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Reason: Can Jesse Benton Bring Together The Paul and McConnell Wings of the GOP?


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Benton's power to create any Paul-McConnell activist alliance is questionable--he was never a favorite of the more hardcore and Internet-noisy of Ron Paul fans. In fact, many saw him as a sellout traitor, a burden Benton bore, in my experience covering the Paul campaign for my book Ron Paul's Revolution, with a decent amount of public grace but a lot of (understandable) private annoyance, which sometimes became public.

So it's going to be down to Mitch to convince them he's on their side. And it will be difficult for them to be convinced his instincts are true-blue and reliable on liberty issues--especially if he ends up majority leader again and becomes enmeshed in the ol' political art of the possible. (For example, the switch on "audit the Fed" is easy to read as just a "who the hell cares?" gesture of "no reason to make these Paul people mad at me for something I don't think is that important anyway.")

In this read, Rand Paul's very public ascendance will make a politician like McConnell more willing to go along with him, something that could be very important indeed for Rand's future career if McConnell is again majority leader of the Senate--it's good for a senator to have good relations with someone in that position. But again, it's likely that such leverage will come not from turning McConnell into a true believer, but turning Rand into a political force hard to ignore or oppose...

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WHO ARE YOU KIDDING?? This must be a post from the Benton Camp. Nobody liked Benton, we remember what he did!!! NO WAY! HE RUINED THE RON PAUL CAMPAIGN!!! NOBODY WILL BACK THAT FOOL!

Jesse WHO?????

Oh... jesse the dweeb... gotcha ya

Love Liberty, be Vigilant

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Faith in God will prevail all things!


Is the future of the GOP with the McConnell wing?

Any takers?


There are Ron Paul supporters in the GOP?

Under the new GOP rules the RNC makes the choices uses membership to provide the illusion of democratic legitimacy.

Free includes debt-free!

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Thank you for asking.

Albeit a non-innocent question, I think this is a good one, when you really ponder about it.

Thank you for asking.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Nope, down with McConnell, it

Nope, down with McConnell, it looks like he is dragging Benton down with him, and or, Benton is dragging Mitch down with him. Matt Bevin 2014!

No way. I was one of the

No way. I was one of the people that gave Jesse the benefit of the doubt. In fact, after he had a couple good hard hitting interviews where he dished it back to those who were insulting Ron Paul, I praised him. But he proved his true colors toward the end and to move over to McConman's team as if we would just follow whoever they work for is an insult to us. McConman bought some dead weight when he thought he would play that game.

I'd rather we co-opt the

I'd rather we co-opt the opposition than the alternative. And if Rand is the nominee is 2016, Jesse Benton will have played a key role in that. My impression of Benton was that he's smart, thoughtful and strategic.

I ain't mad at him, I trust he's out there working hard for liberty with his own strategy.

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

Does Benton have any

Does Benton have any following at all? Does anybody care? I think he is just like the rest of the empty suits pretending to be relevant. Nobody cares about them but they have to keep pushing the lie, every day, with the help of the media.

Benton and Rand should play

Benton and Rand should play along, everyone else should mount an attack on that old shit McConnell and get him out in the Primary election. Government employees are the only ones who usually vote in the primaries. There should be a campaign to get people to vote out McConnell in the Primary.

The plot my opinion

To quell Rand Paul by McConnell. He tryed hard to squash Rand Paul before Paul made senate in Kentucky 2010 against Mitches Neo Con buddy Tray Grayson. Mitch is still feeling the pain. Jesse Benton is a bed beg

Money talks and dogs bark



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This has got to be a joke, right?

Another opportunistic blood sucking leech is going to do something? For who?

I don't like Benton or McConnell...they can both go suck eggs!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Is this a joke?

The McConnell wing needs to be dissolved. Libertarians can ally with conservatives and with liberals, but not with authoritarian neo-cons/neo-libs.

When Graham and McConnell and King and Rubio are gone, what's left of the neo-cons need to lean the other way towards Rand or also be cast away. There is no compromise with them, no bridge. When they repudiate their defective neo-con ways, they can come on board.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Benton couldn't bring me closer to a buffet table

and wild horses couldn't drag me to sit next to McConnell.

I mean seriously. Not even Golden Corral which is kinda like my private vision of Nirvana.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

The way I read this

Preibus wants McConnell to HIGHLIGHT Benton, in hopes to encourage the Liberty Movement to once again ATTACK the Ron Paul rEVOLution to eliminate Rand. That way, the GOP can stand back and let the Liberty Movement do their dirty work.

The Liberty Movement can once again rise up and BASH everyone who joined the GOP to help Ron, and stayed in to help Rand.

