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I'm getting Schooled now on Israel

Well, DPers, I'm getting some feedback about my Quest for Israel.

What do you think? I didn't know all this, and I agree.


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As strange as it may seem...

The Avatar (pink haired troll doll) that the Granger uses to represent herself on her account 'Really Is Her.' This a fact confirmed by the Mossad and the following organizations:

Alpha Epsilon Pi
American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists
American Friends of the Hebrew University
American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC
American Jewish Committee, AJC
American Jewish Congress, AJCongess
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, JDC
American Jewish World Service
American ORT
American Society for Yad Vashem
American Technion Society
American Zionist Movement
Anti-Defamation League, ADL
Association of Jewish Aging Services
Association of Jewish Family & Children's Services, AJFCA
Berman Jewish Policy Archive
Birthright Israel of North America, Inc.
B'nai Brith International
B'nai B'rith Youth Organization
Call of the Shofar
Center for Russian Jewry
Central Conference of American Rabbis
Central Conference of American Rabbis
Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education
Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Conversion to Judaism Resource Center
Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans-Beit Halochem
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, HIAS
Heritage Foundation for Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries
Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, HILLEL
International Association of Hebrew Free Loans
International Association of Jewish Vocational Services
Israel Bonds
J Street
Jewish Agency for Israel, JAFI
Jewish Communal Service Association
Jewish Community Centers Association of North America, JCCA
Jewish Council for Public Affairs, JCPA
Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Washington DC Office
Jewish Education Service of North America, JESNA
Jewish Labor Committee, JLC
Jewish National Fund, JNF
Jewish People Policy Planning Institute (JPPPI)
Jewish Reconstructionist Federation
Jewish War Veterans of the USA, JWV
Jewish Women International
Jewish Women's Archive
JTN Productions
Katrina’s Jewish Voices
Keren Hayesod
Lapid: The Coalition for High School Age Programs in Israel
Lubavitch World Headquarters
Maccabi USA/Sports for Israel
March of the Living
MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger
Meretz USA
National Center for Learning and Leadership, CLAL
National Council of Jewish Women
National Council of Young Israel
National Foundation for Jewish Culture, NFJC
National Jewish Coalition for Literacy
National Yiddish Book Center
NCSJ: Advocates on Behalf of Jews in Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States & Eurasia
Orthodox Union
Rabbinical Assembly
Rabbinical Council of America
Rabbinical Council of America
RAVSAK: The Jewish Community Day School Network
Reconstructionist Federation
Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
Repair the World
Society for Humanistic Judaism
Stars of David, International
The Abraham Fund
The Jewish Federations of North America
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
Union for Reform Judaism (URJ)
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
Wexner Heritage Foundation
Women's American ORT
Workmen's Circle-Arbeter Ring
World Jewish Congress
World Zionist Organization / American Section
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
Zionist Organization of America

This is no joke! Be forewarned. Grin

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau

No libertarian can be a supporter of Israel(i policies)

I have visited Israel and the West Bank. And I can tell you it's not a pretty picture. The Palestinians (in the West Bank) are less than cattle for the Israeli gouvernment and most of it's people(literally).
If you say you support Israel you're not somebody who can also support a libertarian message (see people as individual's with equal rights)

It's hidden in plain view.

The "G" ranger. "G" as in square and compass.

a soldier specially trained in the techniques of guerrilla warfare;

Guerrilla is the diminutive of "war" in Spanish. An agent provocateur can certainly be said to be engaging in guerrilla warfare. My girlfriend is Argentinian and (fluent [truly] in English) she said, "sure, you could look at it that way."

I'm only half kidding about this theory. I really wouldn't doubt it. I find it hard to believe that anyone who (assuming) likes Ron Paul is this out of touch; this much at odds with a group of folks they choose to associate with. I don't pay much attention to user names around here but "The G ranger" is impossible to avoid. I can't remember ever disagreeing with anyone in the liberty movement this often.

Oh well ... whatchagonnado?

