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14-year-old, Rachel Parent debates Kevin O'Leary on GMOs


14 year old Rachel Parent debates [OWNS] Kevin O'Leary on the issue of Genetically Modified Food. (my emphasis added)

Anyone care to wager that Kevin O'Leary has "personal interests" in Monsanto?


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WOW he is a real asshole.

WOW he is a real asshole. "are you a lobbyist?"

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

Here is a couple websites for non GMO food sources.

For the free market, here is 2 websites, one is mine:


And mine (which is still growing with photos I take):


Kevin: Death Sentence! Death

Kevin: Death Sentence! Death Sentence! Death Sentence!

Kevin: You want them to stop experimenting for improvement?

Rachel: No, I want them to test MORE!

Kevin: You advocate Death Sentence! Death Sentence!

We need to reinstitute the processes of tarring and feathering.

He makes a mean spirited bullying argument

Ugh, Leary deliberately conflates informative food labeling with opposing all scientific effort to improve food. Jerk.

It's like she was debating a wall

They kept trying to use the same point against her, which she already proved invalid. They just wanted to make it sound as if she didn't want to feed people or was controlled by people with money. How ironic.

And seriously he said "We've been testing it for years, the people are the lab rats". How can you say this with a straight face and not be pissed.

She did very well

Just wish she had said that instead of altering rice all they need to do is start growing carrots and add to their diet to stop the vitamin A deficiency. And she needs to start learning about Codex Alimentarius because I think its instrumental in the GMO and Big Pharma debate - Codex does classify nutrients as toxins. I think she would have blown that closed-minded man away had she mentioned Codex.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Labeling = Government Control

So as many know I dont live in the good ol USA. I live in a place where government regulation is either zero or simply not enforced. Because of this I get access to all sorts of products. Some are scary looking and I stay away, but a lot of it is good. I make a choice,right or wrong it is at least a choice. Here is a recent example...

This is illegal to be sold in the USA bexause it doesnt conform to regulation.

I would buy it

to support Haiti

comments like yours are nonsensical

The govt controls the food supply anyway so its not as if labeling will add to that control. And I think we all know that the FDA is composed of ex-Monsanto lackeys and that's the only reason such foods aren't already labelled.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

You make know sense

So, government controls are food supply, so might as well let the label too??? If government controls are food supply, which is the reason we have GMO food, so you want them to continue to control it, and label it as well? Would they label it honestly? Cause you know, our government is so honest, right?

Kevin O' Leary will die while

Kevin O' Leary will die while till his last dying breath accumulates money and power for himself and his family. These types of insane personalities is why we are continually enslaved to these George Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild's types. They refuse to die or retire at a reasonable age. They will never stop siphoning wealth and power from us till they are dead, and their families will continue the plague.

This is why we must take away the tools of their devious trade from them, like ending the Fed and going to a gold standard. It slows down the practice of these types of people. His kind only believe in Federal Reserve Corporation Rigged Capitolism.

meekandmild's picture

he won't need a night light in his casket

he will be glowing in the dark.

See how smart a child can be

When they eat healthy?

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

Government Labeling?

One question.....Should the government step in and force private companies, that use GMO's, into labeling?

We can see how well that

We can see how well that worked with "USDA Organic".


She's so informed! I bet she got an A in middle school biology, which means she has better scientific credentials than the vast majority of anti-genetic engineering activists!

I bet she reads Natural News every day! She probably even watched Genetic Roulette! Those are the sources of the greatest scientific truths known to man! Keven O'Leary is such a paid shill evil capitalist bastard!

Fear science! Fear the unnatural!

This is the equivalent of a 14 year old creationist repeating Christian talking points against a scientist (or proponent of the principles evolutionary biology). God-fearing fundamentalists who distrust science are cheering her on. The comments here are hard to read. Kevin O'Leary was making very legitimate points.

She is being manipulated by propagandists. People like Mike Adams are poisoning the world with fear-mongering and quackery disinformation. A lot of people on the Daily Paul have fallen for the fear-mongering by these charlatans, and clearly so has this girl. Later in life, if she actually studies science and not propaganda blogs, she will be embarrassed about how she was paraded in the media like this.


"fear-mongering" ???

Are you kidding me?

Perhaps your head is stuck in memory of other debates than this particular one between Rachel and Kevin. Sure "fear-mongering" is a technique that can be used by either side of any debate. Sure, perhaps Mike Adams has used it against GMO, but in THIS DEBATE HERE Rachel shows NO signs of using such technique. She even concedes, "Go ahead, keep growing it, but keep testing it." KEVIN is incessantly "fear-mongering", "Death Sentence! Death sentence for those not employing GMO!"

"Anti-intellectual 14 year old"

I think you have her confused with someone else. Please point out where Rachel is being "anti-intellectual". I find her to be quite intellectually adept as she maintains her simple points and does not get distracted by Kevin's anti-intellectual attempts to derail.

Being anti-GMO does not

Being anti-GMO does not equate being anti-science.

Weird comment

Sorry Dely,

The points she makes is that there should be proper labeling - good point imho, and the statement that testing is not done by independent parties. The Monsanto guy is actually not denying the latter statement, and that makes her the winner here.

