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Students Get $2,000 To Facebook State Propaganda

"The paid scholarship will allow them to get training and then work from home for five hours per week for a year to "refute" what it calls "misinformation"...

"After training, the student will begin his activities. The student will do the activities in the comfort of his home, where every week he will be obligated to about 5 hours of activities for a period of one calendar year ... Students will be paid a total of [$2,000] to perform the tasks of the project, at least 5 hours weekly for a total of 240 hours of activities under the project umbrella."

I look forward to more good journalism from these guys and their neoconservative rejection.
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Wow that is pretty F-ed up.

Wow that is pretty F-ed up. Brown shirts?

Southern Agrarian


'allegiance' to policies... not patriotism or morals.