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New Glenn Greenwald Interview on MSNBC/Andrea Mitchell

Glenn has been in contact with Snowden since he has left the airport; living with ex-pat American family for now. Good interview as usual, but it was hard to have to watch a "Lean Forward" infomercial before the interview...I can not stand msnbc.


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What does Andrea mean by "ex-pat"?


One of the most patriotic acts one ought to take is aiding those who would expose long over due truths.

I think Msnbc is taking full advantage of the time delay in the feed from Rio to New York. Makes the interview toward the end awkward and unsustainable and therefore unwatchable to the average "drone-viewer". Just when the topic gets noticeable, the MSM anchors take all means necessary to throw the guest off. More importantly, they throw the viewers off. If done right, at a tune of 2-3 million people.


~Good Night, And Good Luck~


What's this? An entire website devoted to information in all forms and in most languages?

Wow. I've never heard of this?

Thanks for the link!

....Jack Ass

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

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[People seeking asylum are not seeking] "Political Nirvana"

Two words that stood out and make a quick, deep point.
It's too bad people need to be told this in order to gain a clear perspective.

Instead of her usual smug

demeanor when interviewing libertarians or those that lean libertarian, Mitchell now has the look of defeatism. I could almost like her if I knew it was genuine.

Good Observation

I agree.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

I sensed something different

I sensed something different with her too.

after watching a second time

maybe it's not defeatism... she's just looking older since last time i saw her.

Andrea Greenspan.

Andrea Greenspan.



anyone got a youtube url?

I'd rather not add to any of msnbc's web traffic.

Here's a link

It's not YouTube, but this should work:


It will add to their traffic but there's no annoying commercial at the front end.

I love how Glenn Greenwald

shames the media for propaganda questions. "I've been really astonished that media figures have been willing to be so irresponsible as to openly speculate...even though there's zero evidence..."

Why is Mrs. Fed chair reporting on Snowden, and not the NSA? And look at that set. Do you think she represents the powerful, or is she an independent news person? Then she brings up gay rights. Is that to discredit Greenwald? Send a signal? It's so low, yet dressed up in richest finery.

The Commercial

Actually, the fence made me think about inventing a stile. Perhaps with magnets or some other method of attaching steps so one can climb over it, easily, though perhaps not to ADA standards.

My local government fenced off my access to the creek near me in order to build a "park" along the creekside; it forces me to walk all the way to the end of the park instead of entering at the center where my street hits it. The result is, I can't walk through the park to get anywhere, and there's no way to enjoy the park except to walk in circles for no other purpose.

I've been wanting to build a stile over it, ever since I complained about it, and they said they were afraid to leave an opening in case I got hit by a car crossing to it. I pointed out that there is a crosswalk at that corner, but they still don't trust me to exercise my own judgement. The crosswalk dead-ends at the fence! It's actually more dangerous than if the opening was there so I could step out of the street.

So, back to the border fence, I'm thinking about some way to build steps. You never know, I may be the next whisle-blower and have to get out...

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Snowden Sacrificed his life (Freedom)

Greenwald has audacity in this vid... absolutely amazing to watch THE snarky SPIGOT getting bent out of shape while Andrea Mitchell makes it clear Snowden is in an AUTHORITARIAN REGIME, Much worse than America, while The Spigot gets all bent out of shape defending Russia. And then Mitchell asked THE SPIGOT about the lack of "gay" rights in Russia.. and Greenwald is like, "Well it's bad, but America is worse"..

I can't believe he actually said that Snowden knew what he was doing and SACRIFED HIS FREEDOM.

Snowden was duped

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Greenwald, Probably Simply Showing Commonalities to Make a Point

That's my impression.

I think Andrea Mitchell made some good points

by asking some good questions, and Greedwald become hostile and defensive attacking her.. and she clearred that up... so My feeling about it.. it's NOT going good for Snowden or Greenwald.

Snowden has lost his freedom and Greenwald's 15 minutes are about up and where's this going? UN treaties with the USA.. Goodbye Uncle Sam, we hardly knew yah Hello, Atlas AUTHORITY

With all of the outrageous

With all of the outrageous violatoons of our Constitution, u look silly judging Russia.

I don't agree

Why not move to Russia then?

This obviously won't change your mind

But for others who don't double speak, here is a point of view that I actually share:


You sound like a typical Neo-con!

I've been to Russia, and though they may have there issues, they are certainly more free than we are in many ways. So, just stop with this "why don't you move to Russia" nonsense. By the way, it's too bad negative votes isn't money, you would be rich. lol

How were

you ever able to find and then accept the message of Ron Paul? How?