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em

In the highly unlikely event...

that you are not Jewish, I'm just curious about something. Do you have any idea of the passion with which Israelis despise non-Jews? Do you know how superior they believe they are to you?Do you know how much pleasure and lustful satisfaction they would get from killing you, your children, and then ripping your heart out to give it to some rich Jew in Miami? Do you have any idea how Jews will talk about you behind your back, and laugh at you for being the "useful idiot" that falls for all their propaganda and does their diabolical dirty work like fighting their wars for them?. As someone born to Jewish parents and raised around thousands of Jews, I have more than a little experience, and I have never met one Jew in my life that would ever consider you more than an expendable little cockroach to be stepped on and destroyed. Yes, you will find some who won't act that way on the surface, but in their hearts these Christ killers curse the ground you walk on. To love them like you do is truly pathetic.

everyone has different kinds of experiences with . . .

different nationalities and races and religions--

I frankly have disdain for some of the people I call 'family', too--

close-minded, arrogant--

not approachable, consumed with greed--

and not Jewish.

So many groups of guilty of this. But don't you honestly believe that there are Jews who are trying to overcome this, just as members of other groups are trying to overcome ethnocentricity and chauvinism?

We have some Jewish relatives; the 'full-blooded' Jew was not an easy person to be around and did look down on the Christian family members--

the half-Jewish children (to whom we are quite close) are delightful people; one is still a Jew; the others have converted to Christianity--

yes, the Christian who married the Jew got to the point where the arrogance was destructive to him/her--

but we recently met the Jewish family member in a place where he/she was hurting, and he/she was genuinely humble--

humans are, after all, humans.

I know some Christians who are so arrogant and self-righteous that it is impossible to communicate with them, and I am a Christian--

I can understand the embarrassment *you* can feel when *your own* group behaves outrageously and with audacity--

and the whole idea of 'chosen' (which Christians can participate in, too)--

can infect and do a great amount of damage to the human heart--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

mike...I know where you are coming from

...and I am sure I have not been around as many Jewish people as you; however, I thank God that I have known many Jewish people who do not think as you do about the attitude of the majority of Jewish people.

About a decade ago, I asked a dear friend about kibbutzes (pardon the spelling.) I tbought they were like communal hippie enclaves...lol. Her reply was, "Oh, Nena (real name), that's where we send our bad little teenagers for the summer so they can come back and appreciate what they have here." In short, I am happy that I have friends, who happen to be Jewish, who are Americans seeing the flaws in our current system and, yet, willing to work toward change. Many were supporters of Ron Paul who would never have worked on local GOP committees pushing a Zionist agenda. They are Americans...concerned with America.

And, you were born to Jewish parents and think the way you do! I believe many Jewish people believe very much in separation of church and state and are proud to be Jewish (not that ugly self-hating word) with allegiance to the US.


Granger, you are perhaps the most downvoted

member in Daily Paul history.The folks on the DP are all pretty much level headed people with open minds seeking the truth and answers. Every DP member who posts on the DP occasionally gets down voted for an inappropriate post now and then. But You? Virtually every post you make becomes a cancer on this site. You take your support for Israel to fanatical levels that insult the intelligence of the vast majority of folks here on the DP. When one person tells you that you are full of it that person can pretty much be ignored. When a dozen people tell you the same thing, then maybe you you should reflect upon what you are saying. But when everyone on the DP tells you that your eyes are brown for a reason, then perhaps it is time to change the subject or shut your pie-hole.

I've been here nearly six years and I can honestly say that there is no other member of the DP that is so single subject minded and irritating as you. Your M.O. is always the same. You are a one person cheer leading squad for a group of people who are perhaps the major cause of all world sufferings throughout history. Why? Because they control EVERYTHING.

You should seriously consider starting your own web site because your posts do not belong on a site like the DP. You honestly need to make that trip to Israel that you talk about all the time. What you will find is that they will hate you and spit on you. To them, you are not even human... You are Goyem. Personally, I have been to Israel for several months while working for Hughes Aircraft company. I found them to be the most rude and obnoxious people that I had ever met. Those who were fellow Jews were treated differently. So, if you are not a pure blood Jew, you would NEVER be accepted in Israel... EVER.

Granger, I have nothing against you. I am simply asking that you change the subject to something relevant or remain silent. Peace.

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau

LittleWing's picture


Flame on!

Have a happy flaming day!

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.


You're moving permanently to Israel soon?

