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Will Jeff Bezos Purge Washington Post of the Neocons?

It was reported yesterday that Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, Inc., has agreed to purchase the Washington Post for $250 million, pocket change for the ultra-successful Bezos. While it is a sure thing that the Washington Post and the other “print format” newspapers of the Old Media are quickly going the way of the Dodo Bird in the age of the New Media, they aren’t dead just yet and still have a substantial readership. The Old Media is often marked by old ways of thinking, and the Washington Post employs several of today’s top OldThink Neocons in the form of Jennifer Rubin, Fred Hiatt, and Charles Krauthammer, among others.

Bezos has been described as a “libertarian” Democrat, having donated to the Reason Foundation, and donated to campaigns to defeat an income tax and legalize gay marriage in Washington State. Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity , published an open letter to Bezos, pleading with him to consider purging WaPo of the neocon voices:

Dear Mr. Bezos:

Congratulations on your purchase of the Washington Post. I just splurged on some great new shoes and I can’t wait for them to arrive in the mail, so I can only imagine how you must feel after this kind of splurge! It was a gutsy move and many are wondering how you might be able to turn around the floundering flagship of the Washington (the other one) Beltway set.

I won’t presume to offer you advice, as you are an exceptional entrepreneur and I am one of your most loyal customers (Amazon Prime!). You have been described in various profiles and publications as having libertarian tendencies. This is music to my ears.Continue Reading

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"3 groups say they topped Henry’s bid for Globe" "Why Didn't the Boston Globe Sell to the Highest Bidder?" Henry is the front man. I think the mystery is solved by the fact they really sold the Globe to Tom Werner (the expected Jewish billionaire, à la Bezos - you don't think these simultaneous sales are a coincidence, do you?). Werner's name never appears - it is always just Henry described as the new owner, although some reference is made to a holding company - but Werner is briefly mentioned as one of a number of 'possible investors'. If you read carefully, you can see references to the fact that Henry's main investments have been in big trouble in recent years.

full text with hyperlinks - Newspapers, Tor, NSA, SAIC, Chertoff - http://xymphora.blogspot.com/2013/08/newspapers-tor-nsa-saic...

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Is this the joining of hands

with The Guardian? Watching this maneuver with healthy skepticism.
There seems to be some seismic shifts going on in the world of Big Media, and I don't trust it.


Bezos was invited to attend the Bilderberg Conference....don't know if he attended but he was invited.

Amellia Chilcott Fawcett,

CEO of The Guardian was the former head of Morgan Stanly's European division, in charge of Billions of Dollars.
There are some huge players behind the media of the moment, hence the deep distrust.


I love amazon, but isn't Bezos anti-gun. I think I remember a DP story about amazon donating gift cards for a gun buy back program.

haven't heard that one...

Tho his "leftiness" certainly tells me it wouldn't be the craziest thing in the world.

I don't think WaPo will turn into some sort of libertarian paper of course, but if Bezos is as wise a businessman , libertarian or not, as his track record suggests, one has to think he'll see the way the trends are shifting. and it is decidedly *not* towards publications that tout a rogues gallery of neocons as their editorial section...

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


He'll have a section just for us titled "WAPO: Libertarian PRIME"