What's more important is HOW did you miss it?

I was a one issue voter. In the 70s I was influenced by NORML ads in my Dad's Playboy magazines. He was an Ayn Rand fan.. so joining the Libertarian Party was a natural.. but as the years panned out, and great libertarians were being silenced by the Pundants (Lew Rockwell) and then GOP, like Ron Paul who I did not support for the nomination, but wound up voting for being no choice given the Dem and Repe candidates.. I had enough by 1992 election, met Ralph Nader (Arab decent Lebbanese) and I joined Ralph Nader's raiders..
Also I had done a lot of activist work, especially as a conservationist, not an environmentalist.. beach clean ups/monitoring, won a case I made against multible CA state departments and corporations in CA for ocean pollution, they awarded me signs "leads to ocean" for storm drains (BS!)

.. I had no idea I could have offered a solution, so I sought a solution, found Industrial hemp.. joined with Jack Herer (Libertarian) but I remained Decline to state party, from 1993 until 2011.. I worked with Nader to open debates and ballots to third parties. we lost dozens of law suits in dozen of states (NO INDY will ever get to debate).. but still, my main issue was industrial hemp.. so when Ron Paul came around in 07, and he was hemp friendly.. I met him, beggged him to go Indy, he refused.

I wrote him in 08.. and then when he announced his presidential bid in 2011, I bit the bullet, joined the GOP (as he asked all of us), petitioned, qualified and was elected to a committee seat (which he asked all of us), became a national delegate (as he asked all of us), and when CA lost (stolen election to Romney), and then Rand endorced Romney, I gave Ronmey my vote to keep my seat.. had Ron Paul supporters appointed to the committee, now we have a liberty committee, and while we don't agree to all the issues.. FREEDOM IS POPULAR, and freedom of speach is part of that.

Rand is for industrail hemp and has done more than anyone about it on a national level, so I'm very happy with Rand.. while DP is not for Rand, I've been here longer then you and have done more than you and most posters here.. have posted nearly everyday.. and explained my position. I'm an open book.

Now I'm a Zionist Neocon.. only because terms changed, not my heart. Been into conspiracy way before Al Gore invented the net (911 is one of the worse conspiraceis ever) I definately see a dumbing down, to corrersion fwith passive aggressive attitude where today, I'd say FREEDOM is not very popular on DP.. people now don't want others to think for themselves but we are all supposed to be clones and say simular things.. and to me.. that's not libertarian, not conservative, not what Ron Paul stood for, which in 2012 was RESTORING THE RESPUBLIC.. Ron has moved on, established a new business.. how many here even belong to his business? two?

What I see now is a bunch of disenfrancized Obama socialists who like to chime with Ron Paul, but they didn't become Republican, didn't become delegates, don't go to his institution.. and they cheer a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.

Snowden is buried in Russia, The SPIGOT talks crap and people cheer.

When Ron Paul says Obama should thank Snowden, he's talking to Obama the man, who made a campaign saying he would be transparent.. but the collectivists who came here from Huffpost and Alternet and Slate, NEVER got Ron Paul's message. Bastardize it to suit their own agenda.

So how did you come to Ron Paul and not join the GOP, not become a delegate, and twist his words to suit a globalist agenda?

I am a delegate. If snowden

I am a delegate.

If snowden is not a hero for exposing this horseshit then what is he?

If Greenwald is not an articulate and effective mouth piece for this abhorrent abuse of the constitution then what is he? Just another fag?

I don't know Greenwald's or your opinion of Russia's "gay rights" have anything to do with the discussion at hand other than serve as a distraction. Snowden is not gay and he's in Russia while I have heard Greenwald is gay, but he's not in Russia. I'd say the circumstances are mutually exclusive at this point.

What does having to be a delegate have to do with Snowden?

Being you are a delegate, I assume, because I don't KNOW, that you became a delegate because Ron Paul asked you.. now maybe you were in the GOP already.. I don't KNOW. But if you were like me and became a delegate because Ron paul asked you, then you KNOW, that MSM censpred Ron Paul, censored what was happening.. you KNOW MSM shows us ONLY WHAT THEY WANT US TO KNOW. Correct?

Based on this alone.. we only KNOW what MSM wants us to KNOW. Why would MSM want us to KNOW about Snowden? (the little we do KNOW, and that's NOT much!)