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

Not permanantly

I think it's important for me to go to Israel and see for myself.. so I am planning an extended trip where I hope to accomplish a few things.. I'd like to volunteer there, helping to build a home for the Palestinians, Israel has several programs for home building FOR PALESTINIANS, not Israelis. I would like to participate in an archilogical dig, go on a few tours and if they would let me, volunteer for the IDF, peeling potatos or something so I can get a feel about what the IDF is... right now, I think the IDF is a brilliant program, where citizens are all trained, so they can work as their own police in their own neighborhoods and join together if there is a national threat. they do have programs, like border patrol, security in the cities.. I think it would be better if Americans were all trained as miltas and responsible for their own security rather than dependent on people who don't KNOW anyone in the area, and then an Army, or the UN to be enforcers. We wouldn't have riot police at protests if this was the case..

Volunteering for IDF

Granger, I sincerely wish you well on your trip.

I do not post often anymore and have no desire to get in a tussle with anyone. This thread and similar ones; however, have sparked my interest in researching all over the internet.

Perhaps you as an American visitor can volunteer; however if ypu go to Half-Jewish.net, you find that there is a lot of discrimination against people who are even half-Jewish. And, that is not even addressing other groups of people who are almost in a caste system.

The issues I have been researching on Israel include what is the meaning of "sovereignty" without defined borders, human rights, a constitution or something like the Bill of rights. There are many articles by scholars who believe the word "sovereignty" is one of the most confusing terms in the political arena. Further, I have tried to learn why Israel is so picky about defining a Jew and also why they do not have a constitution and yet call themselves a democracy. Some articles indicate that the reason is that they say only God can make rules and govern and until the Jewish Messiah comes they will follow only God's law as they interpret it. This kind of reasoning confuses and frankly scares me. I believe in separation of church and state. Israel sounds much like a theocracy to me.

We all research according to our issues and interest areas. I am idealistic enough to look toward a time when there will be peace on earth, goodwill among ALL men. I think a good beginning even though such peace is far down the road might begin with Dr. Paul's principles of an open society, be fostered further by the kind of dialog he is demonstating with his institute which is purposely led by a vary broad based coalition of individuals united by a few common goals.

I do not see the kind of government in Israel as fostering peace on earth and certainly not goodwill among all men. I see th legacy of Ron Paul doing just that.

Folks..I am typing on a phone...sorry for the typos.


TY fonta

Thank you for the kind words fonta.

I am sorry that you do not SEE what Israel is doing as THE solution to PEACE.

First, I would highly suggest you watch the vid, THE LEGAL CASE FOR ISRAEL because all it is, are the FACTS. It is not an opinion piece. It simply lays out the FACTS on the treaties and laws


Second, These vids below show you the difference between Israel SOVREIGNITY VS GLOBAL GOVERNMENT (UN AGENDA):



So if you believe that a UN Global Government, where people do not own anything, and AUTHORITY of global central bankers, by puppets who employ FORCE, to squash individual's self determination, is THE WAY to global peace, then, I don't believe you understood what Ron Paul was saying when he campaigned on, FREEDOM IS POPULAR and RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

It is very interesting that so many here, who speak up openly about the UN AGENDA, stand against Israel, who is a target by the UN (communist and Islamic collective since 1975) because Israel is fighting for SELF DETERMINATION.

I would also like to address your point on why SOME Israelis have a hard time with non Jews, which I am.

Again, here in DP, we see plenty of attacks on "Zionist controlled media", but is it really? To find the vids for Israel volunteer opportunies, building houses for Palestinians, I had to go through five Google pages of ISRAEL DEMOLISHING PALESTINE HOUSES.

The bias is AGANST Israel and why it took me so long to find anything that was good. And once I began finding opportunities, such as building homes for Palestinians by Israeli based volunteer organizations (which they do pay for interns on many volunteer jobs), it's pretty apparent to me, media is not controlled by friends to Israel, but UN Agendists, who LOVE watching Israel become THE target, by the people who one might think would be supporting Israel's self determination over the UN AGENDA.

With all this biased information abundantly against Israel, many Americans come to Israel to stand for Palestine, not Israel. They do not appreciate that it is Israel who gave them the opportunity to even come to the Mid East.

