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A Plan to Save America with 21 Congressional Races in 2014

The House Intelligence Committee which oversees the NSA consists of the most extreme right-wingers in both parties. They see nothing wrong with the status quo or anything the NSA is doing. This gives us a small focused list of races to concentrate on, in making sure not one of them is re-elected.

The shock wave of such a clean sweep of an entire committee will send the message to Congress that the people have awakened, and they may be next. Let the NSA issue be the speartip of the Second American Revolution. The Founders put every one of these rascals up for re-election every two years for a reason. They already knew their type.

That was the Founders gift to us. Let's Use It!

Now, who has opponents so far?


Mike Rogers, Michigan, Chair
Mac Thornberry, Texas
Jeff Miller, Florida
Mike Conaway, Texas
Peter King, New York
Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey
Devin Nunes, California
Lynn Westmoreland, Georgia
Michele Bachmann, Minnesota
Tom Rooney, Florida
Joe Heck, Nevada
Mike Pompeo, Kansas


Dutch Ruppersberger, Maryland, Ranking Member
Mike Thompson, California
Jan Schakowsky, Illinois
James Langevin, Rhode Island
Adam Schiff, California
Luis Gutiérrez, Illinois
Ed Pastor, Arizona
Jim Himes, Connecticut
Terri Sewell, Alabama

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I would love to see Conservative Liberty defeat PA Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly is bad, but so far nobody is stepping to the plate. If there are lurkers here in the know, please tell me so that I can assist.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Opponent for Mac Thornberry - Elaine Hays

I see two opponents for Mac Thornberry so far, Elaine Hays, and Pam Barlow. I voted for Pam Barlow in the last primary, but honestly, I think I like Elaine Hays at this point. Elaine Hays is a mother, author, Financial Planner, does volunteer work, has a concealed carry permit, and when growing up, worked on her grandparent's cattle ranch. From what I can see, she appears to be the real deal. If anyone knows differently, please say so.

I called Mac Thornberry's office a few hours before the NSA vote, urging one of his staffers to ask him to oppose the continued collection of private data by the NSA (to vote FOR the Amash amendment). She said she wasn't aware of what they were voting on, or how he was voting. She made sure to get my name and address. I was pretty mad when he voted "No", but not really surprised.

A few days later, I received one of those patronizing, form letters the staffers send, to attempt to make us feel like they care ( a predictable bunch of double-talk that didn't even address his vote). I plan to send a response, along with a copy of his letter, and cc the office of Elaine Hays as well.

One thing about that NSA vote--it put more spotlight on the traitors. They can lie and squirm, and try to defend the indefensible, but those republican (and democrat) votes speak for themselves.



NOTE: In my original post, I got confused, because I actually asked on the call that Congressman Thornberry vote for the Amash amendment, but in my mind, I was asking him to vote against the continued collection of all of our private data by the NSA. I incorrectly stated, in my original post, that I urged him to vote no; I did not, I urged his office to ask him to vote FOR the amendment. Sorry about that. At the time of the call, I had just read up on it, and I do know I asked him to support the Amash amendment. I have amended my post to correct this.

We should really promote the

We should really promote the importance of the primary election. This is the easiest time to fire pig politicians.

Every primary vote counts as equivalent to 3 votes in the general election.

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to get the details you are looking for.

Tu ne cede malis.

Candidates for Liberty Webpage:

2016 Liberty Candidate Thread:

There Is No Left Or Right Anymore, Only Tyranny and Freedom

Heck opponent: ‘I would have voted in favor’ of defunding NSA’s data collection
By Andrew Doughman (contact)Monday, July 29, 2013 - Erin Bilbray
Democrat Bilbray-Kohn announces candidacy against Heck
Rep. Heck’s House seat among those poised for a fight in ‘14
More political news
Democratic congressional candidate Erin Bilbray said Monday she would have voted to defund the National Security Agency’s collection of phone data of millions of Americans...

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

Bilbray vs. Heck race heating up

In a blistering email barrage, the state Democratic Party has made Heck a whipping boy. The race promises to be one of the most watched and most contentious in the country.


Bilbray makes NSA a key issue, she wins. Would still like to she a liberty primary challenge to Heck over NSA.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

incomplete list

You have to include Lamar Smith (Tx) and Michael McCaul (Tx). Don't forget members of the drone caucus.

Great idea

Bachman isn't running again is she?

Rep. Bachmann has already announced...

... that she will not run again in 2014. She is unlikely to reconsider, because she has now become subject to a House ethics investigation. This will be an open seat; does Kurt Bills (the 2012 GOP Senate nominee, and a Liberty Movement candidate) live in that district?

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Perfect! Whoever announces, we need to be all over them

from day one about NSA, so it becomes THE campaign issue. Same with the rest of them. I'm sure many people in their district don't even know about their pro-NSA positions, we need to flush them out with letters to the editors of their local papers and blogs. This might even jar someone into challenging them.

Release the Sandy Hook video.