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Justin Amash on The Andrea Tantaros Show 8/6/13

discusses foreign policy, supporting Rand for president, and Edward Snowden/government whistleblowers


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Worth a bump. Learned some things about Mr. Amash here.

He has greek and middle eastern ancestry, but more importantly, he has inside information from his patriarchal church in Damascus that we are aiding terrorists... who are killing them... Wow. Imagine that sad phone call.

I like him

but I don't get what good going to congress would have been for Snowden. Since he had classified material, none of them that we know of have the guts to speak up so it would have been deep-sixed and Snowden fired at the very least if not arrested. Who would be dumb enough to trust a member of congress? Fortunately for our country, Snowden was a lot smarter than that.