I have been watching Palestinian films (having watched many Israel films), and I began watching each film thinking, "they are going to bash Israel".. well they do have issues with Israel. REAL issues no one likes about Israel, but they have VERY SERIOUS issues about the Palestinian AUTHORITY who employs the Islamic AUTHORITY that works with the UN AUTHORITY to stop the people of Palestine from SELF DETERMINATION.

Palestinians are not fools. They see the OPPORTUNITY in Israel and they want that OPPORTUNITY, and I can't blame them. The Palestinian AUTHORITY, Islamic AUTHORITY and UN AUTHORITY twist the message.. Palestine wants to be it's own Israel FREE to be Palestine and to THRIVE. The Palestinian AUTHORITY, Islamic AUTHORITY and UN Authority, blame Israel, saying it is Israel's illegal occupation, not their combined, overlapping AUTHORITY responsible for the oppression of the peoples of Palestine.

I can go on, but understand you are on a limited net connection, and apologise if I already overwhelmed you in my answer.

Granger, I find it highly

Granger, I find it highly ironic that you want to help a Palestinian family out by building them a home, when Israel regularly demolishes Palestinian homes. You live in a bizarre world fueled by Zionist propaganda.

LittleWing's picture

Granger justifies killing innocent Palestinian children

"Because they are not innocent and they are bred to be terrorists"
This after being shown the number of children killed in Operation Cast Lead, many under the age of 5. Carpet bombing and using white phosphorus on a population contained in the worlds largest concentration camp called Gaza, where 52% of the population are children is okay in Grangers view.
"Arabs, Muslims especially "Pallies" need to be a minority." Also these children that are terrorized, dehumanized by going through checkpoints in Grangers view should be happy to be abused by the IDF- get pat downs with an AK 47 pointed at them because "that is the price to cross into Israel and they should be happy about it."

Very sick mindset.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.


LittleWing Justifies Suicide Bombing and murdering innocent Children by terrorist organizations who use Children in a campaign of HATE for Israel.

You have twisted my words. I would have never written what you made out of my words, so let me make it clear to you:

Palestiniuan children are innocent and unfortunately grow up under a BRUTAL HAMMAS AUTHORITY that murders Palestinian ARAB MUSLIMS, and a corrupt and inept Palestinian AUTHORITY, that employs Islamic AUTHORITY, working with UN AUTHORITY, to suppress INNOCENT CHILDREN, teaching them to blame and hate Israel, for the lack of opportunity they could have in abundance, if it were not for the BRUTAL HAMMAS and CORRUPT and INEPT Palestinian AUTHORITY, working with the Islamic AUTHORITY, and UN AUTHORITY, that FORCES these Innocent Palestinian children to act in the name of HATE for their EXCUSE.

You're a perfect example to the SICK and TWISTED mindset that uses INNOCENT CHILDREN, ARAB, MUSLIM, PALESTINAIAN INNOCENT AND BEAUTIFUL who deserve a GOOD LIFE and peace, that are instead kept oppressed so you can USE them as a campaign against Israel for your own CORRUPT and MURDERING REGIME against your own people.

Shame on you and using the innocents of children, robbing them of their future in a twisted and sick campaign to promote AUTHORITY over the freedom, Israel prooves can be had when there isn't layers of AUTHORITY committing crimes in the name of inncocent children.

It is the likes of YOU why Israel needs to build a wall, not the inncocent Children you to teach HATE, and to blame Israel.. but they are catching on... they are growing up and seeing, ISRAEL is opportunity and freedom, and you are nothing but an OPPRESSOR with excuses for layers of corrupt and inept AUTHORITY!

You are going to lose because these children SEE the TRUTH about you and your AUTHORITARIAN DEATH CULT.

That's because

You don't know Israel.




There's TONS of opportunity in Israel.. absolutely AMAZING what they have going on over there.. paid internships, free living.. this is why they have a HUGE problem with illegal settling.. people want to live in Israel because Israel is THRIVING, abundant opportunity!!

Life was great for the

Life was great for the Germans too soon after Hitler took control. What is your point? I noticed you failed to address the fact that Israel regularly demolishes Palestinian homes and even forcibly removes non-Jews from homes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQLM9SrL7SI Of course, Israelis will say, "but they didn't have permits to build those homes"! Well, that is because Israel does not hand out very many permits for Palestinian homes. And since when does a libertarian demand a person get a permit to build a home?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZXPC8pLhE8 Zionists removing an old Palestinian woman from her home. Disgusting racism.

