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For The Holocaust Deniers an Alfred Hitchcock Documentary

Since my discovery of what really is Israel, several posters here have been presenting me with links that deny the holocaust. They claim that the holocaust never happened. The holocaust was just some Jewish hoax to gain sympathy and detract from the real truth, the, "illegal occupation, and brutal regime of the Godless Jews, who don't deserve a place on Earth. If there was a holocaust, the Jews deserve it, because the Jews control banking, and media, and everything that is WRONG with this world can be attributed to Jews."


I present here, Part one of a documentary filmed by Albert Hitchcock.

It is not for the weak stomach, heart or mind, I warn you:

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The 6 Million myth

The six million Holocaust number has been used over and over again since the 1800's. I don't know what is so significant about the six million number that is so import for the Zionist who are propagating this number. Personally, I don't swallow the myth. I believe that there have been many atrocities committed by evil people since the dawn of man. But personally, I am very tired of the antisemitism/Holocaust/six-million card being played every time any light is shed on the evil activities of Zionists. As soon as that card is played, everyone becomes petrified and will not say another word. Just scan this page and see how this six million lie has been around for a very long time. BTW: I am not anti Jew or a hater of any kind. I am a truth lover.

The 6 Million myth: http://bit.ly/1aQSbEI

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau

The significance of the six million number.

Six million is 6X10 raised to the 6th power. 6,000,000. The digits some to six. There is a branch of Jewish mysticism that is called gematria. It is based on the belief that there is a significance to the numeric value of a word. For instance, the deeper meaning of any word or phrase that sums to the same number makes that word or phrase have the same meaning; dog and god would sum to the same number because they are composed of the same letters.

So, why six? As you know the number six has a special significance for Jews and Zionism. The symbol of the Jews and Zionism is the star of David which has six points.

I once asked some Jews what the numerical significance of six was since they seem very superstitious when it comes to numbers. They believe there is supernatural powers in them. Numbers are used with hidden meanings all through the Bible. They answered six is the number of man. This makes sense. In the book of Genesis God creates the world in six days and creates man in his image on the sixth day. In various schools of numerology, six is considered a perfect number. God is perfect; man was created on the perfect day.

It is quite common that tribal people believe members of their tribe are the only true people. The rest are less than human.

I once talked with a woman who traced here ancestry to the Winnebago Indian tribe in Iowa. She told me her research told her the Winnebago used to follow another Indian tribe around (The name of that tribe escapes me.) She said the other tribe was vegetarian and the Winnebago used to kill them and eat them.

I commented that I had read about cannibalism among the Native Americans. Her response was it was not cannibalism because the people of the eaten tribe were not humans.

Some Jews have a similar attitude. I have read a lot of Holocaust literature and one common claim is that Hitler killed six million Jews and five million Gentiles. This, I think, is supposed make Gentiles have common cause with Jews with regard to Nazi Germany.

However, it is also an insult; On the fifth day God created the animals. Jews, who understand the number symbolism, get the joke.

The number six reappears over and over in the Holocaust mythology. There were six Nazi extermination camps. It lasted for six years. Using a gematriac system of replacing letters with their numeric position on the alphabet shows the sum of the letters of both the words "holocaust" and "shoah" is six.

The number six million is symbolic for the Jews. That is why it is used.

The old Hitchcock atrocity film has been known about for decades and uses British footage of Bergen Belsen and other Nazi concentration camps captured by their army at the end of the war.

The footage, of course, is taken out of context.

FDR had declared that only unconditional surrender would be accepted. This put Germany in the position where it would fight as long as possible. What the atrocity footage shows is what happens when a country fights to exhaustion. As the German army retreated, inmates at the labor camps were evacuated to other camps. The shrinking number of camps got a growing number of inmates. Bergen
Belsen was designated by the Nazis as a sick camp because it had hospital facilities there. The Nazis sent sick prisoners there. An outbreak of disease in the final weeks of the war produced what the British filmed.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson

What would have been interesting in your link

is if the quotes from the Talmad or Bible were included, but they are not. And thus, I can not accept the hearsay. I have never read in the Bible that there needed to be six million deaths.. from my research t appears tehre were far more than 6 million.

I am NOT tired, and rather believe that it is important that it is repeated that MILLIONS of people were tortured and MURDERED, and while it is not only Jews, it appears that it is only Jews who remind us what happens when socialst governments fail and purge people as solutions.


Seems to me, you might be thinking it would be OK if it happened again? You don't have to be a Jews hater.. you could be a people in general hater, think people are disposable and the planet would be better without people.. you would not be alone, you just wouldn't be with those like me, Jew or not, NEVER AGAIN.. Seems to me, America is preparing to have it happen again, right here.

