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What Has Happened To End The Fed

We talk about all the troubles of the world.
I think we have lost site of the fact that if we do not regain the control of our money, none of the things we are concerned about will ever change.

He who controls the money, controls the world or country!

I am not trying to dimension peoples efforts, but with out the control of our money supply everything seems frivolous.

I too am encouraged that certain topics are finally coming to light and the most unlikely people have been shocked!

Lets not forget the proprietors of the money have gone unchecked.
Until we regain it. We will have to deal with status quo! IMO

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End the f'n Fed1

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

If those "in the know" are right.....

such as Bix Wier and others....we may soon see an end to the fed and the dollar world wide. Bix estimates the collapse by as soon as October. Even that prick O'Rielly is calling for the collapse and he is puppet for the government and a moron.
I personally am looking forward to it, painful as it may be. It is one sure fired way to "End the Fed." Ron knows it too.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

Good to see

That we are all still thinking about it.

I appreciate all the comments and up votes. Pleasantly surprised.

I agree with getting rid of the income tax, but my fear is that it will be replaced with the fair tax and Title 26 will morph into another monster. And also make it accepted when there has been many court cases showing that it is unconstitutional.

Not sure of a solution, but it is what keeps the machine running.

Love this short story that i read a few years back. Amazing that it was written back in 1909.


Almost forgot. Thanks for getting me to the Front page for a day.
I called all my fellow DP friends.

It appears no one has the

It appears no one has the guts to take on the Rothschild family. They will continue to print out of thin air what we must labor for. We are all slaves until it changes.

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End the Fed has been coopted by the Fed.

Until proven otherwise, the printing presses will first have to break before this tyranny ends.

Ron Paul

is waiting for the FED to collapse.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

The fact being

there isn't a person in Congress who has the courage to take on this challenge. It really shows us how Dr Paul was a trully rare breed by leading a challenge to the Rothschild money cartel. Rand make be making some challenges to the power brokers, he has evaded carrying on this challenge without his father taking the lead. Rand has chosen to take the 'safe' route by attacking the periphrials, which is better than nothing, but it doesn't do anything to curtail the Rothschild Banking Cartel from continuing to decimate the economic security of the millions of hard working americans and especially fixed income retiries. It would take a grassroot movement to reenergize the call for ending the Fed, but after the undermining of the Tea Party movement by the establishment, and sellouts like Marxist Rubicon, most now see it as a hopeless case.

the only thing that

will bring on the end is a crisis.. simply lobbying congress will never get the votes.

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I'm all for ending the fed,

I'm all for ending the fed, but I think the urgency has left the movement to audit or end it because we can all see the end coming. They have only ONE trick in their bag and it's print money (or simply change computer digits) and they will continue to play that trick until no one takes their monopoly money anymore. That will end them and it may be sooner than we think.

Beware the cult of "government"...

But if people don't

But if people don't understand the failures of the Fed, then whatever their "solution" is won't be any better...

The Federal Reserve controls the currency.

Only gold and silver are Money in this constitutional republic.

Free includes debt-free!

What month ...

was the FR act signed? I thought it was good for 100 years.


I agree we MUST not forget END THE FED!!! Bump



Add the DP Original to this.

This is important because it is 100% true. The Fed (World Banking System) is the heart of the beast. So much tyranny is funded through fiat money. If we could establish honest money sooooo many problems would go away because they would lose funding.

Thanks for keeping people focused!

The greatest evil now hidden by false flags, disinformation...

Most of the false flags, disinformation, and garbage hawked as news and journalism, is nothing but distraction designed by a very chess savvy CFR!

What are the CFR, and their fellow globalist travelers, so nervous about letting enter the public domain of discussion?

For what will they sacrifice nearly every socialist and communist principle, even to the degree of purporting to support conservative candidates, to keep off the news and public channels of discourse?

What are they willing to go to war to hide, blow up anything necessary to hide, collapse any economic entity, destroy any constitutional mandates, break any oath taken, all to keep to a whisper and out of public dialogue?

What to them is worth the lives of millions around the world, dozens in US schools, sacrifice of the youth as fodder in evil and illegal actions around the globe, and the fiat fake props holding the stock market up like a dried out garden's scare-crow?

It is easy to find out. It is not at all hard to fathom!

