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Every Potential 2040 President Already Unelectable Due To Facebook

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Facebook was a joke...

letters-to-the-editor hit thousands otherwise missed and really, how many of my 62 friends in the past ever cared enough to read my threads/posts anyways...if we are to spread the message of liberty it must be through outlets that reach the most people...local newspaper of 17000 vs. FB friends of 62 to which none replied ever.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

People seem to see only what they want to on FB...

it's so easy to click on that little 'x' button.......

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

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I don't usually find the onion all that funny

but this is so true its hysterical.

I didn't find it funny at all


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It might just be funny to me

because I constantly warn people about the ramifications of using Facebook, Myspace, putting themselves in youtube videos, etc.

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