Who needs GOP and MSM fighting Liberty GOP within the veil of censorship, when you can enrage a Liberty Movement to STAND AGAINST BENTON and take down the Liberty GOP standing for Rand?

So are you saying that

So are you saying that attacking Benton is an attack on the rEVOLution and rand???


I'm saying that the GOP is well aware the Liberty Movement, those who did NOT join the GOP, HATE Benton.

So rather than make themselves (Pribus, & co) attract the wrath of the Liberty Movement for their own actions.. they will get McConnell to enlist Benton as THE TARGET since Benton worked for Ron Paul.. and Ron Paul is Rand Paul's son.. it will be "Guilt by association"..

They will give MSM a Benton-Rand connection.. so when the Liberty Movment ATTACKS Benton, it will be an attack on Rand.

Did you hear the NPR interveiw today, and se how John Harwood brought up Jack Hunter RACIST Hunter.. and when Rand explained that he thought Hunter made some stipud comments, and he fired Hunter.. Harwood takes another angle.. "well you wrote a book with RACIST Hunter Rand.. what do you have to say for writting a book with RACIST RACIST RACIST which YOU ARE A RACIST BY ASSOCIATION Rand?"

Rand threatened to end the interveiw.. and if you saw emalvini's post yesterday, the GOP's Pribus is saying "Hillary will be making a veiled attempt for a presidential bid", therefore the GOP is going to protest NBC and CNN and boycott working with them... To me, this is a veiled attempt to stop Rand from talking more...

So you understand.. the GOP wants McConnell to put BENTON up to attract the ANGER of the Liberty Movment because BENTON by association is connected to Rand. and they can have the Liberty Movement do the dirty work... the GOP cogs will say... "wow.. Rand Paul supporters don't even like him because of his BENTON".

The rEVOLution has suffered MOST from the Liberty Movement, not MSM censorship, not GOP broken bones.. but from Liberty Movement HATING the GOP and trying to FORCE Ron and now Rand to do it their collective way, rather than do it Ron or Rand's way in the GOP.

So you aren't saying that an

So you aren't saying that an attack on Benton isn't an attack on Rand, but you are saying that an attack on Benton will be portrayed as an attack on rand by the media???


The GOP KNOWS BENTON and RAND have a connection RON PAUL
so the GOP is going to PROMOTE BENTON
By Promoting BENTON (HATE), they undermine Rand (GRUDGE)
Attack by association
There are many here who harbor grudges against Rand for his endorsement of Romney

So the GOP will stimulate the GRUDGES in MSM by
to undermine Rand (GRUDGE)

The general population doesn't KNOW (doesn't care)
The General Public will FEEL the HATE and GRUDGE
from what they consider themselves

You just saw this on the NPR with the association with Rand to Hunter
Hunter RACIST = Rand = RACIST

Benton = HATE

General public is turned off.. turns to Christy/ or whoever they decide to promote/select for GOP nomination.

So are you saying that

So are you saying that because the LM hates Benton, and hold a grudge against Rand for Romney, that Promoting Benton will stir the begrudging emotions they harbor against Rand???

And then this effects the general public because they will feel this grudging feeling the LM is projecting toward rand and then decide to vote for christy or someone because they don't like that feeling?

First paragraph is correct

Because of the GRUDGE held against Benton, the Grudge will be attributed to Rand's, as PROOF, there is NO SUPPORT for Rand as an ELECTABLE presidential candidate, because the voting base (Libertarian) has LOUD AND CLEAR established that they have a GRUDGE against Rand (Benton)..

so when it comes to VETTING.. the long time GOP, under the influence of Campaign/candidate managers, will be INFORMED of the GRUDGE (because they are so OUT OF TOUCH with the public, they HONESLTY DON'T KNOW).. and the rEVOLution does not have enough members in the LEADERSHIP CIRCLES.. we are on the streets, we are on the floor, but we are not controlling the suites or penthouse at the conventions.. so this is why Rove and MSM are attacking Amash and Rand.. why Reince Prebius just sent an urgent letter to ALL GOP state chairs, and they sent letters out the their leaderships, a petition to stop Hilary from a "veiled attempt" to talk on TV as a campaign tactic.. their solution is to boycott (censor) GOP (Rand and Amash) from being on MSM.

If Rand or Amash continue to appear on MSM, they could be "held in comtempt" (going against the GOP rules and By-Laws), thus they will not be vetted, and the GOP can once again continue it's path to self destruction to make way for a ONE PARTY representing the USA at the UN global government Agenda.

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You, and everybody else, is giving this parasite benton more credit than he possibly could deserve.

He is nothing, a nobody.

Focus here is wasted time (but that is what the gop is all about now, isn't it?).

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


LOL. Talk about "whatever".

Ron Paul LIKES Jesse.