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We will fight for bovine freedom - Cows with guns


I am free. Are you free?

I am free. I was born that way. Free as the wind blows. Free as the grass grows. You know the song.

Each day I leave my stall and roam the field. I eat. I watch the trains go by. I swat flies.

The sun makes it bright, and the clouds make it not so bright. The moon makes it night.

I feel safe in the field and safe in my stall. I feel that way since I know the man will take care of me. I am free to need the man, and the man likes me and gives me what I need.

The man was there when I was a calf. He is still there. The man brings feed and pours drink. He takes milk from the cows. He leaves nuts here and there in the field so more grass will grow.

This is a good deal but some cows and bulls must think it is a bad deal. One day some cows and bulls were gone. (One day I saw a cow slip in the mud by the fence near the trees, but that is not the same.)

I did not see them go, but I think they walked off. Why would they do that?

Look! A bird.

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Bundy's Cows Are Happy Cows! No doubt they have to be some

happiest cows on earth, especially here in the USA. After being locked up for days, and once they were released, thanks to We the People, it was an emotional experience to see them running back to their home on the range where they have been free to roam as they please.


Please refile this documentary film...

under Gardening, Homesteading, & Livestock.

Thank you.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

LOL.....Cows Have Fun.....

Thanks for posting :)