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Thank you for a great ride, and for 8 years of support!
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Thanks for showing a prodigal son the way home

The fake Christians drove me away from home and the real ones guided me back. Many of the real ones are here on the Daily Paul. It would seem that Dr. Paul's example has been extremely refreshing. I'm happy to be home and I thank you for your help. This is how I always believed it should be. God bless you all!

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The 'glow worm' experience changed everything....

I'm so flawed and so fallible. So prone to do wrong even when I try to do right. When I do manage to advance The Good, I often then immediately find myself defeated by pride. I have been so hesitant in my life to speak "as a Christian" for fear of giving the faith a bad name. I've lived to see so many others do that.

But maybe I was looking at things the wrong way?

I had an experience three years ago that was a born again type experience. The Spirit came upon me after a period where I was searching. When the Spirit called my name, I uncontrollably fell to the floor weeping because I had caught a glimpse of my soul. It made me feel exactly like a worm. I said the words out loud, "I am such a worm!". At that moment, the Spirit comforted me and put this idea in my head... if I am to be a worm, I should be a glow worm! To let my light shine and not be afraid. After all, what does a worm have to lose?

Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord! Welcome back!

Edgar Morgan

I agree and I think the kudos go partly to the site's owner.

He made choices about the use of his private property that promoted growth: intellectual, emotional and volitional that have benefited many.

Free includes debt-free!