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What Gets me about Cenk (Young Turks), and other liberals is...

What Gets me about Cenk (Young Turks), and other liberals is...

They know this fascist NSA spying on all of us by our government on the one hand, yet they want us to send still MORE money (taxes) to the government.

They know that Corporate Capture of the Regulators is everywhere and Corporatism is rife, yet they want us to send still MORE money (taxes) to the government.

They know that the government is fully militarized, that America is now an imperialist empire with bases in nearly every country on the planet, yet they want us to send still MORE money (taxes) to the government.

They know that the government is attacking individual inside of States that have legalized marijuana, yet they want us to send still MORE money (taxes) to the government.

They are angry that Gitmo is not closed, that Bradley Manning is imprisoned, that Julian Assange in Embassy lock-down, the Patriot Act has been resigned, and they see dozens upon dozens of horrible things by the government, and yet they want us to send still MORE money (taxes) to the government.

They themselves put out study after study showing that "government isn't working", that the poor are not being helped by their government (the way they intended), that the government is riddled with financial fraud, that good government programs don't get funded (enough) and the bad programs are bursting at the seams with money, yet they want us to send still MORE money (taxes) to the government.

These liberals see that year after year, where they want the government helping the people, the people get no help (or much too little of it) and instead, the Corpocracy gets all the regulatory bennies and welfare "stimulus money", yet they want us to send still MORE money (taxes) to the government.

Is this like "battered-wife syndrome" or something?

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Yes... it's called cognitive

Yes... it's called cognitive dissonance.

My liberal friends believe in "good" Power

My liberal friends believe a centralized Power structure can be created to do 'good' things and be prohibited from doing 'bad' things. They do not accept the axiom that Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

They actively pursue the Holy Grail of "good" government. They have child-like faith that it exists and that they will find it.

In my discussions with them, I try to connect the creation of a large, powerful, servant government with its' inevitable morphing into a large, powerful, control freak government.


Secretly, I think many don't want to let go of the idea that if for some reason they found themselves in charge they'd be capable of wielding the coercive nature of government for the greater good. It's almost like lord of the rings.

They know the National Debt

IS a false debt ginned up from a computer over in the private ROTHSCHILD Federal Reserve Central bank. They know that if money can be created at a keyboard out of thin air it dont need to be no national debt.

They know that tax is a euphemism for immoral extorted theft.

They know that extortion and theft when the theif dont need money because they can digitiz up unlimited amounts any time they like, the theft is just to see who will be good sheep and who needs to be slaughtered.

A False debt used to enslave humanity.

Starve the beasts. Engaged in a leaderless individual revolt with enlightened disengagement as the primary weapon, No is my final answer.



How about yourself or someone else get a list of these queries and interview him on it.

It would help everyone better understand the divide.

Common Sense

I also ponder these very questions daily. I've come to the conclusion that their faux "education" makes them extremely dangerous. They fancy themselves much brighter than the average conservative, yet they have no common sense to speak of.

It is a bit stupid.

I've argued with liberals before using this very point.

They know that everything they hate runs on taxes but they want to give them more. I've asked them, "wouldn't you rather just take the amount of money you hand over to the government and hand it directly to a struggling minority family or individual?" and they have no rational response.

Assuming, as they do, that only liberals care enough to help, that's a huge % of what would be tax money—spent on stuff they hate—going directly where they want it to, and would amount to much more money going to these people than it is currently, where everyone, even stingy conservatives, are paying.

1) Start an organization called "Charitable Liberals".
2) Allow anyone to join and allow the poor to register.
3) Assign a family or person to each Charitable Liberal member.
4) Give directly to that family or person.
5) Rinse and repeat.

Even if liberals were the only ones giving, FAR more money would reach the needy and there'd be FAR less collateral damage (aka murdered innocents) this way. But everyone knows that it wouldn't be all or only liberals giving, which means FAR FAR more money going to the needy.

But they'd much rather fund the war machine and buy multiple homes for criminal politicians with the bulk of their labor.

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em

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They are slow learners.

Your steps #1 to #5 (reserve: excluding #3, if not done by the principal interested) are nothing but "voluntary charity".

It's been around for thousands years, at the level of family cells, relatives, and self-conscious peaceful communities of people willing to help each other during hardship, be the latter natural or not.

This also relates to that otherwise easy-to-grasp, not-so-abstract concept, called "human compassion". Observably, usually accessible to the 3 or so year-old, at the latest, and on average (to start with the feeling, anyway).

Because no more than they are born perfect angels, humans are not born, either, to live at the antipodes of society.

But, socialism-friendly liberals don't want to hear about that.

They want "force" instead. "Laws". "Plans".

They want "force" to allow themselves to take whatever they deem necessary from whomever, for how long, and for whatever plans they dream of, and for the entire society.

You know, the society they want to deem "fair".

They probably think they are the chosen angels to care for all of mankind. Who knows.

Anyhow, Good luck with them.

Read: be patient. Very patient. Before they understand(**) it only leads to injustice, absurdities, and atrocities, sooner or later, unavoidably.

They are slow learners.

Sooo very very very very slow...

Are they not :



(**) Frederic Bastiat, on "intermediates"

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius