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Hamburger Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for human consumption”


Hamburger chef Jamie Oliver has won his long-fought battle against one of the largest fast food chains in the world – McDonalds. After Oliver showed how McDonald’s hamburgers are made, the franchise finally announced that it will change its recipe, and yet there was barely a peep about this in the mainstream, corporate media.


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Pink Slime Again?

Pink slime is not healthy by any means, makes for a lower quality of meat, and in general is not what I want in my ground meat. When it is used it should be a listed ingredient. That said:

While the McDonald's angle is new, the video clip included is old (2011), which leads me to point out how incorrect the statement that there was barely a peep in mainstream media is. It got attention in March 2012. It got enough attention to shut down three factories and end roughly 700 jobs.

The effect is done. Perhaps the masses have forgotten and pink slime started coming back. I don't know. I believe anyone who cares about quality of meat, better prices, and fillers will buy locally anyway. I buy mine from the local farmer's market. Their grass-fed, free-range beef has less fat in their cheapest grounds than the high-priced lean beef at the grocery.

All of that said, Jamie Oliver leaves out some very important details. His style of food education is at the basest levels. It's the Harry Potter of food education. Cooking is about culinary science and not fake crying and over-dramatic acting. A kitchen is a chemistry lab.

To begin with, Jamie Oliver claims these cuts are not used for human consumption before this process. Interesting, as, according to this article, these parts are used in producing cooking oils. http://abcnews.go.com/m/blogEntry?id=15968311

To go even further, anyone who has made their own stock knows that you use carcasses. Beef stock = boiled beef carcasses. The same parts used in pink slime. But we boil it for hours, removing any bacteria risk. Similarly, gelatin is produced from bone marrow of animal carcasses and then used in hundreds of food items. Why does Jamie Oliver claim these parts are just known as crap in his industry? His own Web site has recipes for making homemade stock and gelatin-based desserts. Does that make him a hypocrite or liar. Draw your own conclusions.

This brings us to the ammonium hydroxide gas. My first instinct was that, yes, this should be a problem. But then I studied what was happening on a scientific level. It alters the Ph of the "meat" to make it inhospitable to bacteria. Well, that is a basic part of cooking. Bavarian pretzels are dipped in lye (yes, drain cleaner) to alter the Ph of the outside to form a crisp crust while maintaining a soft center. Make them at home, as I do, and you will need to dip them in a solution of boiling water and baking soda (Ph of 9) to achieve a similar result. Of course, the more common form of changing Ph in foods is pickling. Soak foods in diluted acid until it undergoes a physical change that makes it inhospitable to bacteria. The process itself is not new to culinary science. By not explaining that Jamie Oliver gets to create drama.

The other issue he leaves out is that not all pink slime is made using ammonium hydroxide. Some processes use citric acid, or basically super concentrated lemon juice. And you can "cook" fish with just lemon juice, no heat or anything else. Just another fact that Jamie Oliver leaves out. If every process switches to citric acid he'd have no career left. Well, his chocolate milk crusade will have to ramp up.

At the end of the day, based on what I know from my own homemade cooking, the only question I have about this product is when NH3 is used, how much is leftover in the meat? Even the most damning of sources don't show more than what is found in many plants that we eat.

Is it healthy? Probably not. Is the meat better for it? A taste comparison says it's not. Is it evil or poisonous? To the best of my understanding, no. Was it something 700 families should have suffered for? No.

If you were 100% concerned about and active in your food consumption you wouldn't be eating it anyway. Buy into a portion of a cow while it is still alive, then grind your own. Ask for the soup bones and then you will even know your cow didn't become pink slime. Then make your own for a nutritional and healthy stew.

As someone who has a heart condition and has been forced to cook every meal from scratch for the last three years, I can say that as far as chefs go, Jamie Oliver is horrible. Alton Brown is where it's at if you want to actually learn something, and he won't give an opinion without a thorough explanation. Jamie Oliver uses activism and fake tears to sell cookbooks. From experience, I know that any question regarding his opinions on his many social media platforms are immediately deleted. He won't respond to the fact that this latest crusade ended hundreds of jobs. He isn't interested in a debate. It reminds me of politicians.

I don't think the man is evil or trying to end jobs. I just have no respect for his kind of half-truths activism and lack of a head-to-head debate.

