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Anyone think the timing of the Friday terror alert and the breaking Benghazi and Snowden stories is coincidental? I don't

The NY Times story was clear to say that the supposed plot was discovered via "electronic communications". Right. Now that everyone knows the NSA is tapping everything everywhere, why would senior Al Quaeda use electronic communications for big events? Something smells.


If this happened under Bush the Times headline would have been, "Bush Administration tries to distract Americans from scandals with Friday afternoon terror alert" Scumbags.

The Obama admin always releases a juicy story on Friday afternoon to force weekend media to cover it. Let's see if anyone has the balls to stay with the Benghazi gun running this weekend. Come on CNN. Do your job.

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NSA on the verge of new

NSA on the verge of new legislation to shut it down and purge all acquired citizen data. Benghazi CIA weapons running operations exposed. Al-Qaeda has no military bases, tanks, or fighter jets. Not much of a threat, they're just being used as a scapegoat.

If Israel is getting ready to bomb Iran, wouldn't it be a good idea to evacuate US embassies ahead of that attack? Especially since the Muslim populations of those nations would want to monkey hammer US installations in those countries like scenes from World War Z?

Bombing Iran

Israel would bomb weapons not drone targetting people. It's all about protecting Israel, not about boming Iran for fun and profit.

It's about starting WW3.

It's about starting WW3. Trust me, DC has been targeted with nukes if it gets out of hand, and it will.

Someone wants to start WW3

but trust me, it's not Israel. That is the last thing they want. They know things will all fall on them if that happens. And not because it's all their fault. They are just as at fault as everyone else. Israel has always been used as a point of conflict for the NWO. But the people of Israel and most of the Jewish people there just want to live in peace, and will be the ones who die if there is a war.

Where were Jews supposed to go after WWII? Even the USA wouldn't take most of them. We took in more Nazis than Jews. That is why there is an Israel. Maybe the NWO did set up the Jews to go there to eventually be destroyed. That is the Odessa Plan. Maybe those are the "Zionists" everyone thinks are behind everything. I know whatever the NWO is about, it isn't Judaism.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I don't

I think it's more about upsurping sovreignity and adopting the UN Agenda, global government.

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B.T.W. False Terrorism Alters are a form of Terrorism

Look out!! Terror!

We need a system of measurement for the effects of crying terror.

Then maybe we can quantitatively show that the hysteria over terrorism is more terrifying than actual (not false flag) terror-inducing events.

Then those who need a little science or statistics to be convinced, can be convinced. Otherwise, fear and over-caution will continue to reign.

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"The United States intercepted electronic communications..."

The article begins with this statement.

So, is this a NSA leak?

Only very ignorant would-be terrorists who don't bother to read U.S.A. reporting or much more critical foreign news sources, would not assume their phones are tapped.

Snowden's actions makes no difference to scrupulous people.

The only difference is that common citizens (people who are not paying much attention) can now confidently oppose their own government's actions.

I know people on D.P. say these things all the time, yet it still needs to be said for the benefit of those who are still stumbling along. :)

Massive mid-east jailbreaks freed taliban fighters

A hoard of prisoners escaped from jails in Benghazi, Iraq and Pakistan during late July. That's why the embassies are closed. You don't need any NSA spying to connect those dots!

7/22 - Al Qaeda militants flee Iraq jail…
7/27 Over 1,100 prisoners escape in Libya…
7/30 - Taliban gunmen free 300 inmates from Pakistan jail


3 major prison breaks at roughly the same time? Hmmmmm....

Sounds orchestrated to me. Did all the guards take a coffee break at the same time?

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

So Obviously Bogus

What a farce. So obvious what this is all about. But, if something does happen, I will put my money on that is was set up to happen.

Exactly what I am thinking.

We'll see exactly what this was about soon. Most likely just a distraction that took no effort, other than the media making something out of nothing. They distract the public, while reinforcing the 'war-on-terror'.

If it is a significant false-flag attack it's because they are really desperate, which means we are closer to SHTF than we may think.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I was telling my wife this today

Now that we are having the debate on the NSA we now how fear mongering at it's finest. Drum up more support for the surveillance state. Deflection is what they call it I believe...

Host countries are responsible for Embassy security.

Congress and their contractors were busted for spying on everyone.

Governments everywhere are tiny white dots who have little control over the masses. It would be wise to tell the US that they can't protect our Embassies.

It would be better at home if they told the US that they would not protect liars, frauds and thieves.

In the mean time, roll out the videos to catch the US in the act if they pull something.

Free includes debt-free!


It's why I called this a snowjob. NSA has been around for 50 years and suddenly this is NEWs from a globalist Greenwald working with The Guardian, who works with the the UKs NSA??

I think there are a number of folks here who work with MSM and promite their talking heads so they work to make these into big MSM stories to distract us from REAL news.

I couldn't help but notice, lately ...

That every single post you make here has at least one downvote, Granger.

I think there is somebody here that follows you around the board and, when they see your post .. they immediately downvote it.

Lately I get the impression that they've even stopped reading the post first lol. They see your name?

They downvote lol.

You have a groupie.

Granger has over 18,000

Granger has over 18,000 posts. You find it odd that when he pops up in every thread saying "Snowjob" over and over that people will then vote him down?

Actually Von

I have several. I suspect some have been given the weekends off.

You have gone senile.


will the next staged false-flag attack ....

occur during the USA Pro Challenge cycling race August 19-25 ?

The hundreds of volunteers needed for the USA Pro Challenge cycling race in Aspen on Aug. 19 through 21 will undergo mandatory training that includes “terrorism alerts,” according to organizers.

The training will be provided by the Center for Empowered Living and Learning, also known as The Cell. It is a nonprofit organization based in Denver. The privately funded anti-terrorism center is a subsidiary of Denver’s Mizel Museum, founded by Denver businessman and philanthropist Larry Mizel.

The website for The Cell touts its Community Awareness Program, or CAP. The program “is a free, interactive program designed to provide citizens with the basic tools needed to recognize and help prevent terrorism and criminal activity within our communities,” according to the website. “Taught by public safety professionals, CAP participants are trained to spot certain behaviors and situations. The CAP takes special care to ensure the civil liberties protected by our Constitution are preserve.”
The program was designed in accordance with and in support of the Department of Homeland Security’s “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign.

I think a feature at DailyPaul that would be good:

If an article at a website being linked to, doesn't have a comment section, there be a notification included with the visible link saying so.

I hate giving websites like the NYT click-thru ad revenue, when they publish things like that above article but have no comment section, knowing there would be 1000+ comments demolishing the propaganda.

Something like a button-type image: If comments are open, a small Yes. If no comments, a small No. It could be auto-applied to the start of a link. Or links that are color-coded, similar to the sarcasm code.

Jon, if you read this, please think about adding a feature where the OP selects Yes or No for links. I hate supporting cowards who oppose free speech. Thank you.

I'd like to see someone hack these stories and link to a

real Comment Section.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.


is doing their job.

Their bosses are real happy with the job they are doing.

They were not hired for their journalistic prowess.

They were selected for their ability to make BS sound honest.

Just like Obama.

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This is standard operating procedure now.

Its a worn out tactic and one we are past being tired of.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Worn out, but still effective.

You are right, this tactic is worn out to us here on DP, however, it still works wonderfully for the "sheeple"...So, they continue with the status quo.