People like you are already numb.. calling it a card, as if it were a game.

Granger. I think I've just lost all respect for you.

How you came to the conclusion that I am a people hater and think that people are disposable is outrageous. The point that I was making is that the Six million number has been bandied about for a very long time before WWII and used very effectively at silencing any criticism of Zionists/Zion. You perfectly well KNOW that Zionists control EVERYTHING. The most important thing they control is money. You also know that ANYONE who cast a negative light on Zionism are utterly destroyed by the powers that be (Zionists).

Since I do not believe in deities, referencing the Talmud or Bible (written and changed by corrupted mankind many times) is not a reliable source of truthful information. They both have more to do with astrology than anything else. BTW: I am not an atheist.

You should perhaps start using your head for something other than a hat rack. You should definitely keep your judgmental opinions of me to yourself, because you could not be any more wrong.

BTW. You sure do get down voted a lot. You should take the hint that your opinions are not worth squat.

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau

Respect is earned

Respect is relevant to the situation. Gosh, not even Jesus Christ gets respect all the time from every person.

I think the number 6 million is like this magic number

Kabalistic.. it is.

My opinions may be worth squat to a vast majority here, but then it is never the vast majority that makes things happen, it is the individual, and the individual is what libertarians stand for.

Are you a libertarian or a collectivist posing as one?

"Anti-Semitism" in a nutshell

"I'm a Jew; I'm better than you.
YOU don't agree???
"ANTISEMITE," you HATE me!!!"

"You can never wear out the 'Jew card.'"
Albert Brooks, "This is 40" (2013)

Hitler wiped out a lot of people, not just Jews.
He started with the handicapped and Gypsies.
Stalin and his Jewish Bolsheviks wiped out even
more White Russians.

If it were not for Hitler and the Haavara Agreement,
there would very likely not be a modern Israel.
Unless Zionists get over themselves, Israel may
not be around much longer.

'Kissinger said Israel won't exist in 10 years'


After all, the NWO has managed to convince 40% of the world's Jewish population to live in two locations, Israel and New York City. These are tiny, densely populated areas easily within the "kill radius" of the largest thermonuclear bomb.

The Zionists sacrificed millions of observant, but anti-Zionist Jews, then exploited the deaths for their own advancement. Remember the old song, "Whatever you do comes back to you"? Well, stand by, because Kissinger's words, whether they are true or not, are very likely prophetic.

Well... You do hate Jews, don't you? You think collectively.

To just assume that Jews think they are better than everyone is just collectivist, prejudice BS! Your posts on Israel are always collectivist hate. Lots of people were killed by Hitler but only Jews were killed only because of their religion.

Then you quote Kissinger, another task-master. Like he's a real ally to liberty. You anti-Israel guys love the U.N. Just so long as they are telling Israel what to do and aiding Islam's goal of religious monopoly in the Middle East. The NWO would just love all that control.

You have no understanding of or respect for national sovereignty. You don't endorse non-intervention, you advocate the U.N. dictating Israel's domestic and foreign policy.

YOU ARE Anti-Semitic, YOU ARE Anti-Jew... It's not BS, it's the truth and you aren't even trying to hide it, just excuse it.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Anti-semitism without the shell

This isn't about semites.

No I do not agree that Jews think they are BETTER than anyone else. I know plenty of arrogant people from ALL races who KNOW they are better than anyone.. and some of them actually are smarter, faster, stronger.

I think the Anti-Semite is not the issue, I think it's Anti-Israeli and that goes for ALL the races, religions (or not) who LOVE Israel.

Yes, Hitler's Holocast wiped a lot of peole out and so did Stalin, and they did it because there was a level of HATE in their societies that enabled them. They wiped out people to make up for their FAILED SOCIALISTS SYSTEMS that could not support, nor sustain what THEY had created, so innocent people were slaughtered, and only because HATE, INDIFFERENCE, misplaced blame, vengence, perpetuated it. It wasn't just the Nazis solders or Stalins, Maos, Pol Pot's armies, but ALL the people who were afraid and wanted to cope, rather than fight the evil.

Kissinger was wrong. He should have been arrested decades ago.

If you ever come to CA, you will find many Jewish populations, and throughout America there are Jewish populations.

There are Zionists who are not religious and want a secular global government, and Zionist who are religious, and I am the latter.. it's not that I am willing armegeddon or the rapture, but it is because Israel's decision to not be globalists.. not be part of a global AUTHORITY in the UN Agenda and they have prooved they don't need a UN Agenda to do better than the UN Agenda in turning a desert green, reforesting, bringing rare life from extinction to thrive again, to protect the rights of the people. Dedstroit would not happen in Israel.

