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Don't donate to Nancy Mace yet! Liberty is not done rising in SC ;)

Nancy Mace is a candidate many liberty folks could vote for. However, she's in murky water when it comes to her understanding of Austrian economics. She also has a bad understanding of U.S.-Middle East history.

She's strong in many areas. However in a few days there will be another candidate announcing that has a record of votes already established in this state. They also have a strong history with Ron Paul. And on the Rand Paul-Ron Paul scale of libertarianism, this candidate is possibly somewhere in between.

It's exciting to know there's a better candidate running against Graham but when this person announces, it's going to be even more exciting. Trust me!

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Tell The New One To Not Enter The Race

If we split the vote between liberty candidates, Graham will slip back into office. Can't risk that, tell the other guy to run against McCain.

Two different posters have indicated that, in South Carolina...

... there is a runoff election if no one gets 50%+ in the initial Primary. If this is true, then Graham cannot win with a mere plurality. The danger is that multiple Liberty candidates will run and:

1. attack each other, rather than training their fire on Graham, and/or

2. be unable to raise the needed money, because none of them stand out from the pack.

Concerning point #1... If there ends up being more than one Liberty candidate, they all need to sit down and have lunch together and agree that they will not attack one another, and communicate that message loud and clear all the way down to the local volunteers.

Concerning Point #2... Will Rand Paul be willing to endorse one of the Liberty challengers against a sitting Senate GOP colleague? Probably not. Will Ron Paul be willing to endorse one of the Liberty challengers? Hopefully, and maybe that will lead the broader Liberty Movement to throw its financial weight behind that candidate.

One final note: In my opinion, there is no more important contest in 2014 than this South Carolina Senate race. Last year, Ron Paul finished in the 20-25% range in both Iowa and New Hampshire (about double his average 2012 Primary share), and, looking ahead to 2016, Rand Paul appears to be well situated in both states. It would not surprise me if Sen. Paul won both Iowa and New Hampshire, which would set South Carolina up as the Neoconservative firewall. Replacing Lindsey Graham with a Liberty Senator who would enthusiastically endorse Paul could get Paul over the hump, and effectively secure the nomination.

I hear that Lindsey Graham has about $6 million in the bank. Well, in late 2007, we raised $6 million for Ron Paul's Presidential campaign from one moneybomb. We can make Nancy Mace, or Lee Bright, or Tom Davis financially competitive if we are willing to open our wallets. I say wait for a few weeks, let the field get set, figure out who to support, and spring for that candidate.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Incorrect Logic

First, assuming the new candidate is in the GOP (and I'm assuming Mace is, too), then there's little to be lost by having them duke it out in a primary; in fact, it makes it more exciting and involving. The only problem would be if their flaws begin to show--which I think is better done early than late.

The best candidate can then go on, having had practice, to fight for the election against challengers from other parties. I think this is true even with Graham in the primary race--challengers will serve to bring out his flaws.

If Graham doesn't get knocked out in a primary, I hope the Libertarian Party will put up a candidate; that candidate, at the very least, should be able to help make the case for freedom--causing the statist, Graham, to look like he's out of touch.

My dream is to have "liberty" candidates across the board so that the voters win freedom no matter how it comes out. Clearly, if Graham is running, he's got to go!

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+1 exactly. No need to worry

+1 exactly. No need to worry about splitting the vote here. Having more than one candidate debating liberty will be great for this state. Trust me!

thanks for posting

anyone know her position on the drug war?

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Rand Paul 2016

Hopefully, Nancy Mace is opposed to the drug war...

... but, while I do not reside in South Carolina, I doubt that the current GOP culture there will lead her to talk about that. If Rand Paul is elected President in 2016, and raises the drug issue during his first term, then maybe an anti-drug war GOP candidate could be viable statewide in 2018 or 2020. Perhaps someone who knows South Carolina better than I do would care to weigh in on this issue.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

We should start an anti-Graham billboard donation fund

As I had mentioned in another Mace thread.

It is more direct and effective.

Vots, right now you are selling us vaporware...

... and throwing cold water on Nancy Mace to further an alternative candidacy that does not exist yet. Nothing earthshaking is going to happen in this race over the next few days; why don't you wait until you have something real to sell?

I downvoted your OP, and encourage others to do likewise.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

I've already talked to people

I've already talked to people who've donated all of their anti-Graham money to Mace. Nothing wrong with that. However, I'm advising people to wait until all the candidates come forward. Because you may regret your donation if somebody better comes. Because as it stands now, these two candidates will get my anti-Graham donation 50/50.

Encouraging people to down vote me because I'm telling people to slow down a little and wait to see how the field develops is ridiculous.

Nancy Mace

I am surprised at how many RP readers are unfamiliar with Tom Davis.
Did Nancy Mace endorse Ron Paul? Tom Davis did.

I would

I would vote for a pile of cow dung over Lindsey Graham, as long as they aren't worse than him. At least cow poop would not do anything excep attract flies.

Are the initials of this mystery candidate...


I pray that it is.



Dr. Mike Vasovski
South Carolina Campaign Chairman, Ron Paul 2012
The SINGLE vote in the SC delegation for RP, GOP Convention, Tampa, FL
2010 Candidate, US Congress SC-03
Past Chairman, Aiken, SC County Tea Party

Serious Question about the Goal and End Game in SC

This all brings up a serious question, and my answer is, I bet, significantly different than many of yours.

Is the Goal to put in a 100 pct clone of Dr. Paul or to get rid of the current sack of filth.

I have made up my mind, it is to get rid of the idiot. I would vote for and support a neo-con in the primary if it meant getting rid of Evil Republican No 1.

