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Any of you follow this story?

Wait, why didn’t you stop this?

At pentagon news briefing following the incident, “We have been monitoring this group for an extended period of time now and can safely say, without going through the details of a lengthy investigation, that these persons are those who are responsible for this outrageous crime and we are going to do everything we can to end them. Period. We will use all our tools at our disposal, intelligence, war machines, manpower, to find them and bring them and all who associate with them down and to justice.” A reporter, “Excuse me sir, but with all we know about these extensive data collection programs and monitoring programs in conjunction with the statement you just made about knowing and feeling confident that these are the perpetrators, why then didn’t you stop this from happening?” SILENCE. Another reporter (female), visibly become angered, “Yeah why weren’t able to stop this from occurring, but wait until minutes afterwards to announce to us that you know who it was already and that you’ve been monitoring them the whole time.” General/staffer/briefer guy, “Well, wait a minute, I didn’t say we’d been monitoring them….” Another reporter, “Who was in charge of monitoring this group? Who did you say was leading the ongoing investigation of these individuals, can I get a name? Please?” General/briefer guy turns to ear piece and off-set person, turns back to crowd of reporters, “I just received word that I am needed elsewhere and unfortunately we will have to resume this press conference at another time, thanks” -walks off. Reporters turn stunned, some get on cell phones, others voraciously begin typing at laptops.

So the murder of this little girl and her whole family was perpetrated by this group of so-called terrorists operating out of the Ural mountains and our entire intelligence gathering, defense structure could not or was not able to detect, and prevent this heinous, horrible, tragic death event from occurring? -Next on Nightline….

Man to wife, “Wow, would you believe it? After all that hoopla about spying and amendments being trampled and us choosing to allow it for our protection that it all failed so easily?” Wife, turning, crying, with baby in arms, tears on cheeks, “No. I do not believe it.” Husband looking back, shocked, but not angry, consoling, “Neither do I!” says with visible shock/shriek. Husband: “Hunny, what, what does this mean?” Wife, “I don’t know Jim, I don’t even know…”
Cuts to Senator from Utah giving press briefing outside of Lincoln Memorial on CNBCATT. “What we have here is a case of a misguided press. We, in government our doing our utmost to protect and serve and defend our land and our people from terrorist, both at home and abroad. Getting to the bottom of this, is not in our countries best interest. It’s like if an atom bomb went off in New York city, we wouldn’t be standing around asking our elected officials how are we going to find out who did it, or why did it happen, no, we’re going to be focused, with all the determination the American people can muster, on getting back those sons of bitches that did this to US and not waiting one second to grant approval to our president to go out and seek them and ultimately destroy them, for doing what they did.” Shows scrawny pundit/lawyer from ACLU, “Yes, but Senator, don’t you think that the American people should kn *scramble* wha *scramble *frozen screen. Host, “it seems that we’re having some difficulty receiving our transmission from Mr. uhhh Mr. uhhh I can’t recall his name right now (it’s being deleted from the teleprompter). Anyways, back to you Senator Wyden on what we should be doing, as Americans right now in order to retaliate justifiably for this horrible crime they committed at our home, on our soil, as you said. Shows Senator stuffing a fat envelope into shirt pocket and then opening mouth to begin to speak. BREAK

Construction site, downtown huge metro area. Men about 20 floors up working on open steel structure of a newly constructed building. “Hey Jim, you believe they let those mother fuckers kill that little girl and her family?” “You know what I think, I think they didn’t let them do it. I think they hired their own fucking internal goon squad to do that shit and then just blamed it on them.” Man 3, “How would we even know any of it. It’s not like they ever will even go to court and present any evidence to convict anyone. All we need to know is ‘they did it, let’s get them”. Man1 “You know, you’re so fucking right even if you do have a small dick” Laughs around the site. Another guy, an ‘inspector’ approaches them, all clean dressed with a fony ass hard hat on, “I think I heard you guys talking about that terrorist attack a second ago, you know what I’d like to do those jackasses that did that…” Jim: “Oh yeah, and which ‘jackasses’ are you referring to?” Inspector: “Those bozos in Ural, the Eekto…whatever they’re calling group. You know who I’m talking about.” Smiles. Jim, “No man, I don’t know who your fucking talking about. We’re over here talking about who really did the fucking crime and you come over here spouting some MSM mouthpiece-laden garbage to us.” Inspector: “Hey, wait a minute, you guys don’t really think our government had anything to do with this! You don’t even buy that whole, ‘they let them let it happen’ nonsense that’s going on on those internet chat rooms….silence.. do you?” Guys all looking at him, jeering, sneering, clenching teeth and fists. Inspector: “Hey now! I’ll tell you what, you all fucking psychos better get back to work! I’ll make a call down to the city and have some of the CIA/FBI spooks out here in no time investigating you all. Terrorist sympathizers!” Man1: “You dumb mother fucker!” They charge the man, rushing at him and he screams like a little girl as they shove him over the steel girdle and off the side of the building. Jim, “It’s asshole scumbags like that that let this system work its way into outta control tyranny.”

