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Have the Patriots Become Their Own Worst Enemies More Than the New World Order?

Please Read the Blog. I had an epiphany of the whole movement and what is holding us back from victory. SO tell me. Have we become our own worse enemies more than the globalist because in many ways we help them more then hurt them without even knowing it. Tell me what you think?

read the blog clicking link below to read:

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First and Foremost

Personal liberty is about being able to pursue your own happiness and serve others without interference from the state. That is the essence of life!

For decades, the Japanese empire invested itself in fortifying many of the home islands such as Iwo Jima and Okinawa. The elaborate cave networks and forts created positions that were almost impregnable. In the end, they were routed and killed in those forts.

Prior to the outbreak of WW2, the French invested themselves in the massively expensive series of border forts called the Maginot Line. The forts didn't stop the Germans from taking over France. They mostly went around them.

The bunker mentality is doomed. The only way to preserve liberty is through community. One person alone may act as a leader, an example, a muse... but in the end it takes the many to prevail.

Go out and socialize and live your life and try to be a leader, a good example, and a muse to people you meet and build your defenses through social credit with others! This is the free market way. The bunker mentality is incompatible for it represents autarky. While self-sufficiency is great and pro-social, autarky is antisocial and doomed to failure.


Everyone should take the time out to read your link.


Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

this is a great article/blog post

I think you should change the title of this thread to something less venomous but a great post which I agree with.


reminded me of years ago when folks were buying 50# bags of rice.. I thought, "man that rice must be getting stale".. and was told, "well you can put it in smaller bags a freeeze it"...

freezing it take a lot fo energy and you have to have a grid up.. but swwwoooooooooooch over the heads!

This statement: "We deny ourselves the victory because we live with an attitude of defeat before the battle starts."

This is very true and it's very OBVIOUS by a vast majority here who are in DEEP denile, use petty tyrant arguments, none well thought out.. chime in with a great need to FEEL they belong. So yes.. they are not independent enough in thinking or action and have NO idea what victory looks like except at thos point, exactly the opposite of what Ron Paul was running for president RESTORE THE REPUBLIC BECAUSE FREEDOM IS POPULAR, it's become, KILL THE REPUBLIC because freedom is popular..

I also think it's because they don't have farms, have no clue what the hell they are up against.. don't understand freedom is not free.

Cause and effect

The information was not the cause.

so to speak