I'm willing to address any topic

I am sorry that you think I'm avoiding an issue. THANK YOU for bringing issues back to my attenting so I may adrress them.

ISRAEL DEMOLISHES PALESTINIANS HOMES. THAT IS A FACT, ORchardes, gardebns schools, ISRAEL DEMOLISHES.. I do NOT DENY THAT FACT in any way shape or form.. no different than I deny the FACT even in my own area, people HOMES, gardens orchards were obtained under FRAUD, condemned and DEMOLISHED FORCING people who have lived in this area for decades to relocate.

It happens EVERYWHERE, even here, where right now, we have a HUGE FIGHT as State Parks is telling us, they don't care that 98% of the community voted NO gainst their plan to DEMOLISH a haul road, and DESTROY vegetation that protects a community of homes from sand dune migration, that is now swqallowing up the homes, people are being forced to move and the county, and state have told people they can NOT use a tractor, or remove any sand. So we have problems here, by AUTHORITY, really no different except it is the USA layers of government reclaiming WATER and LAND for themselves, pushing himeowners off, with NO compensation, just legal papers and guns.

Israel removes Jews from Illegal settlements ALL THE TIME.

Neighbor did not get a permit to repair his roof. The roof repair was $15K. The fines (many layers of government) for not getting a permit was $230,000.00. Think they are not pissed? AND, they can not sell the house until the property is approved. Matter of fact, you can not sell your car here unless it is smog checked LOCALLY.. smog check is $450.00.

But let's duscuss this Israeli DEMOLATION of Palestinian homes.. WHY do you wonder, does the Palestinian Authority ALLOW it? WHY doesn't the Palestinian AUTHORITY bring their tanks and troops and stand up to Israel and say NO YOU WILL NOT?!!

Can you answer that?

I couldn't even make it to the 5 minute mark...

This kind of crap propaganda is the problem.

He says Israel is the point from which we can project our power. What kind of statement is that?

Here's the bottom line about Israel: In 1948 the United States was instrumental in creating a state BASED SOLELY ON A RELIGION!

But our OWN country was created with FREEDOM OF (and from) RELIGION.

So when we created a country in which you literally HAD to be a Jew to live there, it went against every liberty principle we were built on ourselves.

THAT is why we will never live down what we did back then.

And don't forget - WE (the USA) displaced 750,000 Palestinians in the process of creating this state.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Israel was already there

Just didn't have the name until '48. You can thank central banking via the Rothschilds and the empire-loving Brits who were held financial hostage by the Rothschilds for the origins of this mess. See the Balfour Declaration.


It seems to me the Rothschilds were for private banking (royalty/Church), and the central banking of Rockefellers and others corporate industrail age, was part of the conflict in WWI, and why Rothschild was basically exiled to Israel while the Central bankers took over global banking.

TY pawnstorm12 for trying

I thought the video was a little slow, but he reminded me of the rEVOLution (THE OLD DP) and I enjoyed watching his open carry, and thought his reasons for not liking zionists were good. So he gave me pause, because being a neocon or a zionist are not lables I would want to wear, but if supporting Israel means those are the lables, then I have to admit that, which I have, and deal with it as it is.

If you look at the map of the Palestinian British Occupation after WWI, and what is Palestine, you will see, that the number of refugees you gave includes what is Israel, but it is not exclusive. To their credit, Israel returned Gaza and the West bank, which they didn't have to. What did Jordan return? NOTHING.

I don't think you are right for blaming Israel and the USA solely.

BLAME is not a solution, and if that's all you got, then I guess you won't be able to live down what the British did carving up Palestine, making a Balfore Treaty with Arab leaders who were traitors to their own people, for none of this could have happened with out Palestinian Authority disarming and forcing their own people off their own land.

It is now done.. Israel exists, and maybe you can find some relief knowing the 85% of the land that was Palestine is not Israel (though that didn't stop the Palistinian AUTHORITY from making them refugees in their own opportunistic lust for greed and power at the expense of their own people).