The most evil of entities had it's untimely birth 100 years ago. It has fueled all that has caused the loss of the Republic, all that has been stolen in labor and wealth, all the vulgar power lusted after and acquired, for the last 100 years, world wide.

The real possibility of it's tumultuous but necessary untimely death is upon us this year!

The slogan they want erased entirely from all public consciousness, and are willing to 'burn Rome' to accomplish that deception, is:




Ron Paul 2016! Get used to it!

Here, Here!

End the Federal Reserve System by ending the Legal Tender Laws!

Give an incentive to competing currencies, not punishment, and you will see the Federal Reserve System self-destruct!

After accomplishing this, the force behind the treasonous actions of destroying our Liberties will diminish quite substantially.

They won't have the ability to create their endless amount of fake money and use it to fund the tools of oppression.

Karen Hudes should be getting more support, just for the fact that she is trying to expose these criminals in the World Bank for using it as their grand money laundering machine.

Keep your eye on the prize! - Ending legal tender laws in order for the Federal Reserve System to self-destruct is of the upmost importance.
What in the World are They Spraying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf0khstYDLA

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It's not an accident that the 16th and 17th Amendments were

rammed through at the same time the Fed was created. They work together to destroy our Republic. Three tools of tyranny.
I've always thought "End the Fed" to be the wrong strategy. Monetary policy is way complicated to educate the public on, and can be easily mis-represented in order to confuse the public and create stasis.
The 16th and 17th, conversely, are far easier to explain, and closer to Joe Public's wallet.
Repeal of the 16th and 17th Amendments will for all practical purposes end the Fed without ever talking about it. It will wither on the vine, and most of the beastly fedguv problems we face today will vanish.

Undo what Wilson did

Nationalize it, don't end it

You are completely correct. Repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments, and the Fed will wither. But the second step is not to replace the Fed with a basketcase of currencies, as the Austrians angle for. Rothschild owns the basket, and he rigs the markets, so he'll end up controlling currency just the same in these so-called free market schemes. The answer is to return to the Constitution, which grants Congress the sole power to create money and credit. Our Founding Fathers were wise to place that power into the hands of the elected Representatives of We the People.

I agree that the Rothschilds

will try to own and control the market, but you also have to consider that they Rothschild own the congress. and it is through this meddling in government that they are able to control the credit market. If you got government out, and had a free market of currencies, then you would take away the Rothschilds tools they use to control the markets. So I don't think they would be able to succeed in controlling the whole basket if we allowed the markets to work.

Rothschild controls the markets

The markets are controlled by the Rothschilds. You can't buy a foreign currency today except through them. They charge mark up. They're not going to let you go down the street and start your own currency exchange. They'll control it if the Fed is ended just as they control it today. Who do you think owns 90% of the gold and silver today? The banksters do. Gold and silver and Bitcoin won't change who owns the most. The Constitution gives Congress the sole power to issue money and credit. Congress can loan money at 0% to students or independent businesses if it wants to. Instead, we are paying interest to foreigners for OUR money. It's an outrage.

You are absolutely right

I agree with you more than Ron Paul on this one. We just need to follow the constitution. Bring the money power back to congress and everything else will start correcting itself. We don't need competing currencies.

As are you

Ron Paul served humanity by bringing freedom-loving people together in this forum, but we must be wary of who is behind these "leaders" who are trotted out to head a movement. We must always be vigilant and objective. To whom does Ron Paul show more allegiance -- to the Constitution or to the Austrian School? I submit he has more allegiance to the Austrian School than to the Constitution. Is he for tariffs? The Constitution is. Is he for Congress setting interest rates? The Constitution is. Does he make repeal of the 16th and 17th Amendments a priority? No, he makes replacing the Fed with a basketcase of currencies his priority. Does he make eliminating all personal income, sales, property, and estate taxes a priority? No, his priority is to keep tariffs at zero. It is no wonder that his biggest financial contributor is Bilderberg steering committee member Peter Thiel, who believes that libertarians should be relegated to floating islands. The Pauls serve their masters by herding us. Their masters are the same as Obama's and Boehner's. The Constitution does not have to be rewritten by an Austrian sponsored by the Rothschilds.

Could you explain to me

how repealing the 15th and 17th amendments makes the fed go away? I'm not sure I follow that.

