having a properly built machine myself) me, to see the manipulation here by "friendlies". I'm NOT a friendly. I don't want to be a friendly. I'm not here to manipulate and sweet talk to keep people on the streets waving signs to keep them "occupied".

I have talked to those on my committee, and other's, about getting into the POWER CIRCLES with me.. because I was alone there. Maybe that was best? I met lobbiests, political consultants, aides, contractors, congressmen, senators, many operatives in government, and I saw how some are groomed to be spoilers, some to be pushing pawns on the floor, some to be candidates. WHERE ARE WE?

Well, Rand Paul is doing a great job changing the hearts and minds within THE POWER CIRCLES. His efforts are causing a "trickle down", which meets the floor.. making the GOP a, "happy place", where the top can schmooz with the "low life" on the floor, slumming.

And I do a lot of open thinking here. I'm not hiding my thoughts. I'm not here to manipulate you or anyone. The GOP is definately not for the weak. You have to have a strong mind, heart and guts to be a genuine grassroots activist, because you come up with a lot of "friendlies", pats on the back to hold you back.. and if you are like me, who says it as I see it, they don't like that, no different than those on DP.

So change, or not: if I am not me, who am I? No one is paying me to be here, though I have been accused of that. I am accused of all kinds of things by "friendly" chums.

I am working it out, and it's not easy, but I am being open and honest. My crap may stink to high heaven at the moment, but that too will change as I come to accept what is, what I can't change, and do my best to change what I can. Right now, I have no idea how. It's not like I have an army of political advisors.

I care. If I didn't care I wouldn't have bothered. How far do I want to go? I don't know. I have another converntion coming up, and I've paid for the entire thing. No one needs to support me. I appreciate the support I got to have a look and make a stand. (And I have been challenged by that stand BTW, and I have NO DOUBT that I am being monitored). I'm fortunate in that my committee likes me.. I never ask anyone to do what I wouldn't do myself.. There are those who worry I'm going to open my mouth, knowing I will, and some don't appreciate it, and others appreciate it, because I say what people are thinking and no one will say. I don't know what that is worth in the big picture, because the idea of running for congress or a paid government position has never been my goal.. and I sometimes think, I'm a coward and WRONG for not making an office a goal. But it was only two years ago, I was waving signs in the streets.

YES. I have changed. And while I am going through a difficult transition in balancing what I have learned with action, and I am frustrated between the veils of ignorance, manipulation, giving up or going forward, all I've got to show for it at this point is raw uncultured real time existance, like a stormy sea.. is the tide coming in, or going out? Right now I don't know.

I don't agree with most here about Snowden.. I think it's ROTTON what is happening to him. My heart is heavy for him. I believe that he believed he was doing the right thing, but my instinct tells me he was used as a pawn.. and some other MSM breaking News event will come up, and Snowden will be forgotten, somewhere is Russia rotting away. I Don'T LIKE IT. And I don't buy this crap about Greenwald being some hero.

I hope I am wrong, wouldn't be the first time..

And another HUGE issue for me, is my discovery of what Israel represents.. that was a mind blower, and it's another heavily manipulated and bigotted issue, yet I know this, if you don't stand with Israel, there is no hope for any rEVOLution. And yes, I think Ron Paul has moved on.. his law suit against ronpaul.com was a complete hypocracy to Restore the Republic.. he went to international courts to take what other's owned (as 22 Ron Paul;s in the USA, he is not alone). And the story was so bent, as if the supporters were bad guys.. I don't believe they were. I think there are some very smart people who did their best.. I think it's a good indication how those who have stood tall for Ron Paul drop off the face of the map of the rEVOLution.

I am SLOW. I'm not the sharpest tack in the box, and honesty is not how one wins friends and manipulates the public.. but winning friends and manipulating others was never my goal. RESTORING THE REPUBLIC was always THE ONLY GOAL!

I'm telling it as I see it, admitting my change, and explaining why, and how. I'm sorry if it's not to your taste. I hope you can appreciate that it's not sugar coated, because I'm not selling you anything. Just telling it like I see it.

Thank you for affording me the support to have seen what I saw. I'm sorry if you and everyone who supported me don't like how that changed me. I will change again as I come to terms with what "it" (political reality) is, and my only hope is that I end up liking me despite ALL the change.

I don't doubt they wield extraordinary power

Why fear them? Instead work to expose them - dispel the illusion.

Work to expose them for what good?

So they are exposed.. then what? Why not work to replace them and undo their bad prescident?

Ron Paul

Ron Paul

This post gave me chills

Does Edward Snowden have a Daily Paul account????

Senator Peter Schiff 2016


I wouldn't be surprised.

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees