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AOL blog is trying to discredit Ron Paul's campaign

[Link deleted by site editor]

Dear rmann0581,

Thank you for participating in the forum here at DailyPaul.com. This is a place for all Ron Paul supporters to gather and exchange information freely.

However, as Editor of the site, I deleted your link. So an AOL blogger is trying to discredit Ron Paul's campaign? Well - so is everyone else! Should we link to all of those articles as well? I don't think so.

Let's not get distracted with all the negative stories, naysayers and what have you. Let's not expend our energy on fighting them. People can find negative stories on their own - I didn't set this site up to do that. Instead, let's follow Dr. Paul's lead and focus on the positive - and there is much positive to focus on.

Thank you and best regards,
Michael Nystrom