And I think you are misstating his priorities on taxes. He is for free trade, but he is also very much for the Elimination of the IRS and the elimination of all the taxes you mentioned. I think he is tolerant of tariffs, even though they aren't ideal.

I also think you are misstating his allegiance. I don't think he would pledge allegiance to either, I think his allegiance is to the truth, whatever form it may take.

I will try to explain

It is no coincidence that the 16th and 17th Amendments were enacted during the same time the Fed was created. The 16th Amendment created the income tax. It was needed because the Constitution our Founding Fathers wrote prohibited an income tax. The income tax collected goes entirely to the privately-owned Federal Reserve, which then loans that money back to the American taxpayers at interest. This scheme took the power to create money and credit away from Congress and handed it over to a privately-owned cartel of foreign banks. The 17th Amendment took the power to appoint Senators away from the states and handed it over to the moneychangers who buy public elections. Why did the Founding Fathers create a bicameral legislature? The House of Representatives, elected by popular vote, is to represent We the People. The Senate, appointed by the state legislatures, is to represent the sovereign States. But the 17th Amendment turned Senators into simply Congressmen with bigger districts. This was done by the globalists to eliminate State's rights. The duties of the Senate and House of Representatives are different, as enumerated in the Constitution, but direct election of Senators makes the two branches of the legislature essentially one branch, run by whoever funds the candidates. By repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments, the States regain their sovereignty, and the Federal Reserve loses its income stream.

I am all for eliminating

the 16th and 17th amendments, but the Federal Reserve isn't dependent on the income tax. It prints money out of nothing, so wouldn't it keep doing this regardless of the income tax?

Human labor of American workers does not equal nothing

Since Congress surrendered its Constitutional power to issue money and credit to the privately-owned banking cartel called the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve relies completely on the income tax to fund itself. Should that source of revenue dry up, it would immediately stop printing money. Again, their scam is to collect REAL money, which is created by YOUR labor, via the income tax, and then hand it over to foreigners in the form of Treasury bonds and notes, which you shall then pay interest on to those foreigners. It was an ingenious scheme. But now, the jig is up. Let's repeal those Amendments, and you shall hear them scream.

The federal reserve could

The federal reserve could still fund itself through the creation of new credit. It doesn't need the income tax. Although the income tax does give them a lot of power in the financial enslavement of the country, and they can direct behavior through tax credits, but it's not the only way they could fund themselves. If everyone suddenly stopped paying income taxes, the federal reserve would keep printing money, it's not like they would just suddenly stop doing that..

Credit is key

And this is the key, the second half of the equation -- credit. Ron Paul talks a lot about money, but he does not talk about credit. The Founding Fathers gave Congress the sole power to issue money AND credit. So, for instance, the Congress has the power to issue student loans at 0% interest. And loans at 0% for infrastructure development, such as freeways or universal wired terabit broadband access. And loans at 0% for productive enterprise, such as American factories that hire American workers to produce Made in America goods. Our Founding Fathers intended Congress to do that. THAT is the meaning of the "promote the general welfare" clause.

I think you might be

I think you might be misrepresenting the founders slightly when you state that they wanted the government to be giving loans to "productive enterprise". The whole point is government has no way of determining between "productive enterprise" and solyndra. The favorable interest rates always go to the politically connected giving them an unfair financial advantage over those who have to participate in the free market. And then when the free market still wins they will pass laws to protect their "productive enterprise". That is the groundwork for fascism, and our founders were no fascists.

How to end fascism

"The whole point is government has no way of determining between "productive enterprise" and solyndra."

That is why the Founding Fathers gave Congress, as the Representatives of We the People, the sole power to issue credit. You are supposed to have a say in who gets the 0% loan. When J. P. Morgan Chase makes a loan today, do you have a say?

That is the fallacy of the so-called "free marketers". Corporations ARE governments, where you have no say. Corporations are NOT persons. Corporations are, in essence, foreign governments -- foreign to the interests of We the People, and competitors of our representative government. Therefore, no corporation should be allowed to make any political contribution of any kind.

Likewise, NGOs -- non-governmental organizations -- should never be allowed to make political contributions of any kind. NGOs are above governments (see Wikipedia). They are tax-free entities established for the elite to shape public policy. They should be taxed out of existence or outright banned.