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Chemtrails are now common knowledge, with only the most obtuse among us in denial

Activist Post – by Michael T. Winter

Thanks to the internet reformation, chemtrails are now common knowledge, with only the most obtuse among us in denial. The proof, after all, is found not only in scientific treatises or articles on the web by unknowns such as this writer, but easily discerned by simply looking up into the sky on almost any given day. Google Images will provide hundreds of pictures of chemtrails from all over the world. As a visitor of ‘truther’ sites, you, the reader, no doubt are already well aware of them and require little to no convincing as to the veracity of their existence.

There is a vast and ever growing body of knowledge concerning chemtrails found in the written word, pictures, videos and testimonials; from ordinary citizens to global household names. The common denominator of this growing body of data is that chemtrails are dangerous to all life on earth. This short article will attempt to explain, in relatable terms, how they came about, exactly what they are, why they are being sprayed across our skies, and how they will impact our future as a species.

Simplistically, chemtrails are (as most things in life are the manifestation of a need or desire) the result, or answer to an unsolved dilemma; whether real or perceived. In 1971, MIT published a paper called “Inadvertent Climate Modification: Report of the Study of Man’s Impact on Climate” 1. and the game was on. This term, ‘Inadvertent Climate Modification’ lasted only four years, until geochemist Wallace Broecker of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory published a paper in 1975, for the first time utilizing a term we are now oh so familiar with; “Global Warming”. 2.


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Who's going to be the next

Who's going to be the next international super star that leaks top secret documents giving 100% proof of the worldwide geo-engineering programs. That person will make millions in book sales.

This is why I have a hard time buying chemtrails

So do the ones in power who planned the harmful chemical dosing of the planet have some sort of special immunities to this?

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!

Aerodynamic contrails

Actual source of the original video:

The original video:

View of the same phenomenon, from the same source, taken from below the tanker during refueling operations:

Higher-resolution stills:

And the science behind it all, with even more photographic evidence:


But it's so comfortable here in Denial

"How can you be so obtuse?" --
Andy Dufresne to the Warden (Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption)

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Chalk me up with the obtuse I guess.

I'm confident they do spray occasionally in weather manipulation testing, maybe even some biological dispersal testing wouldn't surprise me, but as far as depopulation spraying, that bunch is nuttier than a walnut farm.

Out where I live...........

You only see them when the air temp at flight level is less than -40c, and dewpoint and temp are withing 3 degrees.

That's not spraying. Aluminum and stuff would be visible at all temps.


joe rogan agrees with you

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From Big Sky Country

On a sunny day you can see only blue forever. Very few jets coming over, just one every now and then. Now, I have pictures of the whole sky covered with a crisscross pattern. AND these trails are not from passenger planes, not enough in the area.

I live in the mountains where my trees used to be full of all kinds of birds and squirrels. My big concern this year is the bird population which is down about 50% and squirrels 0%.
Also I have been able to leave my screen doors open, practically NO insects. The stray fly or two that did get in were lethargic and died in a very short time. What are the birds to eat if there are no insects? Yes I put out food.

Wild animals showing up more, mountain lions and black bears; are they trying to tell us something? I feel so sorry for all the wild creatures that have no choice.

Grass needs less mowing, not growing as much. Area where rain pours off the roof is yellow, used to be the fastest growing.

Thanks for reading, family thinks I'm losing it.

I still don't see it

I like a good conspiracy just like the next guy, but I just don't see the Chemtrail one.

To me its just jet fuel exhaust. Still I'm sure it contains items that are not good for the environment and that bad stuff probably falls down on us, but I just don't see that every plane is secretly spraying chemicals and disguising it as exhaust.

Every Pilot for every major airline would have to know
Mechanics who work on the planes would all have to know
Everyone working for Boeing would know
Fuel teams who would have to fill up the chemical tanks would know

All these people are in on it? knowing its hurting them and their families as well?

Call me obtuse, I just don't see it.

I'm obtuse too

Consider this sentence from the linked article:
Particles are the nuts and bolts of chemtrails; the flour in the cake. They are metal oxides which convert the warmth that is prevented by the greenhouse gases from escaping from the earth’s atmosphere, into infrared waves. These waves are then abducted into space, resulting in the desired cooling effect.

Converting warmth into infrared waves and then abducting the waves into space. Wow. I'm too obtuse to understand how anyone could find this kind of pseudo-scientific gibberish convincing.

Also things like this make me obtuse:

Oh well.

If chemtrails are just jet

If chemtrails are just jet fuel exhaust then you would see chemtrails everyday but I don't in my observation. There are days where it's a clear blue sky with fluffy clouds and other days where I see planes spraying, and the trails hang and become haze in the sky. For starters, look into photographic time lapses as well as videos comparing contrails to chemtrails. Compare old photographic landscapes that were shot in color to that of today. Observe the sky often and you might find that chemtrails are no longer a conspiracy.

Not so fast

If chemtrails are just jet fuel exhaust then you would see chemtrails everyday but I don't in my observation.

You start with:

If chemtrails are just jet fuel exhaust then you would see chemtrails everyday but I don't in my observation.

If chemtrails are actually just contrails, which have been observed for as long as jet planes have been flying (yes, including the kind that linger and disperse) them no, they aren't just jet fuel exhaust. "Contrail" is short for "condensation trail." So contrails aren't just jet engine exhaust, they're *condensed* jet engine exhaust.

And condensation only occurs under certain conditions. So that seems to be where you go wrong with the next part:

If chemtrails are just jet fuel exhaust then you would see chemtrails everyday but I don't in my observation.

No, you would see them only when conditions are right for the jet engine exhaust to condense and freeze in the cold high-altitude air.

[Correction: condense and freeze *and not quickly sublimate*. See the link above for much more detail. Warning: there's actual science involved there, not pseudo-science about infrared waves being abducted into space.]


Word of Mouth

is the best way to promote the reality about this...wherever it is and whenever it is happening.

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Great article, thanks!

Great article, thanks!

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain