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The Snowden Conversation

Today I was visiting a new College I recently got accepted to. I got hungry and decided to visit the food court.

I was waiting in line for some Thai Food & noticed 4 people talking about the NSA. These are all college kids who are religious.
(Liberty University)

I got my food and decided to sit at a table next to them. I was with a friend of mine and my cousin. I overheard the conversation and it sounded like three of them were teaming up on the kid who thought the NSA was bad news. All 4 of them were male. I jumped in the conversation and said,

"Sorry to eavesdrop but what do you guys think about Snowden?

The man in the blue shirt said "Honestly, I think he did nothing good for this Country"

I was shocked and said - What did he do wrong? Expose what our own Government is doing wrong" So if you were a cop and one of your swat team members was going against the law; you wouldn't let the boss know?" You wouldn't expose him?

The kid that was getting teamed up on agreed and was excited finally someone was sticking up for him.

I even added and said - What if I was peeking through your window all night and day. Would you feel comfortable?

They all said No.

"Well then why is right for them to spy on us 24-7 then? Did they prevent the Boston Bombing? 9/11? Batman Shooting? Sandy Hook? Etc?"

One said, but if we got nothing to hide then what is the problem?

I said the problem is they are looking through my window. That is my problem. I never committed a crime. I didn't fly the plane through the towers. So why are they treating me like the bad guy?

They all laughed and seemed to agree.

I wasn't done though. I even added what Ron Paul said last night.
I asked them, what is the penalty for going against the Constitution? People like to say Snowden is committing treason but what about the Politicians in office today committing treason every day?

The kid in the blue shirt said - Darn. You are real good at convincing others huh?

I then said, not really. It is all common sense. If only we all would just use it.

I then handed them out some CDs which had a compilation of videos I think are great to watch. I also carry cds with me in my backpack of informative stuff!! Mostly Ron Paul videos but I have others.

One of the kids said, what are you a Ron Paul guy?

I said Of course. Who wouldn't be? He speaks commons sense.

They all told me how they like Rand Paul a lot but didn't vote for Ron Paul in 2012.

I told them all to sick with Rand to the very end because he is going to need us.

It was a long conversation, so I didn't want to get into detail or I would be typing up a term paper. In short words, I convinced them NSA is bad news. Snowden did a good thing & Rand Paul is the guy to vote for.

It felt like a win today.

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They were creeped out

out when I explained me as looking through the window 24-7. lol

Youre a jerk

If you came up to my table, I'd ask, "Well, what if I was eavse dropping on the conversation you were having with the guy you left to come over hear to tell us that you were eavsedropping, should I be glad that I've got you as the food court nazi police listening in to my conversation or be worried that maybe you're wearing a bug for Russia? Jerk."

Go back to your table.

Granger you've finally gone

Granger you've finally gone completely off the rails. Your presence now is only justified as a parody of yourself, and for the sake of humor, I applaud you.

Thank you BILL3

Good thing we're all having FUN!

hugs and ::chloroform::

hugs and ::chloroform::

Whatever makes you feel good BILL3

have a great posting day!



LOL. You are totally out of line lately Granger.

It's getting funny.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I'm just saying

Everyone is all up in arms about NSA spying, which is just another way for Eavsedropping in MY play book. Who needs NSA when you have strangers that don't mind their own business?

If I came up to your table where you were having a discussion and said, "Well, I overheard you", and sided with you or anyone... you would be, "Cool man, glad you were listening"?

Come on.

Now if someone was threatening someone, I would call the manager over and complain about it because they disturbed my peace. But other than that, what people's conversations are are NOT my business and I'm not going to eavesdrop and then walk over and give my opinion.

It's NOT cool and to me, the guy who eavesdropped was OUT OF LINE.

deacon's picture

that is

your opinion,everyone has one

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


Which of these opinion's ain't like the other ones? :D

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nice spin

try again
yours is,and you think yours is right
opinions are like A-holes,everyone has one,and they all smell
some worse than others
but DO WHAT YOU WANT.... do you see any contradiction in what you type,and what you think?
I do,as do others

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I think mine is mine

I look out for mine, no one else's.

deacon's picture

wrong again

every time you comment,you are trying to get others
to do the things you approve of
and it is just your opinion,opinions are not facts

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I am?

I do what works for me, and I admit, my life is very good, works very well for me. So I share what works for me. What works for me doesn't mean it will work for you or others. I am not trying to get you or others to do anything.

