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Think about your last encounter with a cop...were you happy to see them?

There are times when you might be happy to see a cop, such as if you come home to find you were burgled and a detective shows up to investigate. Then there are times when you have an encounter with a cop and wish the encounter didn't happen. Those would be times such as being pulled over because you didn't get the government's permission to drive on roads you paid for in a car you own and the cop is giving you a no registration ticket.

So lets hear it, were you happy to see the cop at your last encounter with a cop? How about the last three times?

This non-scientific poll is just to gauge whether cops are more of pain in our backsides versus being the helpful hero they are made out to be.

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I Have a Good Story

Two years ago, in the middle of winter, I accidentally ran out of gas driving home. It was below zero outside, and I was several miles from any gas station. My car was parked on the shoulder of the highway with the emergency blinkers flashing. I'll never forget, seeing a police cruiser speed by. My eyesight is not great, but from memory, I could make out the slogan on the side of the car "to serve and protect". He didn't stop. I wondered to myself, "who do these public servants actually serve"?

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Man, that's a harsh one !

Man, that's a harsh one !

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Well, people like me in the society, are a problem for cops.

Well, people like me in the society, are a problem for cops.

I mean... for their very purpose. You don't want too many people like me, if you're into pushing the idea of hiring more cops. (The "you" is rhetorical)

My last, and first in a 43 year lifetime, encounter with two cops, was 3 weeks ago.

They came 5 minutes after the 911 call from my neighbor's wife, after I got mugged and it was over already. They had to take my statement, of course. The cop who took my statement was politely compassionate, patient in pointing me the details he needed to know from me about the attack and thugs. Also gave me a few no non-sense tips, that I saw confirmed later here, on the DP. I sure can't complain about him, anyway.

I was fine enough, miraculously unhurt, thanks to that same neighbor who probably saved my life that night.

Too bad they're so seldom times around you, the cops, when you so wish they would be !

Ah well.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I cant remember when

a cop helped me in a situation.

I actually, think "all things considered" they should be eliminated unless the area they are patrolling is crime riddled.

oh, and most of them are not good.

Maybe 40 years ago, but not in recent times.

Jackson County Georgia

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Hell no. When the hell does anyone call the cops when they are happy? Every encounter makes me suspicious. Police have the power to put me in jail. That in itself is intimidating. Jail sucks. Its embarrassing. Its a wicked process where the table is always tilted toward the accuser.

I know cops. A majority are good people. Honest. There are assholes in any organization. If you asked the average cop why they joined law enforcement it is because they want to be the good guys. Law enforcement must follow the laws we write. We cannot blame them for enforcing bad laws. It is their damn job!!

Our policies are driving the attitude. If we simply ended the drug war and only went after crooks that were hurting other people, law enforcement would be championed once again.

The drug war is destroying our morality. The foreign wars are destroying our rights at home.

It is the principle that is right and policy that is wrong.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Enforcing bad laws

"We cannot blame them for enforcing bad laws. It is their damn job!!"

Prior to having their civil rights recognized, black people were arrested for using the WHITES ONLY drinking fountains, bathrooms, restaurants, etc. Rosa Parks was arrested for sitting in the front of the bus. Despite the fact that all these bad laws existed, a cop who is well-grounded in his sense of morality and protection of the rights of ALL people could have refused to enforce such laws. Then again, it's their "damn job".

It's the TSA's "damn job" to feel around your nut sack, your breasts, fondle your children, etc.

It was just some Nazi soldiers "damn job" to put Jews on to cattle cars and eventually into mass extermination.

When people accept that it is ok for people to behave immorally and abuse other people's human rights simply because it's their "damn job" then we have become accessories to such heinous acts.



No, no and no. In my opinion most cops are bastards.

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Some stuff happened with a [now former] roommate.

Let's just say that he lost some marbles. Long story short, my apartment's management office has barred him from the property. When I spoke with management myself, they asked me if I wanted them to call the cops, to which I answered, "No, I can handle the situation. His grandmother is on the way to remove him from the area." They kindly agreed and I kept him inside until he could leave.

After he is picked up and gone, 30 minutes had passed when I heard a knocking on the door. I look through the peep-hole and there is an Officer outside. I open the door, step outside and close the door behind me. At this point I was irritated, because I was under the impression that LE were not going to be involved.