Two guys in suits walking to work downtown Manhattan. Guy1”Hey, dyou hear bout those crazy fucking construction workers who threw that inspector off the 34th floor of that building? Fucking crazy right?” Guy2: “Wait, are you saying you agree with the inspector?” Guy1:”No way dude, but that’s still fucked up kinda for killing the poor dude. He probably didn’t know how dumb he was.” Guy2: “Listen to me Moyers, there’s no fucking excuse for blind allegiance to authority anymore. Anyone who still does it is as bad as the ‘terrorists’ they’re trying to frame in this whole thing. The only difference is I, and those blue collar sons of bitches know who the real terrorists are these days.” Guy1: “Damn Greg, I didn’t know you were so into this shit, I am too! I’ve just been afraid to come out with out cause I thought you guys might think I’m crazy or something.” Guy2: “You are crazy, remember that.”

Mayor, Newspaper owner, and a presidential staffer are meeting in 5th floor boardroom near D.C. Staffer:”Damnit Chalmers, is there nothing you can do for us anymore?” Chalmers:” Sir, I’ve got my hands full with these fucking cops over here, some of them thinking they’re going to swear an oath to the constitution and protect that instead of doing their fucking jobs.” Kristoff: “I ran the paper headline just like the office said to sir. How’d I know the god damn night shift supervisor would change it halfway through the copy. I put a halt to all distribution but those papers are out there. What do we do?” Staffer:”Nevermind that silly headline, no one actual reads anything anymore. Find a new supervisor for your night shift tonite, that other guys coming in for uhhh questioning. Anyways, we got a report coming out all over tonite’s cable showing the president with the family and they’re holding some pictures of the girl and we’re gonna get the people’s minds back on our side with that so…” Kristoff: “So what kind of story should I run with?” Staffer:”We’re working with Hollywood and an ex congressman to set up a story about a long gone sex scandal but the real news will be the discovery of their teen son in rehab. That will send the people reeling and the papermen digging all day, we’ll get your sales up.” Chalmers: “Sir, I’ve got a real problem on my hand with these cops, and those damn Marshals are up my ass about keeping all your boys out of our ‘jurisdiction’, whatever the hell that means…” Staffer: “Don’t worry about that, I’d say they’re going to be kept pretty busy these next few weeks….”quick wry grin.

Newspaper headline” Former Congressman Bale and Hollywood celeb affair’s unknown child now in rehab. D.C. sniper on the loose. Federal government offers help to failing local police force.”

Chalmers, “That’s right boss, your boys in blue have gotten so outta control that I brought in the Feds to police you!” Commissioner: “You scumbag rat, sonofabitch! I don’t care about the Fed’s coming in and pulling out some bad weeds here, but you run a headline like that and my name gets brought into the picture and well that’s just bad business. I’ve got a family name for godsake, I have a legacy I want to be remembered by.” Chalmers, “Awww hell Clancy, I didn’t think of it like that! You gotta believe me. Hey, I’ll talk to my man in Washington tomorrow and see to it that you get some kind of credit for busting up this contingent of dirty cops. We’ll get you some glory outta this old shitty handbasket afterall. Ok now, you gotta go, I got my noon appointment” Big grin. Out walks police commissioner, in walks thin dark haired women, obviously a hooker.

Man with wife and other couples at backyard barbecue, “did you hear they got that sniper? They got with a drone, right in broad daylight.” Other guy, “Yeah kinda scary they can do that to you at any time, any place.” Wife, “but they got the killer, not some innocent American, and I heard he might have been from the area of those other terrorists, the Youral mountain range I think.” Other wife, “Betty do you really believe any of this? Does it not scare you that a man was blown to bits by an unmanned plane less than 10 miles from here? And how do you know he was guilty, because the guy on the news told you that the ‘government’ said so?” Wife1 “Well I resent that, you make me sound like I am some kind of, of, of gullible schoolgirl, like I’m not capable of thinking for myself…..” Turns to husband, “Hunny are we not thinking….”drifts off Man1: “You want to know what I really think……” All heads gather closer.