By the way, calling her a shill and suggesting she'll regret her position later just because of the number of years she's walking the planet is not really science, is it? Or at the most, it is the science of manipulating.

She is a shill for anti-GMO lobby (probably unwittingly).

As a voluntaryist, I don't agree with forced labeling philosophically, and from a scientific standpoint, giving government this arbitrary power is ridiculous because the entire "natural" health movement is based on a fallacy. The appealing to nature fallacy is passionately defended by many proponents, and unfortunately many people cannot understand (or refuse to accept) that it is irrational and rooted in superstition.

People seem to believe that genetic engineering is a battle between evil capitalist corporations who want to harm humanity while profiting against the natural activists who motivated strictly by selfless love of humanity. Well guess what, the average molecular biologist is lucky to even make 6 figures, while Joe Mercola, king of alternative medicine, is living in a multi-million dollar mansion. "Natural" health and alternative medicine is a billion dollar industry. Left-wingers love to demonize the evil CEOs of corporations, but they aren't the ones doing the molecular biology.

The girl is a shill every bit as much as a 14 year old who is attacking evolution based on the beliefs of her Church. Saying "more research" needs to happen before knowledge is known is meaningless. "EVOUTION ISN'T A FACT BECAUSE THERE IS TOO MANY HOLES AND NOT ENOUGH PROOF. GMOS AREN'T SAFE BECAUSE THERE WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH RESEARCH FOR ME TO TRUST GENETIC ENGINEERING."

Anti-GMO lobbyist?

Is that like the anti-tyranny lobbyist? Where do I join?

But you are ok with Monsanto

But you are ok with Monsanto using the Human race for lab experiments?

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Why just Monsanto?

Are international GMO corporations better? If not, why just the attack on Monsanto?

This is why I think this whole anti-Monsanto is a globalist attack on America.. no other GMO company is mentioned.. they are getting Americans to attack an American company, but the other GMO producers, who most Americans have NO IDEA even exist.. are never named.

Should I list the entire

Should I list the entire pantheon of criminals?

You're right, it isn't just Monsanto but, for the sake of brevity and because Monsanto has become the poster-child for GMO terror, I used them.

Kinda like those stick things with cotton on both ends that you clean your ears with -- Q-Tips®, I think they're called.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Why not?

Or why not just simply say, "ALL GMO"?

My county banned ALL GMO in 04. It's not like anyone has to reinvent the wheel.. you can do what we did. So why don't you?

Why make excuses to attack Monsanto and not ban ALL GMO?

BTW, I eat GMO. It's not the biggest part of my diet because I have a garden and much of our local food is home grown.. but every now and then, I enjoy going to a party where there is something like a corporate processed product, like pizza, and I know it's not all organic. I'm just saying because it's not like I'm a purist.. I'm a human warts and all...

So if a warty human like me can live in an area that has banned ALL GMO, why can't you ban ALL GMO instead of single out an American corporation and allow international corporate GMOs take American jobs?

"My county banned ALL GMO in

"My county banned ALL GMO in 04."

What does that mean? Does that mean you have to travel to a neighboring county to purchase a bag of Doritos?

Perhaps it's a ban on planting or transplanting GMO. Is that it?

In either case, were you involved in making that happen? If so, please post the details of what you know regarding such legislative process. Such posting would be a great contribution to the community here.


"The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has assured organic farmers that they will not lose their certification if contamination occurs." -from Wiki link

That's the most sadly ironic paradox I've heard in quite some time.

Thank you very much.

This is quite beneficial, and I'm certain that it was quite beneficial for those to whom you have previously posted the links in similarly specific context. My suggestion though, is that you initiate an original post submitted to the DP at large. Thanks again.

John Robb

You know that story about how folks were walking while the wheel was being invented? It's like that with GMO.. pollen is airborn and until everyone gets with the program, or people's properties bordering GMO properties, the owner complies with the laws, you can't blame them, especially if they had, in our case, vines, long before some neighboring county that doesn't have GMO ban, has an investor that plants GMO upwind..

Now about this issue of me making a top post..

Personally, the downvotes don't phase me.. intellectually, there are issues such as this.. and other's who make important top posts,, for example.. the Top Post, "Crossed Another Line"... the poster has talent.. I was one of the first posters on his thread, that is near dead.. I'm not going to take 100% credit for that, but I am also aware that DP has several groups with their agendas.. the downvotes didn't make me cry and go away, so now they ignor.. I don't mind.. but when it comes to important issues, and other people, I do care. If I'm the "gold goose", I'm not here to hurt people.. I don't know the guy who posted "Crossed the Line", but those who have an agenda may avoid it because I posted, and they really don't care.. rather, they will make a top post of their BS and then pump the posts to make it active.. exciting for others.

IOWs If I make a top post, it may die due to my currant statis on DP with the latest agendists.. you may or may not have luck.. I would suggest that if the topic genuinely interests you, when someone makes a relative thread, bring it up.

OR.. what you might want to do is construct a letter and send it out to your local government, non-government agriculture organizations, corporate, fraternal organizations.. great place would be to go to the state and county fairs and plant NO GMO seeds in the minds of your county.