I very rarely comment, but every time I see this video of Jamie Oliver I can't help but look toward my freezer with bags of extra bones and other bits being saved for stock and shake my head at his blatant untruths.

I'm staying in China where 65% of McDonalds profit comes from

and I can't even recognize the ground beef. It looks like greasy turkey meat or something and I won't touch it. Can't imagine how many people around the world are being hurt by this wannabe food they sell.

Healthy diet = best health ins policy

And buying / eating healthy is good for the local economy:

-Support the local butcher
-Support local farmers
-Eat well
-Live longer, happier and healthier
-Never take a "pill" to "cure" an "ailment"... unless of course you want to drive up big pharma earnings.

In the long term it is also cheaper.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Don't forget this is GMO feed beef

guaranteed to make you sick and require Obamacare for the rest of your life. The next step is to die before you draw any Social Security.

Anytime you eat meat raised in a concentration death house your asking for death to visit your door. I prefer grass feed beef and free range chicken, at least the animal was treated as humanly as possible before slaughter.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

What will we do without the FDA ...

live healthier lives ???

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

At least we won't be force feed GMO food

and beef that was raised in a death house that was unfit to eat in the first place.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

WTG Jamie

"Great minds discuss ideas, normal minds discuss events, small minds discuss people"
- Socrates

In Russia they are to disclose all chemical ingredients



I thought Eleanor Roosevelt

I thought Eleanor Roosevelt said that?

Seems if there was a problem

Seems if there was a problem with McD's burgers then Don Gorske(BigMac everyday for 39 years - 25k burgers) would show health problems related to that. Right?


Propaganda. Hit piece. Garbage.

But all we know for sure is that it sounds unappetizing; there's no evidence that it isn't safe or nutritious. The problem with consumer scares like this one is that they're not based on data and facts but on instinct and rumor. Pink slime is not necessarily any more dangerous than many other industrial food practices. It's true, as some parents have noted, that the European Union allows pink slime only in pet food. But then, Europe doesn't allow a lot of things that are permitted in this country, including the use of synthetic hormones to raise beef cattle and the use of antibiotics to promote livestock growth. These might be just as bad or worse than pink slime, yet parents aren't fighting to have them removed. http://articles.latimes.com/2012/mar/25/opinion/la-ed-adv-sl...

As for the Ammonium Hydroxide, it's used in gas form - not liquid. It isn't poured by the gallons over meat in a bucket as was shown.. and then stuffed into your unwitting pie-hole to. but that doesn't evoke the kind of hair-trigger terror so many Americans seem to suffer from.. guess what? It's used in a hell of a lot more than LFTB Ammonium hydroxide

Ever wonder why this process is necessary? Because the god damned cost of food is through the roof. Regulations keep piling on. Companies have to figure out how to secure profits. People are ALREADY cutting back on the incredibly cheap food they provide because of the cost. Baron von McDonald isn't sitting in a dark room on top of a Transylvania castle twisting his carefully groomed mustache trying to figure out how to steal your money and poison your children.

Get rid of it, have a butcher grind "acceptable" meat portions in front of you at a fast food restaurant and now you got a $13-$20 dollar burger that ain't so fast anymore.

This is the same spurious bullshit that spawned the regulatory behemoth known today as the FDA which has done more to raise the price of your food than almost anything else. It's despicable to see libertarians joining in on the hit campaign aimed at screwing people even further.

Upton Sinclair wrote 'The Jungle' and it's been pounded into school kids heads for decades as justification for those bastards to roam around destroying legitimate business across the country. (There ain't just bovine blood on their hands, either.)

This limey smacks of the same filthy communist's tactics from 1905. Don't fall for it. Same goes for that hack, Morgan Spurlock famous for this kind of garbage "journalism" (who's recently appeared on Piers Morgan to push his bleeding heart anti-gun propaganda, go figure.) What bothers me most is that these tactics just.. keep.. working.

There are likely much more legitimate reasons not to patronize the company. But this is not one of them. The only "pink slime" here is Jamie Oliver.