The race in SC will be the litmus test for all up and coming republican leaders. Even if they are neo-cons at heart the up and coming players in the GOP will use this SC race to make their mark as to where they stand. I think the political draw to be a part of the new GOP will be so strong that known neo-cons will support defeating the disgrace from SC.

I would never vote for a

I would never vote for a neocon. They must at least be going in the liberty direction. If I used the logic of just voting for the anti-graham candidate, I would have voted for Mitt Romney last year.

I understand politics very well, which is why I'm a huge supporter of getting people to elect Rand Paul's. It works. It helps our cause.

I'm also not advocating that Nancy Mace is the wrong choice. It sounds like she's going to follow the Rand Paul model. The problem is, we have no idea how knowledgeable she is about the issues Rand Paul stands for. If all she can do is recite talking points, or couldn't let you know who FA Hayek or Milton Friedman are. She can't win, because its something she wouldn't be principled on.

If someone comes in who has held elected office with a principled liberty record to back it up, a strong history with Ron Paul, endorsements from major people within the liberty movement, has obvious convictions for liberty, and has helped achieve many victories in promoting liberty through the Republican Party, that would be a serious candidate.

There's a pros and cons to each above. If Mace truly holds hear beliefs and can debate with best of them, she has the advantage of being an outsider. A fresh face as well.

Just don't want anybody to fully commit themselves when homework still needs to be done.

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I expect the GOP and DNC to install "Libertarian" candidates

that aren't truly libertarian type candidates throughout the country in 2014 anywhere there is a real one running to split the vote and leave the GOP or themselves standing in the aftermath. I'm sure they're preparing for the onslaught of liberty and independent challengers this round.

We're going to have to do some planning and unifying around here. Which unfortunately, doesn't seem to work well in this movement.


Just want to say hi. Nice to see your comment. :)

What needs to happen, in my opinion, is to win the intellectual battle. The RNC and DNC can put up whoever they want... It wont matter if America unites behind an idea. We are all suffering through the civil rights struggle right now. Our ideas of freedom and Liberty are a winning message. Government is a reflection of its people.

We have the power to change the world. Our message is the best message.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Just wait until everybody is

Just wait until everybody is announced. If this unannounced candidate is endorsed by key people within the liberty movement, you still vote Mace?

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My bad,

I wasn't referring particularly to the person you are talking about, only pointing out what we may be up against. I couldn't vote in SC anyway.

probably just Lee Bright

unfortunately he just doesn't have the presence to beat Graham.

Mace has a whole lot more going for her to beat Graham.

Graham is praying we split the vote so he can win.

I would tell anybody else thinking about jumping in, DON'T because Graham will win because of a split vote.

You can't win in South

You can't win in South Carolina by splitting votes because of plurality voting laws here.

A candidate must get 50% + 1 vote to win the election. Any less, and there will be a run-off. So if you're saying two similar candidates would split the vote and let Graham win, wouldn't matter because you're also saying over 50% of South Carolinians voted Graham. So he would have hypothetically won anyways if there werent two splitting the same vote base.

Perfect example of this is Ted Cruz in 2012. He lost to the Lt Gov (Brewer) in the Senate race by more than 10 points. He and others had also split the vote, and Brewer had garnered about 45% of the vote. But because of plurality laws, Cruz and Brewer had a runoff election. The split base rallied behind Cruz, and Cruz walloped Brewer by more than 10 points.

Registered Party Question

Does it matter what party you are registered to, and do you have to vote in the runoff of the party you are registered to ?

South Carolina is open

South Carolina is open primary. A foreign policy of more peace and less aggression, can draw in Democrats and Independents.

Good point

Please continue to keep us informed on the developments in SC. This is the kind of strategic info we need.

I can't wait

Why don't you give us a hint

I don't like teasing, but

I don't like teasing, but well know VERY soon.

Just don't want to see people donating their anti-Graham money when they will probably be disappointed it could have gone to somebody even more deserving.

Is his last name Cash?

People in my area of SC held a demonstration downtown to replace Lindsey Graham in the Senate, on July 27th. It made front page in the local paper. Reasons for wanting his replacement included the unconstitutional policies he advocates and endorsed, such as the Patriot Act, NDAA (indefinite detention), and his support for gun control legislation, among other reasons. From what I saw in the newspaper photo it was all middle-age and senior citizens at the demonstration. This is relatively well-to-do area, though mixed, and I wouldn't have guessed this would happen here. I am new to SC however, but I am looking forward to finding a good replacement for Lindsey. Some of the folks had signs with the name "Cash" on them. The article said he is a constitutional conservative.

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Cash was the first to

Cash was the first to announce and I would never vote for him. If it was between him and Graham, I'd abstain from my voting duties.

Oh really, ok... I don't know anything about him, just read...

...the article the other day.

I will read up on him.

I am pretty new to SC but was very active for Ron Paul in CT & RI before I moved. I will be supporting the candidate I feel best supports individual liberty, the free-market and the constitution.
Let me know if there is anything I can do, besides the obvious sign waving and voting.

Good news is people here want Lindsey out.

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Hey Vots...

I just looked up Richard Cash. Went to his campaign site but there wasn't a whole lot else on him I could find so far.

He sounds pretty good to me. Constitutionalist, business owner, political outsider. I cannot see why you wouldn't at least vote for him over Graham. He sounds better than Nancy Mace too, who graduated from military college and all she really says is "Washington is out of touch with American people". They all say that when campaigning.

I don't know much about either but on the surface, Cash sounds better than Mace (no pun intended) imho, and Cash has already succeeded in gaining support in grassroots and money.

Please explain why Cash is no good. It would be appreciated. Thanks.

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