Controlling myself is really enough for me.


I was a new student. I figured I make some friends in the process.

If you were there to see it, you wouldn't have thought it was awkward or rude.

deacon's picture

don't kid yourself

you didn't do it her way,so you are wrong
as for me,i applaud you for your efforts
keep it up

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

You've got to be kidding me?

You think eavsdropping and expressing your opinion to people you SPIED on is how to make friends?

If I was on that campus I'd make sure I didn't sit anywhere near you even if I agreed with you because you don't mind your own business but are the conversation opinion police on campus. Would you have appreciated it if someone came to your table and told the group they were listening to your conversation and put you down?

There is a difference between friends and friendlies. Be friendly to people and you might attract friendly people, might not. Be a friend to someONE and you might make a friend or more.

Want to meet people to make friends? Go to the Newspaper on campus and apply for a job, volunteer, go to Student Government meetings, start a political club, get involved with school programs and you'll not only make friends, but become an assest to the school.

You aren't considering what a

You aren't considering what a -reasonable- expectation of privacy is. If I send an email, I certainly don't expect anyone other than the intended recipient to read it. If I speak in a public place and I can clearly see that people are within earshot, I -fully- expect that they will hear my words. They may even engage me in conversation, Heaven forbid!

If I speak in a public place

and I see people are within earshot, I lower my voice to not attract their attention, and allow them peace, because I am not speaking in public in hopes to engage others in conversation.

deacon's picture

who is kidding who?

if them kids were talking loud enough to be heard
from another table,then can it still be called eaves dropping or spying?
most of the time kids are loud,and they do get heard,heard above the others sitting at the next table
and if they didn't want their convo to be heard,they would have met in private
by the way the story reads,it went well,and people were enlightened.
kids love interaction,they thrive off from it,it helps them grow

to the poster,please don't take offense to being called a kid,to some,you are
OK...me :(

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

If those kids were talking so loud

that they bothered me, I'd find someplace else to sit.

deacon's picture

so what !!!

that comment has nothing to do with my comment
so go sit somewhere else
them kids didn't,did they?
not according to the post,they listened,but,you don't
all you seem to want to do,is argue,and it doesn't matter what it is about or who it is
but hey,DO WHAT YOU WANT....UNLESS YOU DON'T AGREE,the whatever it is,they are wrong

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


Why unless I don't agree? So what if I don't agree? We can agree to disagree, or disagree to agree. What ever works for you.

I would have sat someplace else.. my luck I would have found $5.00.

deacon's picture

did you miss your own point?

guess you did
you harp and harp about people doing what they want.then sit and complain
incessantly because they do
do you see your own hypocrisy?
or do you mean do what you want if i agree with it?
seriously no one has to do things the way you do it
nor do they have to do things you approve of

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

complain about what?

So I have an opinion. BFD.

No, I don't see my hypocracy. I'm not stopping anyone from having an opinion. I'm not telling anyone to chill, or take a break, or shut up, or go home.. I may not agree, and say what I don't agree about, but what they do with my opinion, use it or lose it. Up to them. Whatever works for them.

I do what I want. You betcha.

deacon's picture


if everyone can do what they want,it wouldn't bother you
but it does,so you complain and carry on,and it is because
you don't agree with them,so in all actuality,it does bother you,when others do what they want,and for proof,lets check your comments to all who differ from your opinions
hypocrite is saying/doing one thing and meaning.doing another
true you don't stop another from trying to have an opinion,but it angers
you to no end when they have one that differs from yours,and this is why you interject your opinions on others.
If it didn't bother you,you wouldn't even have an opinion,one way or the other
but you do,so yes it matters to you

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

What make you think it's "bothers" me?

I'm not bothered.. Some guy walks yup to the table and interupts, I send him from the table. End of story.

I don't know if I agree with them or not. I'm minding MY OWN business. PERIOD.

Truth is deacon, I LOL a lot from the comments I read here.

And when someone says something that makes me angry, I say so.
So if I don't say I'm angry.. I'm not.

"I'm not bothered.. Some guy

"I'm not bothered.. Some guy walks yup to the table and interrupts, I send him from the table. End of story."

...and the people at the table in the original post did -not- ask the OP to leave the table. It doesn't matter what you might have done in their shoes, because that isn't what happened.