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We are being assimilated


In the learned helplessness experiment an animal is repeatedly hurt by an adverse stimulus which it cannot escape.

Eventually the animal will stop trying to avoid the pain and behave as if it is utterly helpless to change the situation.

Finally, when opportunities to escape are presented, this learned helplessness prevents any action. The only coping mechanism the animal uses is to be stoical and put up with the discomfort, not expending energy getting worked up about the adverse stimulus."

People, they are creating the "New Normal" and unless we stop it now, there will be no escaping this dystopian society currently being implemented.

Their tactic is very simple, it is to subconsciously inject their practices into the minds of men through media and public channels while simultaneously condemning anyone who points out the obvious. They condemn through ridicule and propaganda leaving people hopeless and unmotivated. All the while the masses are subconsciously conditioned to accept their new circumstance with out any desire to escape their current conditions. Then they come out in the open with that which they have so vehemently denied doing but was always known to be done and The once vocal activist and people originally opposed to all of it have already "learned their helplessness" and don't even try to oppose it.

Case in point is the NSA surveillance apparatus. For the past decade it was public knowledge that these programs were going on but any one who mentioned it was called a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist. Now it's out in the open and instead of people being outraged and shocked they have already subconsciously accepted this as the new Normal.

Now is the time and opportunity when this can be stopped yet the masses are submissive and undisturbed.

This is mind control on a mass scale and we are being assimilated into a despotic system which none of us want to see but have already accepted!

Lets Snap out of it People!

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I think people are outraged and shocked

What would have them do? GO to the TV station or the NBC reporter? Perhaps write to their congressman or senator. Phone or email to rep in gov? What exactly would have people do to prove that you are absolutly wrong.

What people how are you measuring that no one cares and were all just brainwashed?

I call huge BS. I want you to lead the way and show me what outraged people (over being spyed upon by the military NSA of the Fed gov) should do to prove to you that they are not brainwashed. Because if you only post this and think thats what should be done, well I have seen alot of posts like this.

WHAT are you doing because I know that your smarter than all them brainwashed people you talk down to. Hope your not the one your talking about here.


What does an outraged person do?

Simple really. They at least get vocal. You tell someone their car was keyed... and they will probably display some emotion, and then say "I hate that, it is wrong." (and probably use some four letter words)

But when I discuss this story with folks, their demeanor is similar to discussing the weather. It's like I told them it is cloudy with a high of 82. They just say "geez, I'm not surprised."

And if they are not close to me, they think I'm a conspiracy theorist. And all of that "government talk" or "philosophy talk" is BORING.

Then they tune in for 3 episodes of Pawn Stars, and their eyes light up.

People are wide asleep.

I have not had the same experience

Every last person I have mentioned or talked to I have got the same story. They are outraged but aware that this is nothing new.


Whoa dude..

Chill out, Looks like my post hit a nerve with you. Maybe exposed your own cognitive dissonance.

Im saying do what you can but dont stay quiet and Tranquil.(generally speaking, please dont get all up tight again) That's what they want.. us to feel defeated. Talk to friends, neighbors, strangers, and tell them that we need to oppose this. We need to stop this now or it will never be stopped!

...already subconsciously accepted this as the new Normal.

I can agree with this. People do not seem upset when they find out that they were completely spied on. They just say "it's crazy huh?" Or "I'm not surprised."

They don't react in outrage.


That's why we, even I need to snap out of it..

We are Frogs in a pot of water and the first bubbles are starting to reach the surface.

Good Post But I disagree with the conclusion, and the terms


"Now it's out in the open and instead of people being outraged and shocked they have already subconsciously accepted this as the new Normal.Now is the time and opportunity when this can be stopped yet the masses are submissive and undisturbed.This is mind control on a mass scale and we are being assimilated into a despotic system which none of us want to see but have already accepted! Lets Snap out of it People!"

