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Rep. Justin Amash on Fox News Sunday


Additionally, Glenn Greenwald just revealed proof that members of Congress were denied access to basic information about the NSA: http://iroots.org/2013/08/04/rep-justin-amash-on-fox-news-su...

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'We go back into the records

'We go back into the records we collected to see if that terrorist has been in contact with anyone in the homeland.'

Next step is to deem the liberty movement a 'terrorist cell' then pull a Hitler.

"In contact with anyone in the homeland..."

just makes me want to break into song:

Deutschland, Deutschland über alles

If the NSA has NOTHING to hide, then,

why doesn't someone like Amash suggest we get a team of American NON-government citizens to go into the NSA systems and see WHO exactly they have been monitoring. I mean if they have nothing to hide, then, why not?

Furthermore, if they nothing to hide, then, why haven't they made this massive spying "public"? Nothing to hide, then, who cares! Right?

These people and their accomplices are all obfuscating the truth. They are not going after the imaginary terrorists. I think we all know who they are going after~~~anyone in their way, whether it's American citizens or Iraqi/Iranian/Syrian oil countries.

Everybody join in

Über alles in der Welt,
Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze
Brüderlich zusammenhält,


took less than 10 seconds to share that image to my social network.

Thank you.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Hayden says

The government demands. Bite me Hayden.

Money talks and dogs bark

wolfe's picture

I just started the process to get my passport.

My plans to travel abroad coinciding with the "heightened terror alerts"...

Coincidence? I think not!

lol... :)

Oh and by the way, the first rule of encryption is that hiding knowledge and mechanics of the algorithm should not be required for it to be secure. By definition, it isn't secure if it can be cracked with knowledge of the algorithm. I think it is a fair statement to apply the same rule to our "national security" programs. If knowledge of them compromises their effectiveness, then they weren't effective to begin with.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Obviously the concept of

Obviously the concept of liberty is foreign to many of those in power.
Why are we even debating this? The Law is clear: '...shall not be violated.'
'...shall not be abridged.' 'Congress shall make no law...'.

The debate is over!

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

What a crock of chit

Snowden should have gone to his superiors???

THEY ARE IN ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

So....Rat Boy

wants us to believe that the Zionist controlled puppet former head of the CIA is going to tell us the truth, which would incriminate him in illegal activity...namely, a clear violation of the 4th amendment?

FAUX is mind poison.

What will an EMBASSY do

What will an EMBASSY do against terrorist, if an armed group comes a'knocking, unless its a MILITARY outpost, in that case why call it an EMBASSY implying NEGOTIATIANS, if an EMBASSY to the people who LIVE there would probably see it as a MILITARY outpost, if what these guys are implying are true, that an "embasy" has the capability to surpress terrorism....and as all neocons would have everyone believe, thats not through TALK.

So if my thinking is near the ballpark, the locals dont see an embassy of diplomats, they'll not help but see a militerized foreign entity setting up shop in the neigbourhood...........its these little/big, details not limited, that are in my opinion surely lacking in the public sphere, 1.they dont talk about it 2.not enough people ask about it......almost like letting our assumptions fill in the detail, instead of confirming those assumptions.....as the whole snowden saga has shown us, assuming and confirmation makes a BIG difference to the publics reaction and caring

Now im fully aware that i am making big assumptions here, i recognise them as such.....but from this interview, the things they say, and the way they say em, all i can think is either

unwittingly exposed themselves

All i know, this one feels strongly like it had an agenda.....the bastard of it is, is trying to figure it out, feels like theres more then one

I could also be jumping the gun a bit here, not the agenda bit, but my understanding of it....feeling a bit rushed for time