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I'm getting Schooled now on Israel

Well, DPers, I'm getting some feedback about my Quest for Israel.

What do you think? I didn't know all this, and I agree.


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I don't see it

In 2007-08 I had a discussion with Ron Paul and Kent Snyder, his manager at the time, and they both made it very clear to me, Ron was NOT going to make an Indy run for president. I could not bring myself to join the GOP.

When Ron announced his run in 2011, It made me sick, but I joined the GOP. Then I went to a central committee meeting because Ron was saying HE NEEDED GOP DELEGATES, and to be a delegate you had to be on a committee.. So I did all that.

Ron did NOT have the people in the GOP. He had ROCK STAR statis with people who REFUSED TO JOIN THE GOP, and those of us who joined the GOP, we fought very hard, not just the GOP, but a so called Liberty Movement pushing for REPUBLICAN GJ because he snapped on a LP pin, took the LP nomination.

So there are plenty of people in DP that talk up Ron Paul, but they didn't do what it takes to get Ron Paul the nomination.


Blaming AIPAC and the zionists is a lame assed excuse, and let me tell you what I think about that.. all it means to me is you are a DEFEATEST.. AIPAC has YOU beat.. you're right.. GOP has YOU beat, because you won't get in and fight. You look for a way OUT and call it "principle".

Ron's defeat came from those who waved signs, pitched into money bombs and LOVE Ron Paul, but NOT enough to get in the GOP and win.

You don't see it, because you can't.

You haven't pierced the first veil.

Something for you. Media Caught Lying, Version2


Media caught lying?

When doesn't media lie? You need to see a YouTube to "peirce the veil" that media lies?

People who tell themselves that Ron Paul didn't NEED them in the GOP as delegates LIE to themselves in the name of "principle".

Pierce that veil and then I will believe that you might be a little interested in the truth as to why Ron Paul did not get the nomination. Ron Paul had a fan club. He needed an armey in the GOP and he didn't get that because the principle is BLAME everything and others but not yourself for NOT doing what he told you he needed to win that nomination.

She also isn't involved for principle.

Local people here didn't join the Republican Party, they were already a part of it.

We even got a new county chairman elected and the MSM locally owned character assasinated him.

Granger knowingly or not is trying to do that to DP. I don't care. They have exposed themselves here locally and I'm really growing a garden.

Are you in the GOP?

Were you in the GOP fighting for Ron Paul, or just an observer of MSM, and reporting what happened because you dedn't actually get in yourself and support your candidates and Liberty GOP?

That's a hell of a principle you got there. Expecting others to do what you won't do and then BLAMING everything and everyone else.

Maybe, just maybe, had you gottin in the GOP, it would have been different. But then, if all you did was get in the GOP and done NOTHING but moan about how it isn't what it could be (because you refuse to make it what it want it to be) your principle appears to be, "Get others to do the dirty work for me".

writtenwrath 1 day ago

writtenwrath 1 day ago -
"This is one of the fucking sickest endorsements for Zionist sponsored Terrorism I've ever seen. You really need to be checked in to a psychiatric ward."

Top rated comment..... Enough said....

You didn't even watch

Bob Powell made a very clear case against zionism. Loved how he was an open carry, and he made some great points IMO.


After reading through a lot of your posts, posts I used to not pay attention to until your ultimatum request for 'should I stay?'

I wanted to know why has this person been on daily paul THIS LONG and still doesn't understand what all of the early writings of America's beginnings were all about.

I'm afraid you have no clue. I'm sorry for your childhood and military upbringing, I'm sad your Dad essentially abandoned his family. But this is YOUR LIFE. Research the Stockholm principle if you haven't.

Nobodies life is perfect nor were their upbringing, but it's yours and you should make the most of it.

Perhaps you seek government for a replacement. It isn't.

Best wishes, but I'm not a psychiatrist and don't think I can help you (I really don't think psychiatrist's help people either, but I support the option).

I'm going to put you on ignore for awhile, because I've shared enough of your pain.

Don't expect any interaction with me in the future.

Good luck Granger, and HUGS. I truly wish you well.