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John Kerry "Hopes Drone Strikes End Soon" on Pakistani TV... Then reality hits.

As the Pakistani people "Hope" for some "Change" in the US drone strike policies terrorizing their country...


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Kerry/Obama Admin. doublespeak, business as usual.

Nothing to see here except RT's continuing commitment to employ the sharpest looking reporters on the planet.

I agree with most of your comment, but...

When 30k drones over US soil become weaponized, will you still say "Nothing to see here"?

If another country was dropping bombs on us and one of their puppets went on CNN saying they were "hoping" to stop killing people soon, how pissed would you be?

JK= John Kerry and/or Just Kidding.

Looks like JK is fitting into HC's pants-suit quite well... when he speaks, he is starting to sound just like her.