Have you accepted this despotic system? Has Greenwald? Amash? This mantra of "mind control" is a form of what you are claiming we should snap out of. To conclude that we are facing forces that can control our minds on a mass scale is another way of inducing learned helplessness.

No one controls your mind but you! Many people try to influence your opinion and decisions, some use logic others use deceit. You can examine information and ask questions and come up with your own conclusions. This entire movement is a case in point.

We can acknowledge the tricks used to sway the masses but we can also use our minds to challenge those tactics. The term "mind control" suggests a lack of free will. Learned behavior, including helplessness are very different things than "Mind control". There are millions of people who do not accept the world we have now and are currently fighting on all fronts to win over hearts and minds. How did they escape the "mind control"?

Be the change you want in the world, question everything, and know thy self. To be free requires self ownership and responsibility. While i acknowledge there are tricks to fool people and to create self doubt, the real truth is in our own minds and the "mind control" that works best is self imposed. If you want people to "snap out of it" you first snap yourself out of "it". Be the change you want in others and lead by example.

PS damn glad Ron Paul never "learned to be helpless".

Do you hear people talking about the NSA at the office anymore?

or have most of them moved on?

You forget that we are a distinct minority that hold very little real power. The majority is asleep again.

I am with you 100% sir. I wish I could be more positive. But I fear the OP has nailed it. This slow tyranny is woking like a charm. Sure Snowden and the NSA has left a residual of cynicism in a lot of people. But what we need is not just cynicism, but a passionate fury. I don't see it.

We need a tipping point; some catalyst that raises the ire of the masses. That probably won't happen until we are so enslaved that there is no way back.

Liberty is Rooting

It will be a tree of rapid growth. We're a minority. Our numbers and influence keep constantly increasing among people who are/were all over the spectrum or just plain asleep. We're far from powerless. The tipping point comes when the tree has completed the rooting process. Change will happen *very* quickly at that point. Its the exponential function at play. A drip and a drop and then suddenly a tidal wave.

You nailed it

We are about to be Boiling Frogs and the whole time we were watching them turn up the heat

Liberals identified assimilation as a problem early on

And rejected it in favor of multi-culturalism. That is.. the liberals of the 60s, 70s, and even 80s... anything after 9-11 and they are on board for the police state. All of the good things about both parties, or sides, is gone. I only see rampant nationalism and things of that nature. It does not interest me and does worry me considerably. Not enough to do anything about it but write of course. -- Apathy, USA

Layer after Layer

of lies get piled up on top of one another. Fortunately, a single person speaking truth can create a ray of light that instantly melts all of it away. The whole human race could end up enslaved to this programming but eventually somebody with a free mind who was resistant would be born and they would free everybody. Very much like Neo and the Matrix. Its nature's way of adapting and overcoming. You can't fight nature.

Truth spoken is the antidote.

Truth alone can break through the tyranny and fear-induced trance of helplessness.

When people crave the truth and also have lost their fear, there will be change.

Ann in Florida

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Thank you for this post.

I am usually very hard and critical of teachers.

I like this woman though, and I would be willing to bet this isn't on the approved "No Child Left Behind" curriculum.

This is the kind of teacher I would want working with my child.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I really hope Granger sees this.

She runs around looking for the perfect Gang to wave their flag.

Never realizing she is nothing but a statist.

There will always be the Remnant...

Currently, we are growing. Things are actually starting to look up from what they have been.

I appreciate your urgency. I hope it's contagious and spreads.

We need to help people understand that it's not only their communications that are being monitored. The intelligence community is also monitoring politicians, giving them de facto control over the government. The US has become a scientific dictatorship.

I agree

And anyone who has encountered the dehumanized psyche by trying to "wake someone up" knows how powerful these psychological techniques are. There really is a war on for our minds. I find that subcultures and counterculture (music, literature, permaculture, etc) have always been useful tools to help keep one's mind free from mind control psychology. It is very important for children to have opportunities to experience artistic expression and the culture that comes with it instead of just playing sports then getting a lame job.

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yes, we can.