The 800 lb gorilla

has stolen your TV remote and Funyons.... What do you do?

LittleWing's picture

Pull the Plug!

The Sacred Cow Band


If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Even though I am not anti-Israel...

...as an equal opportunity replier, I am voting you down for continuing to bring it up, just as I would do the same for anti-Israel posts from "anti-Zionists."

I prefer the Daily PAUL, not the Daily Israel or the Daily Neo-Nazi thank you very much.

It was a unique perspective

from a guy who is open carry in MI.. I thought the guy was VERY DAILY PAUL and the only reason I posted it. Irony is funny. LOVE IT.


Granger, I hate to even give you attention any more.

I have a friend that is a USS Liberty Survivor that has endured these lies for the vast majority of his life.

You claim to do a lot of research, but are you looking for the truth, or for information to support your latest passion in your quest for a flag to wave?

How about measuring what you find by one simple edict?

The golden rule. Most people are very happy to live by it.

I'm a Christian that believes Jesus is my savior, but others seem to promote the idea as well.


And I'm certainly not a fan of unification, I'm a fan of the non-agression, but BE STRONG principle.



First, about my, should I stay or go, post... did you notice that I didn't respond to one post? Know why? Because I wasn't seeking attention. I got a message from DP saying my PRO statis was ending.. it so happened my birthday was coming up, and a friend who complains about the time I spend on DP offered to buy me the PRO subscription for my birthday.. So I wondered outloud on DP.. I didn't want to leave and not say anything. I've seen, "Where's Granger?" top posts in the past when I leave for extended periods.

I thought it was pretty cool of my friend to make the offer, but I also agree with my friend, after all, there is plenty of stuff I could do, I live in an awesome place. My life, despite the difficult upbringing, I have made my life good for me.. so I'm not whinning, and I'm not seeking any sympathy. I'm an open book, warts and all, I'm not pretending to be perfect, I tell it like I see it, and I don't expect everyone to agree with me.

As for Israel.. I feel a calling. I'm checking it out and I see most here don't like it for conspiracy based and bigoted reasons. There are a few here who have taught me some cool stuff and I look forward to my trip which I am in the process of booking.

TRUTH is like an elephant and we are ALL blind men with a grip more or less on part of that elephant. That is what TRUTH is to me. So what grip I've got I tell about that grip. I'm not saying I have the best grip, but what grip I've got, I'm telling it like I "see" it, being open and honest about it.

I am strong. I think that's pretty apparent, but apparently you don't see that. I'm not going to chage to suit base's idea about what strong is and I don't expect you to change to suit my idea of what truth is, and to me, there's the golden rule in action.

I'm really sorry that the USA has hidden what happened to the USS Liberty. I'm sorry yiour friend never met my Dad.. he may not have been a great dad, but he was a great officer, retreived many medals for servicement who never got theirs.. I don't believe he knew about the USS Liberty, and if he had, he would have gone up the ranks to get some action because inaction from the government recognizing servicemen was a pet peeve he worked hard to remedy.

I don't blame Israel. To me the USA did the USS Liberty WRONG, by hiding what happened, and you can say "international waters" all you like, but that is neglecting the FACT Israel strikes anything they see as a potential threat. USS Liberty had NO business being where they were.. that's not where they were stationed, and your friend KNOWS that.

I will send this reply to him.

That's it.

You tell IT like you SEE it.

God Bless you Granger, at some point I pray that enough people respect the truth that you can continue your studies to understand the Golden Rule. With Whatever means you choose to find it.

It's the elephant in YOUR LIVING room.


Want some schooling?

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."
- Voltaire, French Philosopher


(Presidential candidate, 1988 (L), 2008, 2010, R-TX)

Openly critical of the influence of the Israel Lobby (AIPAC) and Jewish "neo-cons"
Oppossed all "Foreign Aid - including to Israel
Called for abolition of The Federal Reserve (which happens to be controlled by Zionist banking interests)


In spite of massive fund raising and legions of enthusiastic devotees, the Zionist dominated media buried Dr. Paul's recent Presidential campaigns with a blanket of silence. When Paul became to big to ignore, he was attacked and portrayed as a "kook"
Ignored and outcast by his own Party