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NSA declassifies itself up to 1994 (pictures & hardware): "Top Secret" now free.

2 minutes take you back to where you where when! Relive your past, courtesy of the NSA.

NSA Goes Mobile (circa 1948). Where were you? Ask the NSA? Better yet, let them show you! Here you are. Get your "Top Secret" information free (now that it is released as "Top Secret".

National Security Agency. The NSA’s early years: Exposed!

Pages: 343. Photos & references. A newly declassified work of history shows how U.S. intelligence agencies helped launch the digital age. You can't leave home without it!

On Oct. 29, 1948, the Soviet Union suddenly changed all its ciphers and codes. What later became known as “Black Friday” delivered a huge shock to the two U.S. intelligence agencies that had conducted the bulk of American code-breaking efforts during World War II and its immediate aftermath. Before Black Friday, the Army’s SIS and the Navy’s OP-20-G complacently assumed that they had acquired the keys to most of the world’s encrypted communications. But with a flip of the switch the U.S. was once again in the dark — just as the Cold War was heating up.

“One of the gravest crises in the history of American cryptanalysis,” writes historian Colin Burke, led directly to the 1949 merging of the SIS and OP-20-G into the Armed Forces Security Agency. Three years later, another bureaucratic shuffle transformed the AFSA into the National Security Agency. A sense of panic induced by the “Soviets’ A-Bomb, the Berlin Blockade, the forming of the satellite bloc in Eastern Europe, the fall of China, and the Korean War” — all of which “were not predicted” by the intelligence agencies — encouraged the U.S. government to authorize the NSA to spend tens of millions of dollars on computer research, in the hope that technological advances would help crack the new Soviet codes. ...

Colin Burke is the author of “It Wasn’t All Magic: The Early Struggle to Automate Cryptanalysis, 1930s-1960s.” Burke completed his history in 1994, but until last week, his volume of crypto-geekery had only a handful of readers.

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NSA: Their history, as played by themselves.

http://youtu.be/9QW5qtofRqA Runtime: 4 minutes.

A Osama bin Laden shown in a cameo appearance in the last few seconds of the documentary film reel. Circa 1945 ~ 2000. The NSA was charted by President Truman in 1953. Its predecessor was the Armed Forces Security Agency.

They Served in Silence.

The story of a Cryptologic Hero.

Specialist James T. Davis of the US Army 3rd Radio Research Unit.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

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NSA Continued to Support Policy Makers and Combatant Commanders

"NSA Continued to Support Policy Makers and Combatant Commanders"

So, the NSA influences Policy Makers to increase the NSA.

Doesn't that mean that we are paying taxes that are used to push for more taxes?

Umm, the prism is operational and collecting.

It would be good if government where denied the global power to entrap and blackmail.

Some say that in heaven everyone will know everything. I've never been, but this doesn't strike me as heavenly in any way.

Free includes debt-free!