Read more on Sinclair in this good piece by Lawrence W. Reed titled, "Where's the Beef?" http://www.mackinac.org/article.aspx?ID=7229

And here's the industries take on LFTB:

As for that photo that keeps getting peddled as LFTB, it's just regular old processed chicken for nuggets. Not treated with AH. The Food Safety and Inspection Service:

As for products using mechanically separated chicken and pork, FSIS ruled that they are safe to eat, but required them to be labeled as such.

Despite them being safe, FSIS states that no more than 20% of the meat in a hot dog come from mechanically separated pork.



"So first things first, this

"So first things first, this is how I imagine the process to be" says Jamie and later refers to it as a clever scientific process.

Just because you disagree

Just because you disagree with somebody doesn't make what they say propaganda. By that logic I could equally call your opinion propaganda.

Jamie Oliver genuinely cares about the well being of our children and uses education to improve their eating habits and awareness. What is your problem with this? Where does he call for banning or labeling in this video? Instead, he actually points out the flaws in the FDA & USDA and asks how they can claim to protect us?

I agree that I would not trust the feds to mandate labeling, but I think you are out of place to label this presentation as propaganda. I laughed when you said Jamie Oliver is using tactics to screw people further, when you're basically supporting our children not being able to be aware that they are eating dog food.

If you want to eat it, go for it. But I will continue to support Jamie Oliver because he recognizes that the health and future of our children is in jeopardy.


What makes it propaganda, imo, was his over the top, inaccurate, misleading little demonstration.. designed specifically to to scare the shit out of people that don't know the other side. which just happens to coincide with the ABC story which they are presently being sued for.

The tactic 'screws' 'the people' further because this is exactly what Sinclair did when he wrote the jungle. It serves to further legitimize a federal bureaucracy tasked with destroying business and liberty in this country: the ability to enter into a contract without having a third party sticking it's nose in.

It's not regulated further because it hasn't been shown to be dangerous.

He doesn't have to say: "Contact your representatives. Force them to make companies label LFTB" That's too cumbersome. Pop out a couple of libelous stories in the media, do what Oliver did, then sue the shit out of them. Much more effective. Either route serves to increase the cost. I don't care if the dispersed cost is $0.01. It still irks me.

Think he gives a shit about your kids? Why didn't he tell you how much AH is all over the rest of your food, buddy? Why didn't he point out how you can actually avoid it? Why didn't he point to specific consequences that are deleterious to your health (there aren't any, btw) He's not against unsanitary conditions or dangerous industrial practices, he's against you being able to eat cheap food.

You might as well go up to some schmuck in Ghana and slap the termite out of his hand and say, "WHY ARE YOU EATING THIS? Don't you know that's a bug, you sick bastard? Go buy some real food."

But I feel like I covered all this pretty well already. We can agree to disagree.

I'm wondering why you think

I'm wondering why you think that a process like this is acceptable.
Do you really think food prices are too high?
I'd say most food in this country is underpriced.. Especially meats, thanks to gov't subsidies on feed crops.
how much do you want to spend on a pound of ground beef?
How much do you think farmers and farm workers should earn in a year?
If a chemical is used in the processing of your food, should it be labled?

Just wondering what you think


I'm wondering why you think a process like this is unacceptable. It's unappealing, that's for sure. But so is the process of slaughter and butchering.

Do you eat it? Did it harm you? AH (which is the only real issue here) is in/on nearly everything you eat. Which should be a clue as to the motives of someone when directing your attention to only a specific business or industry.

If you're more concerned with the proximity it was retrieved from on the carcass.. well, did you get sick? Of course not. Because there's nothing wrong with it. It's just beef.

If food is generally under-priced, why was it removed it from the CPI?

As to whether or not it should be labeled, in an ideal world, yes. I would like that. Information is always a good thing. It should at least be made available to the public. But I certainly wouldn't wish the government to compel a business to do so. If they won't do so of their own volition, it will get out. And I would likely boycott them for the rest of my life if their actions were proven to cause actual harm. But I would never wish to use the federal government (FDA) to force them to do so.

The dude's got a point. If

The dude's got a point. If everyone could afford good food, there would be no market for terrible-tasting McDonald's slimeburgers.

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Well, good for McD's

I still won't be dining there, but good on 'em.

Holly cow!

If McD's goes down, the Unemployment in this country would be staggering!

Are McDonald's ads racist?

Banner Robbins investigates...


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Be wary. Be very wary.


Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.