“Fuck that. No I am not ‘releasing a sex tape’ for your god damned criminal bosses to first watch and drool all over, and then make it available to every poor, sorry, uneducated fool out there in the world.” “Betsy please, you’ll have to reconsider. We can even use a body double for you parts, umm, down there.” “No Hank, I don’t care about any of that, I look so fucking good you couldn’t find a woman with gash as good looking as mine, I wouldn’t have it. The point is, is that I am not going to let myself play part of the scandal against the American people. I will not be cast into the role of co-conspirator with injustice. Now good day.” “Can I take my picture with you, before I go. It’s for my daughter?” Gets red in the face.

“Well, Betsy said no, and you might want to check into her phone records, possibly a possible enemy sympathizer there, but we did get Rita to agree to do it, and she said she’d even make it with an interracial partner!” “OH BOY, bless her, be sure to give her whatever she wants for the next year. Any trip, and clothes, meetings with other famous people, give her the golden key, by God. This little stunt will give us a lifetime of freedom to act.”

“General the plans are in place, we are going to start cover bombing the mountain region at 0800 and this will persist until next week Saturday 2000. We hope the bombings will give plenty of enough cover to have you get your men in there before that Friday and we’ll leave Saturday open to cover any bit of Mr. Murphy’s magic that may occur. The weather service will be trying their damndest to provide storm clouds too boot but you know how finnecky those weather instruments are, let’s just hope they don’t make it snow!” General “Great, we will enjoy your cover and begin to build our base tunneling operation immediately. Thank you, that is all.”

Union Boss, “Alright! Order! Order! Get ahold of yourselves. I know we’re all riled up over the disXXXa the ahh supposed questioning of those four members who committed that terrible crime. “ Booos, “Now whoever’s booing this needs to get the fuck out. We do not condone criminal behavior in this brotherhood and we certainly do not support murderers, plain and simp...” *CRACK* Man with shotgun “Any of you here, who wants to go get some justice and find our friends who they took come and let’s go. I’ve had enough of this communist fuck up here talking smack about our righteous brothers.” Cheers! Boss, “Sit down, sit down! I’m calling the mayor on all of you if you leave here tonite with that man. Order! Wait, wait. OH no. Dear God, get off me, get off me!” That was on-scene video recorded at the local 538 union hall meeting in Maryland last night, where a man was attacked and killed by a frenzied mob. Police commissionary McHenry had something to say regarding the matter, “I just wanted to let all you folks out there in the Maryland county to know that we are out in force to control the group of teamsters. Please follow the mandatory curfew for your own safety, keeping all blinds, windows and doors locked and shut for the time being. This is temporary, until my boys put a full stop to this unruly mob and you can all return safely to the streets again.” “That was..”

“Hunny, don’t look outside. They said they’re dangerous men!” Man, “Hunny, they look like regular guys…. They’re not terrorists or bikers or something. They’re like, just some regular guys…. *whispers what the hell”. Shows cops pull up in large armored vehicle and start spraying gas into the crowd. The men without masks or clothes wrech at their necks, screaming, veins bulging, eyes popping out. Until some stop moving. The men charge the vehicle climbing on it. Gunshots blast. More troopers from behind march closer in rank and file. Their shooting tear gas cansisters and rubber? Bullets at the men. The men hide behind the vehicle. Some are shooting too. Then a group of men climb out an upper floor window and get onto the roof. A helicopter megaphone screams, “Get back inside, it is not safe out here”. The men have rifles and begin shooting into the crowd of police, one shoots at the helicopter who quickly leaves the scene. More armored vehicles come closer. A machine gun mounted on top of one vehicle begins to shoot at the rooftop. Man, “Hunny, stay here I’m gonna go help them.” Woman, “Hunny go, quick! I love you. You better come back here when you’re done.” Man, “I love you too Jess.” Scene fades as he turns to leave.

Breaks to scene from helicopter on the news: “Mob of right wing conspirators have formed and begun terrorizing local police and citizens. Roads are closed and Mayor Chalmers has established a safety curfew for all residents. Authorities ask all law abiding citizens to stay indoors. The Justice department is released an official statement authorizing Federal Agencies to operate autonomously to bring about a peaceful end to the ongoing domestic terror strike.”

“Babe, we’re under attack” “Marcia, don’t play with me.” “No, come look I turned the sound off so we could see what’s really going on….” “Oh my god, Jesus lord, forgive us. BOYS! Get some supplies, we’re going for a ride” Three boys turn to their father and stop work. They look at each other and run towards the barn/cellar/upstairs of the house, father opens the gun cabinet in the living. Scene fades.

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