If you have been on DP for any length of time, you have witnessed many posts WARNING YOU about spying. Now maybe they didn't say NSA.. ok.. fair enoigh, though NSA has been around for decades and MORPHED (<- important to understand that NSA changes with the times), posts have been made about Google, Ebay, Tweet, MySpace, Facebook.. how may here do NOT have a facebook account for this reason? GPS, cell phones.. if you are a DP member for any amount of time to THINK that you are not being tracked, that DP isn't being read/watched by NSA (FOSA or whatever.. all we hear about who is "on the list" RON PAUL SUPPORTERS, Tea Party, Oath Keeprs.... So is this really NEW to anyone here?

OK.. some say. well no Granger, it's not new but NOW it is CONFIRMED. OK.. are you going to do anything different? Going to leave DP? NO.

So how does any of this add up to Snowden being a hero?

Now the masses KNOW.

Uh huh. And so what's the big deal about the masses knowing? Will the masses stop ebay, google, tweeting... NO

So why is snowden a hero?

I think he meant well. I really do. But I also think he was misled.. I don't think this was his original idea. Why would he choose Greenwald? Why not Ron Paul? Why not Rand or Wyden or The Judge or Ben Swann or Glenn Beck?

I don't recall any posted articvle about Greenwald.. I'm sure there was a few about his lame counter points FOR Ron paul in teh liberal rag Salon.. but Greenwald wasn't flying any blimps for Ron Paul.

Greenwald's sexual orientation really is nothing I care about.. what Andrea Mitchell brought up is that Greenwald would NOT BE FREE in Russia for his sexual orientation. Why is he supporting Russia when Russia would NOT support him?

And what's really bad about this interveiw IMO is how Greenwald says Snowden KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING and SACRIFIED HIS LIFE (Fredom).

It reminds me of the corporate contract.. A bad deal that they say, "You do understand?" When your mind is focus on what GOOD is to happen, not what bad.

I think Snowden is in a BAD place in Russia. He is NOT free. I don't believe life is good AT ALL for him, and Greenwald is VERY defensive, scared to come to the USA (he lives in Rio because he hates the USA).. and I think his personal life is sucking, because MSM TELLS US WHAT THEY WANT US TO KNOW.

This has been a MSM event from the get go.. it has taken our eyes off what's happening.. Obama is signing treaties with the UN to take our rights away http://www.conservativeactionalerts.com/2013/07/obama-to-sig...

I volunteered I followed

I volunteered I followed direction and I became a delegate because of that. You brought it up like it afforded some sort of street cred.

In regards to greenwald I could care less of his motivations, contrived or actual. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Snowden should come home?!? He would really be free then? "NO!" So you agree with the charges against him?

As far as being monitored goes shall I stop communicating because I'm probably being watched? You go first.... Will the masses stop communicating and commercing? Well the question is obviously rhetorical, but it doesn't mean that they are not pissed.

What you know and what I may know is not what joe public knows, so I'm greatful for the conversation being pushed mainstream. I'm greatful the senators and congressmen who claim to have known about this, but were gagged by secrecy can now begin to fight it even if there is an uphill battle.

The mainstream media televises this story because they attempt to control the dialogue, and they have to talk to Greenwald because he broke the story, and he does superb job in my opinion of poking numerous holes in their "surrender liberty for safety" propaganda.

It's not secret creed

It's what you had to do if you really wanted Ron Paul to win the nomination, and apprently many here who bleet Ron Paul didn't want him to win the nomination so they didn't even try to become delegates.

You could careless about his motivations? Do you care about anyone's motivations? Why?

What makes you think he is free in Russia? Sitting in an airport for over a month is being free to you? He knows he broke the law, so yes, I agree with the charges against him. I also think if he were here, because what he did best was proove Obama is a liar, that Americans would back him and he would be pardoned and the real criminals would face charges.

I'm not worried about NSA spying. To me, NSA spying is not a big deal. Obama lying about it is a BIG deal.

MSM does control the dialogue. That's a fact.

Snowden should return to the states, accept the charges against him and find the American people are on his side and there to help him.

You are right Granger.

I'll bet Edward Snowden absolutely hates what Greenwald has been doing.

I don't think he knows that much about it

I think since he landed in Russia his life is hell.

But cheer that. I see how you like your heros treated and THANK GOD I'm not a hero to you!!!


His life is hell? You know this how? I'm sure he isn't having a party, but to say that he doesn't know what Greenwald is doing cause life is hell for him, is a rediculous statement.