Israel is going to long live way past the Devil in Kissinger. THANK GOD!



Denial ...

... is a pathological method of coping.


Deal with it.

Dealing with it is not denying it happened

I believe it amtters a GREAT deal how many people were murdered.

There are posts made here about police brutality. A police officer shoots a dog and people are up in arms about the brutality. So imagine if you had an Army of these police come in and take your entire town. Can you imagine that? Are you going to tell me that you would feel the very same way seeing a YouTube where a police officer shoots a dog, to an army coming to your twon and systematically removing everyone, shotting those who resist right in front of you and your cell phone isn't working to record it. You would feel the same as the army shot the dogs, kicked the women and children and you know you're heding to a FEMA camp.. and you would feel the sme as watching a youtube?

Would you assume a nirvana yogi position and chant to yourself, "it's just a pathological way of coping coping cope cope"? So what are you saying, you're ready for another holocaust to happen again?

Break Free


"A Single Death is a Tragedy; a Million Deaths is a Statistic"
-- Joseph Stalin


What matters ?

For a libertarian, it calls for an individual answer.

An Individual answer by, of, and for an individual

Thus Libertaianism fails when it appeases a murdering collective.

A murder is not a suicide. A suicide is a tragedy.

Are Collectives Exceptional ?


Ugly illustrations that prove the rule:


'Never Again' is a personal commitment that only you can promise.

"...Trauma Bond: An Inquiry into the Nature of Evil shows how breaking free of the cycle of aggression and violence starts with you ..."


I believe collectives are natural

When collectives are family based they are very natural. When they are politically based, there is an agenda that can implode, as families have problems, collectives have problems, falling out, but sonmce blood is thicker than water, the family self corrects, where the political collective will break up and sometimes, even with the same same goals, come to war, as Hitler and Stalin did.

I am well aware that there are Jews who have come to believe a global government is the solution, and they attack Israel, will stand against Israel.. so let's look at what Israel represents SOVREIGN government by, of and for it's people.

What does Palestine represent.. People who are opporssed by Palestinian corrupt inept AUTHORITY, with Islam AUTHORITY and UN AUTHORITY.. blaming Israel is not a solution.

Scotland has ISSUES.. LOL

NEVER AGAIN is more than an individual committment and the holocaust does the best job representing that because of Israel's SOVREIGNITY, where one would hope that Russia and other nations, who slaughtered far more peoples don't seem to stand for NEVER again, but rather tend to continue to seek ways to salughter people through entanglements, as now, there they are arming Syria..

I like to think that violence ends with me, as I do not make threats and I do not harbor violent thoughts. Life is already harsh.

Family Dysfunction ...

... enabled to perpetuate destructive patterns. The cycle is both illustrated and depicted in the link I reference:


Consider the insights of original article which urges ending the co dependent trauma promoting bond of aggression.

I don't buy it

First, to say zionism is co-dependent trama implies that it is psychologically disfunctional. Zionism appears to serve a very functional purpose, in not only sustaining a population, but giving it the esteem to thrive. Co-dependence is unhealthy, symbiotic is natural, and I think it is rather natural for a population to strive to live. So I would find Zionism symbiotic for humanity rather than co-dependent.

Is a child co-dependent on it's mother? No. It is a natural relationship. A mother has a need to nurture and the child a need to be nurtured.

A young adult, for an example, who has addiction issues, may be co-dependent on the mother, and the relationship serves neither the parent or the child, but enables unhealthy relationship.

Zionism I believe, has developed since 1948. I believe there are many branches, and the one I like very much, is the one that sees SOVREIGNITY of a state is GOOD, healthy, necessary for human stability and advancement. Where layers of AUTHORITY that FORCE people to serve the growth of the AUTHORITY rather than a person's growth, is harmful to people, the enviroment, culture, and even psychological well being.

If it came to pass, the Earth was invaded and occupied by alien beings, perhaps then a global government would serve humanity, but until then, I believe sovreignity of states, preserving, conserving, serving the culture, language, trade are better for humanity.

Zionism therefore, serves humanity in a sybiotic way through sovreignity, where globalism is a co-dependent relationship that serves no one and enables AUTHORITY dooming humanity.

Our Enemy, The State

"[The State is not] a social institution administered in an anti-social way. It is an anti-social institution administered in the only way an anti-social institution can be administered, and by the kind of person who, in the nature of things, is best adapted to such service."

-- Albert Jay Nock


Your Enemy, the state

Not my enemy. Apathy is my enemy.


You are your own worst enemy...

