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U.S. Drones Bombs Yemen; Americans Urged to Leave

(CNN) -- A pair of suspected U.S. drone strikes killed four al Qaeda militants in Yemen as the United States maintained a heightened security alert in the country and urged all Americans to leave immediately.
Security sources told CNN about the strikes but didn't offer additional details. A Yemeni official said four drone strikes have been carried out in the past 10 days.

None of those killed on Tuesday were among the 25 names on the country's most-wanted list, security officials said.

It is unclear whether the strikes were related to the added security alert in the country after U.S. officials intercepted a message from al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri to operatives in Yemen telling them to "do something." The message was sent to Nasir al-Wuhayshi, the leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the terror group's Yemeni affiliate. U.S. intelligence believes al-Wuhayshi has recently been appointed the overall terror organization's No. 2 leader.


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This Is BooCrap

Fire off a few drone missiles at some random suspected militants and kill them. Then if anyone asks anything - just say, "oh they were going to attack the embassy. We needed to spy on everyone!"

This is a total scam job. There was probably no grave threat, other than the threat that resides within the White House, Military, NSA, CIA, FBI, House and Senate. Anything else? Our institutions are all corrupt, and evil. Collapse can't come soon enough. BTW, 90%+ of all new jobs created in 2013 are part-time jobs.

People can't even afford the gun or bullets to shoot themselves in the head in this Obama economy.

Hornet's nest logic

The thing about beating a hornet's nest is eventually you're gonna get stung.
After awhile, even fools learn to stop whacking the hornet's nest.

"We ought to mind our own business is what we ought to do!”—Ron Paul

"We just plain don't mind our own business. That's our problem."—Ron Paul

Let us see ...

OK we bomb them,then we say uh oh - we are getting a lot of
( chatter ) that something big is gonna happen

NO SHIT SHERLOCK you just bombed them people

you really think they are gonna stand by while you bomb the hell out of their steeples ?????

If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?

William Shakespeare

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

from LRC

Rush, Sean, and Newt: Grab Your Shotguns!
Thomas DiLorenzo

Your fellow neocons have started another war — this time in Yemen! I’m sure you’ll all be on the next cargo plane over there. To celebrate this joyous event I have purchased each of you a designer camouflage outfit. Watch out for a Fed Ex package in the next day or two. I didn’t include Marc Levin (“The Grate One”) since I’ve heard from a reliable source that he’s already “in country” digging fox holes.

Whats the matter with those jackasses from Al Qaida? I mean, we

send drones to covertly kill them and their families without any proof they are even IN Al Qaida or that they ever did anything wrong. Without any due process, we are judge jury and executioner, killing at least 3 to 1 innocent civilians, along with our intended victim.

We do ALL this stuff for (to) them, and what?

They get all SORE at us! They start making THREATS to our embassies! They just don't even appreciate ALL we are DOING to (for) them.

Al Qaida is just FILLED with unappreciative INGRATES!!

WE need to find a better and more appreciative group of people to terrorize and slaughter.

(YES I am being sarcastic.)

All Americans to leave Yemen?

Do they mean all the CIA and contractors are to leave? Who are they talking about? How many 'muricans are walking around Yemen these days?

We should give al Qaeda

We should give al Qaeda militants foreign aid and ship them some drones to make it a fair fight.

four al Qaeda militants?

Right...I believe nothing from our Media.

I do not agree with "drone

I do not agree with "drone strikes". PERIOD
I do not consent to "drone strikes". PERIOD

I DONT CARE FOR THE GOOD IT DOES, on the daily basis.....drones are one step down to the danger of a "weapon of mass destruction".......they have introduced yet another WEAPON into the world, where others WILL attempt to aquire, and the only option for the makers is to forcefully stop this from happening (we know they dont talk for fear of looking "weak"), and in doing so, becoming a greater threat then the one, they unknowingly created

Violence is met by violence.PERIOD.....either imediate or left to grow and fester

Peace is met by violence, yes, AND peace........the aggressors of this war, this great lie, this great manipulation is NOT after PEACE....they dont UNDERSTAND peace

SteveMT's picture

Heightened terror alert in the middle-east turns out to be us?

Talk about a self-fulfilling prophesy of deceit, this is it.

To paraphrase

I've never been proud of our country until now.


I get it now...

The world-wide "terror" alert was for the terrorist activities the US Govt was getting ready to engage in.

Well, idk about you, but I

Well, idk about you, but I feel a whole lot better now that we killed innocent people in Yemen. I can go back to watching reality television and eating fast food because the gubment says we're ok now. Yay Murka!

Yes, nothing could make me happier than my rulers...

Killing people all over the world, IN MY NAME.


Our government warns of a terror attack while attacking the so called "terrorist" during Ramadan.