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Walking Barefoot Is a Valuable Aspect of a Healthy Lifestyle

Inflammation -- The Root of Most Disease

One of the primary health benefits of grounding is its antioxidant effect. It helps alleviate inflammation throughout your body.

"I told [Clint Ober] 10 years ago, "What you need to do is show that grounding improves inflammation. If you can show that, then you can show that it improves heart disease. Because the real cause of heart disease is inflammation. It's not cholesterol like everybody believes. It's really inflammation," Dr. Sinatra says. ... [H]is experimental work was just really awesome, and I got involved with research myself. I'm still smack in the middle of it right now, but it took me 10 years."

Dr. Sinatra goes on to tell the inspiring story of a contractor he met about 23 years ago, who at one point worked with a group of Scandinavian carpenters who really understood the benefits of grounding and supported each other in maintaining this healthy habit:

"They all took off their shoes in the morning and walked barefoot on the wet grass," he says. "He came to work as a young carpenter, and the foreman said to him, 'Hey buddy, you better take your shoes off, because if you come to work right now with those shoes on, you're going to be busted up in 10 years. Your joints are going to be aching. Your muscles are going to be aching. Everything's going to be aching...' He told him to take his shoes off for an hour in the morning. Guys slugging sledgehammers, digging and hammering. It's stress to the tissues. But if they put their feet on the ground for an hour and had their coffee breaks with their shoes off, it made a difference."

According to Dr. Sinatra, inflammation thrives when your blood is thick and you have a lot of free radical stress, and a lot of positive charges in your body. Grounding effectively alleviates inflammation because it thins your blood and infuses you with negatively charged ions through the soles of your feet. But beware; not all surfaces allow you to ground.

What Surfaces Will Allow You to Properly Ground?

Good grounding surfaces include:

Sand (beach)
Grass (preferably moist)
Bare soil
Concrete and brick (as long as it's not painted or sealed)
Ceramic tile

The following surfaces will NOT ground you:

Rubber and plastic
Tar or tarmac


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Then I shall live forever.

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You are awesome

It is too cold these days for barefoot.

Good night.

i noticed today that i wore a hole

into my cheap leather sole moccasins... just in time for spring barefoot season, anyway.
currently looking into crocheting a pair of hemp twine shoes.

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Keep it Squatchy...

Oh, sorry. You said barefoot, not Bigfoot.

My bad.

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I believe walking barefoot is good too but

I believe walking barefoot is good too but not for the reasons cited here. And the surface you walk on matters as well but not for the reasons they give. I'm not debunking this idea, I'm only offering a different opinion.

I believe that walking barefoot is good because of what is now known as reflexology. There are pressure points on your feet that help relieve toxins from certain points in your body. I have tried this "therapy" and found that it has credence. Naturally these pressure points would be worked while we walk but since everyone wears nice soft uniformed shoes then these points are hardly worked at all if at all.

In this case the surface you walk on makes a difference as well since you wouldn't want to walk on a smooth cushy surface but more of an uneven firm surface that will work those pressure points well. Walking on natural ground, gravel and perhaps even beach sand is the best in my opinion since that is what we were designed to walk on in the first place.

That's my two cents.

why do i always have to be

why do i always have to be the one who brings the latest information to the DP?

Because You Love Us and Care About Us! I have noticed that you

do post a lot of threads including comments. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into doing this here on this site for us. Also enjoy your pictures as well. Thank you Barracuda Trader!


Mercola is a quack. So is Sinatra.

This "grounding/Earthing" claim is scientific nonsense.

Bookmark this site

Barracuda, it is appreciated! I have spent the last year researching causes, cures and treatment for Type 1 diabetes, Dr. Mercola is a doctor I trust and read all his articles along with Mike Adams the Health Ranger and greenmedinfo.com recently I ran across a website one everyone should bookmark, read through, download, buy the books... what this doctor has to say about health issues... It all makes sense.

R. Webster Kehr cancertutor.com

Links on the left sidebar, scroll up and down and start reading, you will get an amazing education.

Thanks for posting

Not sure how you feel about "synchronicities", but about two weeks ago, I made the decision to go without shoes, if I could help it. My roommate thought I was crazy when I told her that I wanted to be "closer to the Earth."

I can't explain it, but the decision to begin a barefoot lifestyle, just came to me. The synchronocity in this case, is your post Barracuda.

Let's just hope I don't get ringworm, lol.

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