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.


would you know? What would you base your discrimination, judgement and erroneous concept?



Deal with ME. *huh*

Deal with ME. *huh*

Dealing With Pathology ...

... is always about coping, isn't it, 'Tudy ?



The 'Trauma Bond' analogy holds, doesn't it?

Denial ...

... is a pathological method of coping.


Deal with it.

Granger, I amost never agree with you these days

Especially about snowden but there are other things as well

But on this I agree. I'm not going to tell other people what to think. But for me, I've done enough research to know what evil people are capable of, that they exist in this world, and many societies across the globe have at one time or another committed great atrocities. This is unfortunately a human evil that continues to be repeated throughout the centuries. We never seem to learn.

And besides I personally know twins who were experimented on by Mengele. They are no one of any special note in that I've never seen a documentary about them or a book with their names but I know them and they are real people who had real experiences.

I think denying that people really went through real evil and real pain firstly doesn't make any sense to arbitrarily call these people liars without proof and secondly underestimates the evil of the global eugenicist movement which Hitler was proud to emulate and gain advice from.

Don't you see? It is so much easier to actually kill people than to orchestrate a grand conspiracy where a million people help you lie about it.

If you are the evil dudes in charge of this grand conspiracy, why wouldn't you opt to just kill a bunch of people rather than hope that none of loads of "actors" you would have to plant would never rat you out. Dead men tell no tales you know. It's just common sense.

I have never denied that Jews were killed . . .

or that many innocent people were killed; innocent people are killed all the time.

I know people who had drug experiments (deliberate) done on them in the 50s and 60s right here in the U.S.--

and those doing the experiments were not Germans.

Yes, this is a divisive thread. I am always seeking the truth, and I find it difficult when someone throws out a number, any number--

6 million Jews

50 million Ukrainians

Who on EARTH knows exactly how many--

maybe it was 5,999,999 Jews

Maybe it was 49 million Ukrainians

I think the thing that troubles truth seekers is the non-questioning way these numbers are thrown out. I don't deny that innocents of all religions have suffered, and I want to know about it, so that I can speak out against it ever happening again--

which is why I don't like what is happening in Gaza.

I have realized that those who have an agenda always use collectives--

once a person collectivizes, truth starts to fly out the window.

The idea that "all": Name any ethnic group, any religion, any nationality--

do this or such--

is simply erroneous--

I agree there is evil. There has always been evil; it seems there always will be evil.

I can, at least, speak out against it--

when I see it. The problem is that there are those who really ARE good at covering it up.

I once spoke with a young man (younger than I) who grew up in Germany. He asked his parents about this, and they said, "we had NO idea any of this was going on. We were just trying to survive in a chaotic world, and we had no idea that the Jews were going through anything like this."

That's not hate; that's ignorance. There are many things, probably in my own community, that I don't know that are going on that are evil--

will I be held accountable for not being able to see through walls?

I don't think so--

but IF I find out something evil is happening I don't have to contribute to it--

I can speak out against it--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

LittleWing's picture

Hi 1988, a few links for you

Your comment strikes to the heart of the matter. It's time to end the vicious cycle of violent aggression.



If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

I've been looking at that--

the problem is that I get angry and yell when I am faced with tyranny--


Must stop that--

I went to amazon to look at the book; there is only one review--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

TY Thimbleberry

You know I don't make posts simply to have people agree with me.

I was looking at some files on my desktop and one of them was from the late Richard Gilbert, a threatening letter he wrote me where he was predicting what was going to happen to "traitors" like me.

If you recall, many people here backed Gilbert, and very few of us (for I backed Gilbert before I didn't) called Gilbert a con artist. Not one of Gilbert's threats ever happened, nor did any of his promises. So, just because a majority may feel some way on the DP, some are quiet, they want to get along.. but I'm not going to be quite when I disagree.. and as theis Snowden episode continues, I'm being told, he's a hero because now people know. Well MSM put him up, Greenwald admitted Snowden was a sacrifice, because they want people to know.. it's not what people know, it's what they do with it. And what are we doing with what we now know? Congress just passed the stay the course. Snowden might as well be in a Siberian prison camp for all we know, and Greenwald has become a snarling snark, defensive, afraid.. I doubt he'll ever come back to America.

I appreciate your response.. I think it's important to stand for what we believe, especially on issues that are like golden geese, the ability to affect us in the future. If Detroit was in Israel it would be THRIVING. We need to stop the hate. That is the irony of the whole thing.. those who HATE Israel do so in the name of love, and don't help one Palestinian, don't question Palestinian Authorty, but attack with HATE Israel and those who LOVE Israel.