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Charlie Rangel's Wild Interview: A Day at The "Races"

At the risk of inflaming divisive discussions on "race", it's important to understand the mind of the racist... no matter the color of their skin, and Charlie Rangel goes on quite a tirade in this new interview.


Another great reason for term limits for Congressional representatives and Senators.

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Rangel's true colors are shining through.

And I, as an ORIGINAL Ron Paul Tea Partier, as a man who ranks MLK as one of my top 3 heroes, take considerable offense to this race baiting hypocritical, "rich" elitist and his blanket accusations of all white people.

CRACKERS, as he so eloquently noted. "CRACKERS" he so flippantly applies to all.

This man has probably used the "N" word ten thousand more times than I have in my life and shows us all where the REAL racism hides in America today.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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