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What Has Happened To End The Fed

We talk about all the troubles of the world.
I think we have lost site of the fact that if we do not regain the control of our money, none of the things we are concerned about will ever change.

He who controls the money, controls the world or country!

I am not trying to dimension peoples efforts, but with out the control of our money supply everything seems frivolous.

I too am encouraged that certain topics are finally coming to light and the most unlikely people have been shocked!

Lets not forget the proprietors of the money have gone unchecked.
Until we regain it. We will have to deal with status quo! IMO

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Congress, as a Representative of We the People

is the fallacy.

Solyndra received a $535 million U.S. Energy Department loan guarantee. Congress, as a Representative of We the People, approved of the money allocated to the Department of Energy. Did I have a say in that?

there is 1 representative per 750,000 ppl meaning I have a .0001333% say on one representative whom, inevitable, won't listen to me (I've tried). Do you really feel represented??

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson


When the Federal Reserve put Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, they mocked him in his grave.

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The Money-Go-Round Will Stop.

With the States' Constitutional Representation restored, and the only direct taxes apportioned among the States (not the individual), the size and power of the Federal Government will then be placed back within it's Constitutional limitations, and the need for borrowing from the Fed will end. Money and power will stay with the States, and some argue it will create 50 fiefdoms. I think the pendulum has swung so far towards an out of control fedguv, I'm willing to let it swing back the other way for the next 100 years.

Undo what Wilson did

Yeah, I think that

would be preferable to what we have now. Not sure about the fiefdoms, if all the power that the fed has now was handed directly to the states and kept their then we would definitely have a 50 fiefdoms, but if much of the power was returned to the people and not held in any form of government we could have a constitutional republic..

BUT it would still be flawed until you end the fed because a bunch of the activities of the fed stretch way beyond the funding the Federal government. They are currently printing up $85B a month and most of it is going to foreign banks!! It's outrageous!!

I'd like to see the pendulum swing back the other way too, I'd like to see it swing all the way to the elimination of the fedguv.

End the FED!

Anything else looks like a distraction ...

As Queensryche sings - Revolution Calling!!