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The Demand of a Great People is Always at The Scale of Its Most Serious Misfortunes.

Now you know why I have chosen this quote to be part of my signature.

You have been, you are, and, God bless, you will remain immigrants or descendants of immigrants fleeing tyranny from all over the world.

But that's not where you come from that matters the most.

That's not where you come from that made, and still makes you a great people, as I see it.

That's The Why.

Dr. Ron Paul, for more than 40 years, and Edward Snowden, for a few months, have given you reminders about what not to lose sight of, regarding the Why.

Here is the Why that makes you, that gathered you, as WHO you are, as WHO you want be :

* Liberty.

* Freedom.

* Justice.

For peace and prosperity.

All values standing up against that same OLD ONE, and only OLD ONE HORROR already mentioned above :

* Tyranny.

If the Bible isn't your cup of tea, I can and I will understand, on this end. One's faith ought to be carefully, individually, personally, intimately chosen, IMO, anyway.

But then, I am begging you, please AT LEAST keep open your DICTIONARIES READY to look up any time every single one of these * four nouns, above.

For, that's exactly, precisely, what Dr. Ron Paul and Edward Snowden have shown us how important it was to be done, AGAIN, after your founding fathers did for themselves, and NOW WAS NEEDED AGAIN, FOR ALL OF YOU and FOR ME.

Because Dr. Ron Paul and Edward Snowden want only justice, that is, The Only Just Law, be respected for their own sake, right along with yours, American People.

Indeed, keep watching out the betrayal of today's wanna-be tyrants against it.

DO NOT forget : tyranny always starts with that specific infamy, first.

Remember how Rome has fallen.

So, KEEP standing. For YOUR Bill of Rights.

DO NOT surrender. On language.


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