At first this guy seems like a decent guy. He asks me for my ID, to which I tell him, "I don't have that on me, since I'm not operating a motor vehicle. My name is Mike Lee and my date of birth is..." Then the conversation goes south. He begins to question me on my roommate but I am refusing to answer any questions. I didn't call him and I never wanted him there. He begins to question ME like I'M the criminal, "That's really wierd that you don't want to talk to me or answer my questions. Do you have any warrants or something?"

I replied, "I have given you my name and date of birth. What more do you want? I never called you and I don't want you here. I assure you that I am the primary resident here and I have taken care of the situation. I am reserving my right to not answer your questions."

At this point the officer is getting frustrated and begins making empty threats of "arresting me for obstruction" and that my "constitutional rights are not valid here."

I stand my ground, and continue refusing to answer anymore questions. His empty threats weren't intimidating me, so after a few minutes he says, "Ok, well I'm going to talk to your leasing office now, do you have any questions for me?"

"No I don't. Please leave."

While he is over at my leasing office, a second patrol drives up and goes into the office with the other officer. I'm sitting on my porch watching them, to ensure they don't try and harass me again. When they get done in the office, they step outside and notice me sitting on my porch. They both enter their vehicles and just sat there for 30 minutes watching me, until I finally said "Eff it" and went inside. Then they left...

NO. I was NOT happy to see them.

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters



Feel better?


My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

Just got

pulled over tonight actually.
Completely forgot to renew my plates.
Is it a coincidence their lights are red, white, and blue?
Needless to say I'm beyond irate with the extortionist legal system in this country.

It would be very interesting

It would be very interesting to learn if there is a proven scientific basis for coloring the lights in that way. Or maybe it's simply to create a subconscious association with the "patriotism" represented by those colors.


There is...

Not saying I know what it is but it has something to do with subconscious auto-responses. We are literally programmed to react to certain stimuli. Flashing lights ads to the 'alarm'/ fear response, and confusion responses.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

"Is it a coincidence their

"Is it a coincidence their lights are red, white, and blue?"


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I pulled up behind a county officer with a cracked windshield

I unintentionally followed him a good ways and I know he saw the crack in the windshield. He kindly looked the other way and didn't give me the ticket.

I think there are more good cops than bad cops. Cop stories are like gun stories, you always hear the horror stories like corrupt cops, police brutality, and mass murders but rarely hear when cops/guns save innocent lives and stop real crimes.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

You're right that there are

You're right that there are more good cops than bad cops. What gives the good cops a bad name is that they stand by and do nothing to rid their departments of the bad cops.

I have a friend who is a cop, he told me some years ago about a bad cop in his department. Said that everyone knew the guy was bad and should not be a cop. Not one of them, not even my friend, did a thing about it for several years while this cop tormented the neighborhood. You know, the old 'brothers in arms' excuse for not taking their jobs seriously when it came to one of their own. Finally, that cop was witnessed assaulting someone who was already subdued. He was convicted & got a few years in prison for what he did.

Another example is that subway shooting a few years ago in California where the cop shot the teenager in the back & killed him. The kid/guy was subdued, hands behind his back and another cop had his knee on the guy's neck. The cop simply pulled his gun out and killed the kid. All the cops standing around looked at him for a second, but didn't really react despite the fact that they just witnessed a murder. There's no way not a single one of those cops did not realize it was murder. But rather than disarming & taking the obviously mental cop into custody, they instead tried to confiscate any evidence of what happened by confiscating cell phone cameras. We probably would have never known about that crime nor would the officer had served time, if not for the two citizens who got their videos out to the public via the Internet. Oh, I suppose now would be a good time to mention that not too long after a number of states began making it illegal to video record cops. Go figure.


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how fair

or correct could a post like this be?
it isn't like there are millions who come here
or even thousands,so just how many people will
"vote" one way or the other?

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

On an annual basis there are

On an annual basis there are probably more than a few million visitors to the site. Maybe Mike will chime in about it.


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annually maybe

but my point was,it won't be a fair "poll"
and them millions will not see this post,well
maybe not

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

My last encounter with a cop

I went to the police stattion and asked about updating my records because being a volunteer, I am registered with the police to work with the public, especially children. They were very kind to me.

I am really blessed to have a great police chief, department, and I LOVE my Sheriff and his deputies, and staff. We have first rate first responders here. Great people. GOOD people. Really GOOD people.


Hmmmmm.....let me see....